A Neutered Military

the following is a statement of FACT and in no way is a criticism of the USN, reader’s can draw their own conclusions. i spoke to navy legal and they informed me that i need to add this from the beginning.

today (thurday) i had to attend a MANDATORY SAPR (sexual assault prevention and reporting) training stand-down. we’ve been having increasingly more of these “stand-down” lately. i watched an intro video from the SECDEF and CNO (chief of naval operation). usually these things offend the shit out of me and i leave a comment about my thinking so. to be PC, they TOUCH on men being able to be victims of sexual assault/harassment, then go right back to making women the victims.

i had something to say, but i didn’t. here’s the thing- speaking out draws these things out, you want to get it over with and go back to work. i told the story of a girl coming to medical with suicidal ideations. she had a plan, i asked her why and when she told me, i had one of my females stand by with her, “DO NOT leave her side.”

she checked into the galley and told her SEL (senior enlisted leader, and E8) that her goal was to make E4 as soon as possible. long story short, he ended up offering to buff her evals to EP (early promote) if she fucks him. she did, and the other guys in the galley found out and treated her like shit because she caught hella perks.

she decided to kill herself after 2 months of hell at work.

she left my clinic in an ambulance and i found out she was discharged for PTSD and severe depression. i know this is true, becuase the senior chief went to court martial and did time. E7 and above NEVER get disciplined, they are typically “force retired”.

SA/SH is no joke, i don’t treat it as such. as the victim of molestation as a child, i don’t take this lightly. however-

i DO have an issue with female sailors that make false claims are found out, and receive ZERO punishment. none. zero. nada. how do i know. sit down….

i was stationed in new orleans and there was a girl there i was feeling. she turned me down when i asked her out. no big deal, i never brought it up again. one day i’m at my pad watching TV and there’s a knock on my door.

it was her.

i was surprised and asked what she was doing at my place and she said, “i was in the neighborhood, thought i’d come say hello.” (first red flag). i let her in, we sat on the sofa talking. she finally said, “i know you like me, so are you gonna get over here and kiss me or not.”

game on.

we’re fooling around, her shirt and bra is off. i’m uh….applying digital stimulation. then she says, “God that feels good, but i don’t know about this.” i immediately stopped. got up, and walked into my bed room. i was 100% in “gonna fuck” mode. i needed to get my head together and i have a topless chick with her jeans to her knees on my sofa.

i walked back into the living room. she was still undressed. “you ok Danny?” i said, “i think you should probably leave. you don’t seem like you’re sure about this and i don’t want you to regret this.” she said nothing. she got dressed and i let her out.

2 weeks passed. i told ONE.PERSON about it. a girl. a lesbian girl that was a mutual friend. well one day i got told to report to chiefs office. there was my chief and the clinics security officer. i was asked about the incident. i told them it’s personal and was told by security “it’s not personal when ‘inappropriate behavior’ and ‘unwanted sexual advances’ charges are made

jaw, meet floor.

i then went into detail about the incident, though i REFUSED to make an “official” statement. i left the office and was in a daze for the rest of the day. i got a call from lesbian friend that found out i was talked to and informed me that she- the girl (the one that came to my place) told a girl, then girl told others, a few guys found out and started coming on to her since they heard she was DTF.

she accused me of coming on to her despite not wanting to do anything and NEVER mentioned showing up to my house. then i learned there was going to be an investigation and it didn’t look too good for me, a case was being made for me to be sent to DRB (disciplinary review board) to show the command takes this seriously. after DRB, you got to NJP (nonjudicial punishment-Mast).

i was fucked. i mean seriously fucked. my chief (a personal friend) told me the persons pushing for this were 2 female chiefs. but…..i was saved JUST 3 days before my scheduled DRB.

the lesbian friend made an official statement that my accuser admitted to her that she went to my house, came on to me, and i stopped when she mentioned “not being sure.” she had to SWEAR that her statement were true. i was let off the hook. guess what happened to my accuser.

NOTHING. not a damn thing. she was even rewarded with specialty training after she left for a job that pays VERY well on the outside.

the fact that women KNOW if they accuse a guy (true or not) the dude WILL get fucked over is so fucking misandrist thats it’s a joke. so this training pisses me off since they NEVER mention false accusation. men are always portrayed as predators or spineless dummies sitting on the bench when they witness SH.

but the navy is SERIOUS SERIOUS about inappropriate behavior now. don’t believe me….

current edition of navy times

current edition of navy times

wait...who's objectifying? hypocrisy anyone?

wait…who’s objectifying? hypocrisy anyone?

and….THIS is happening. guess what the navy is celebrating this month?


so wait…..we now HAVE to celebrate this. seriously. the navy set aside time to do this. SERIOUSLY? we’re at fucking war. and THIS is what we’re focusing on. march CANNOT come soon enough. i mean, every department had a representative ask EVERYONE if there was anything in the workplace they found offensive, i told them the above board. no one ever got back to me, and said board is still up…

food for thought, you do the dishes.

stay up.

67 Comments on “A Neutered Military”

  1. ar10308 says:

    I work as a military contractor and we recently had some suits come and look in everyone’s cubes for potentially offensive material.

    More broadly, our military needs to be abandoned by men. No man should join and the rest should ETS at the end of the nearest term. Let the cunts, faggots and tranies run it and see how well they do.

    The moment they allowed women to enter, the Warrior Ethos and Espirit De Corps that has guided it in the past was destroyed.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      dude, shit’s getting totally out of hand.

      “The moment they allowed women to enter, the Warrior Ethos and Espirit De Corps that has guided it in the past was destroyed.”

      well, it wasn’t something women could participate in. all the upper enlisted i know say they are done with the navy.

      • El Bastardo says:

        I typed this all out on ROK. Here it is copied, might be a tad long, but all true.

        1. I got out at the end of 2011. Twenty women where there when I did, all of them pregnant, unit deployed, and looking to cash in off the schooling and GI Bill and benefits they knew they would receive. First questions out their mouth.

        2. On board ship, I’m a big dude, back then I was in superior shape; not so much now hahaha. Anyways, go out to a bar in Waikiki. Hanging out with civilian friends, when I feel the small of my back and my ass touched at the same time. It was the three sexiest female officers on my ship. They flipped when they saw it was me. Never seen me out of uniform, but for what seemed at first to be an unknown guy they seemed to “admire” the goods. I introduced them when their shock dissipated, and introduced them to a few civilians I knew, and left them alone for the military fraternization policies. So I did not talk to them any further other than saying good bye before I left, and not doing anything seemingly “unprofessional.” The following morning I was told that I was inappropriate and speaking badly around one of the female officers; and I would not be allowed to defend myself if I spoke another word. They felt “uncomfortable” around me and that I should never do it again.

        3. In Greece, at a NATO unit, I was talking Greek to some of the female workers on base. Nothing harmful, definitely did not try to pick any of them up. The young one, maybe a 6 at best if her hair was done up, I guess though she was laughing like the other cleaning ladies, decided to say I sexually harassed her. I did not talk to her directly, I just happened to talk to all of them in a group. I was told not to talk to her anyways, and that I had no recourse but to sign a sheet of paper saying I had been counseled.

        4. Harlem Ambassadors came to Japan while I was there. I asked the guy running the opposing team if I could play. I was the only white guy on either team. I am 6’5, and man I can play dude. Back then though I could dunk with the best of them. The Harlem Ambassador’s noticed. During the game, I went up to take the tip off, and the lady running them grabbed the microphone and asked everyone in the place “What’s the name of that movie?” They all said “WHITE MEN CAN’T JUMP!” They saw me dunking in the lay ups. So they guarded me extra heavy, and chased me down to foul me in a break away. They let the other men, all black, on my team dunk to their hearts content. I guess they would suffer a major embarrassment by being dunked on by a white guy? The refs were black officers from the base. They were laughing their ass off. Imagined if I called them a Ni$$er?

        5. When I went to family court over my son, I was told I could not have Joint Custody because I was on a deploying Unit and the mom did not agree. Several years later, she joined the service, and moved overseas without telling me. I was told she was okay because the military gave her orders and she was not required to produce her copy of when she got them as it had “no bearing” on my case.

        6. In Hawaii, I met this exceptionally beautiful women. 5’11, thick brunette hair, DD tits, awesome ass, face of a model, and a swimmers body. We hung out that weekend, only for her to tell me she is married with three kids. But her husband has been distant the last three years. Awww, poor thing, that justifies getting ass pounded and ruining the lives of your kids.

        These are just 6 random stories from around the World I have experienced personally. I noticed that I was allowed these indignities solely based on my gender and skin color. I had no recourse, or equivalent privileges being male and white. I know that if I said something now, I would have been shit canned even worse. I don’t go out of my way for trouble; but I don’t care about any of them either. When the SHTF, they are on their own. I hope they are as bad ass as they say. Cause I won’t help out, just watch from a safe distance.

        I use to be the guy who would run in and save anyone. Hard to do when people don’t want your help until they discover they have no other options. Then it is too late.

        Does anyone still doubt? I can type more.

  2. redpillwifey says:

    Man, the military has become such a joke. Really and truly.

    Glad you got out of it. So much bullsh.

  3. Arred Wade says:

    Yep, I do some contract work with the IG. It’s completely drilled the value of “frame control” into my head.

  4. The Ringmistress says:

    My brother went to the Academy. Now I get why he didn’t think much of his female classmates.

  5. earl says:

    Well if you remove the overt smut…you just have to be a little more creative.

    Today while at the chiropractor…I was given the number 18 on a card. I showed the receptionist what it looked like when you flip it to the side so that the one is on top of the eight…I told her a line with infinity under it. She started giggling. Little did she know I was showing her my dick and balls through the number 18.

    No matter how much they try to…this society isn’t going to kill sexual attraction. It’ll just become riskier.

    • Retrenched says:

      Exactly. Feminists may succeed in criminalizing masculinity, but it will never disappear completely, because 1. it’s born anew with every baby boy and 2. it’s what women select for in their mates. Women want real men, not feminist nice guys.

      As Private Man puts it, “Biology always wins.” You can pass any law you want, but it won’t change the realities of human nature and sexual attraction between men and women.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      i stopped off at the NEX and all maxim, king, playboy, penthouse, basically ALL male magazines. they left cosmo and woman’s health though. the MALE health magazines…..

      GONE. i’ll have to double check.

  6. I remember my 6 years in the Navy. it looks like the stupidity of leadership is something that still plagues the Navy…..as well as every other branch of service.

    • redpillwifey says:

      The problem is that when someone is a complete dirtbag, they don’t get chaptered unless they royally fuck up. And then they’re coddled enough that they eventually get promoted. I know a guy that went up for the E5 board at least 4 times before he got approved. Jacked up from the floor up. And don’t even get me started on EO. When I told the reenlistment guy in our unit that I wanted out, he said “but you’re a woman! You could make E7 in four more years!” Yeah…. Because being promoted on the basis of having a vagina is a good thing. Quotas FTW.

      I think I had maybe 3 competent, respectable leaders in the 5 years I was in the army.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        i know guys that sit on the E7 selection boards and they are told the following “ethnic and ethnic female” are prime candidates for promotion. obviously, these individuals told me this off-line.

        On Mon, Jun 24, 2013 at 5:09 PM, dannyfrom504

      • Ton says:

        Thats because you had a lady job. The army really is a couple of different worlds wrapped into one

        • redpillwifey says:

          Nearly all jobs are “lady jobs” these days, in the name of equality. Even though women can’t carry an equal amount of gear, or run a mile in an equal amount of time. Women in the infantry is next. And a huge mistake.

  7. Modern Drummer says:

    It isn’t good enough to tolerate diversity? Now we have to celebrate it? This is rediculous.

  8. What. The. F*#K!!
    I had a well thought out reply, but words fail me at the moment.

  9. Joe Sixpack says:

    this is the same government that will be managing our healthcare via obama care. oh boy.

  10. ARoss says:

    Soon all the food in the Galley is gonna be halol. Fucking oversensitive cocksucking leftists/foreigners/faggots.

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  12. Shameful says:

    Ok i gotta ask, what ia the procedure if a gay guys rapes a guy, or a guy accuses another guy falsely? I’m assuming nothing because morale be damned.

  13. tj says:

    Pretty soon they’re going to institute mandatory soccer training for our armed forces and everyone will get a pretty ribbon.

    Do they still allow guns in the military?

  14. Jim says:

    They are talking about relegating the nose art of WW II aircraft to the ash heap of history in some museums. That’s how insane it’s getting.

    And in other news, too bad the feminine US government got the bird by Russia and China in regards to Snowden. Should learn to kiss ass instead. Like a good bitch.

    • Ton says:

      Nothing bad about that. Not one damn thing

    • Georgiaboy61 says:

      Re: “They are talking about relegating the nose art of WW II aircraft to the ash heap of history in some museums. That’s how insane it’s getting.”

      Jim, it isn’t just being talked about, changing the nose art on WWII-era aircraft… it’s being done. Seen it with my own eyes.

  15. sunshinemary says:

    Danny, thank you for writing about this. We have been discussing false rape allegations, and the poor way that SA allegations are handled on college campuses, over at my place:


    I’ve been invaded by a pack of feminists who have been freaking out at me, swearing up and down that false allegation almost never happen, but now both you and Dr. Illusion have said that you’ve been falsely accused. If you don’t mind, I’m going to link to your post.

  16. Sojourner says:

    I’m in the Air Guard and just dealing with it once a month I’m already done. Soon as ETS comes up I’m done. I joined to serve my community and thought the military was a noble goal, I couldn’t have been anymore wrong.

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  18. Thanks for sharing man. I got a lot of friends that did time in the navy, and come from a navy family. These kind of stories enrage me.

  19. Ton says:

    Not sure if the army is that bad yet, but I told my son to go AWOL if they ever allow women in the infantry or Rangers. His life is of way more value

    • Inane Rambler says:

      It just amazes me that they decided to allow women into the Rangers, SEALs, and the rest of Spec Ops.

      They didn’t even wait to see if it would work out in the regular Infantry. It’s a scary time, and I’m glad I’m not a part of that experiment.

      • Ton says:

        As of now that is all talk from the mainstream media and not actuality. As I said, my son is planing on going AWOL if anything like that occurs.

        Nor has the army gone on the hunt for things like maxim magazines

      • Georgiaboy61 says:


        Recently, the Army ran a test group of women soldiers through the Ranger selection process; none passed. The Marine Corps, under pressure from Washington, D.C., did likewise with their platoon leader’s course, which turns junior officers into small-unit combat leaders. Again, none of the women passed.

        The data are in; women can’t cut it even in “normal” (mainstream) units of the ground combat arms – infantry, artillery, armor, combat engineers. Yet, the powers-that-be are forcing women into the most-demanding military jobs on the planet – special operations – jobs for which only a tiny percentage of the very best male candidates qualify. What gives these clowns – our policy makers – the idea that if a given female soldier can’t cut normal platoon leader training, that she is going to somehow be a success as an elite commando?

        Back in the 1980s, when female integration of the military became widespread, it was found by the army that almost no female recruits were capable of throwing a grenade far enough to escape its blast cone. Nor were female recruits able to rack back the action on a machine gun; they didn’t possess the strength. Instead of admitting these drawbacks honestly and making changes in how women were to be used, the army (and the other services) hid these failures, lied to the public, and dumbed-down the tests, making them easier for women to “pass.” Some training tests, deemed too difficult for women, were discarded entirely. “Gender norming” is simply Pentagon-speak for a handicapping system for women.

        So, that brings us up to today: women, buoyed by artificially-inflated “achievements,” are now demanding entry into the most-elite areas of the military, even though they can’t hack it in less-demanding jobs.

        Delta Forces, the army’s elite anti-terrorist arm, and the Green Berets, draw almost all of their personnel (which are all male) from the ranks of the Ranger regiment. One does not get to be a Ranger without passing one of the most-demanding infantry selection processes in the world, nor without being airborne qualified. By definition, these are excellent, even superb, soldiers. Yet, they still rank below the Green Berets and Delta Force. No woman has been able to pass selection for the Rangers, but still the feminists maintain that the gals will be OK in special ops qualification and operations.

        One could call the folks pushing these policies idiotic and dangerous, but those words do not do them justice.

  20. Dan says:

    I’m curious as to how many gay and lesbian encounters go awry and are reported like the male-female encounter you experienced. How do they treat those when the individuals are of the same gender and they don’t have “weaker sex” individual to choose as the innocent?

    I was in the Army back in the 80’s and had females in the shop I worked. One asked for no special favors and worked her tail off just like us guys did and we got along with her just fine. Another was a prim a dona who thought she deserved to be the center of attention at all times and got away with so much crap it was not funny. One guy snagged her as his girl and she played him like a fiddle. She made our lives hell and he stuck up for her and he caught hell from the rest of the guys for being with her.

    I don’t mind women serving their country, I think it admirable to do so. But, I think it’s best for all if they serve in separate units and in a job that is suited for them. Absolutely no combat situations where the male/female dynamic can come into play and cause a male to “rethink” about his counterparts on the battlefield.

  21. Inane Rambler says:

    Shit man, I don’t know how you do it.

    4 years in that shithole was enough. I’m really glad I dropped that extra year and the 4K bonus, I’d still be in now (although I’d be getting ready to get out.) This shit isn’t worth it, and its only gotten worse since I got out.

  22. adiaforon says:

    In hindsight, the first mistake was letting that chick into your place unless she was there for a work-related issue. The minute she brought up being DTF, eject her.

    Of course, hindsight is 20-20, Danny, so everyone reading this, take note.

    I showed this to my buddy Chuck, who was in the Army some years ago before the sexual harassment witch hunt commenced with full steam, and he encountered something like this a few months before he went on terminal leave and then got the hell out of the Army.

    The chick in question was a slim (and very bangable, exceeding Army standards) blondie who regularly hit the sauce and missed formations, which were then covered up from time to time by her senior NCOs. Because Chuck was transitioning out and because the unit was slimming down because of a move to a different post, there weren’t that many people to socialize with. One night, he happened to visit said chick’s room, where she was drunk, and then she kissed him on the mouth.

    Intrigued, Chuck then wanted to observe said chick over the course of two months. This was some of the stuff she did (usually while drunk):

    1. Went to the toilet to take a piss and sat there, panties on the floor, with Chuck standing in the doorway, carrying on like nothing was amiss.

    2. Went to Chuck’s room the one night to watch YouTube videos. She removed her top so that Chuck could give her a massage, but covered up when she was sitting on the edge of the bed.

    3. Usually surfed over to a YouTube vid that had audio of a mortar attack at the base she was stationed at in Iraq. She winced whenever the mortars struck, as if she was subconsciously wanting to relive the attack. (Hello, PTSD?)

    4. Went out to get steak with Chuck the one night. Flirted with the taxi driver and stuck Chuck with the fare.

    5. Came to Chuck’s room the one night and sat on his couch, then removed her panties.

    Those are the highlights. Said chick also had three tats and was banging a Brit over in Iraq, whom she pined for incessantly, yet didn’t have the gumption to head over to London to see him.

    Fortunately, Chuck knew that something was seriously whacked with this chick and kept his distance. Finally, he left the unit and enjoyed his Europe travels.

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  24. K-Stan says:

    Its only going to get worse with women being allowed into combat arms. I see it happen over here. Not too many females on my FOB, a lot of men. There is a certain female who would wear more make up than a circus clown and would get upset at why everyone was looking at her all the time. She even went to point of gathering all the females on the FOB and the SHARP (Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention, or some shit like that) NCO and held a meeting about what they though was wrong. I wasn’t here but one of the guys that works night that’s in my platoon was getting some food for his shift (meeting in the chow hall) and heard the SHARP NCO (male) say to the group, “Maybe if you didn’t wear so much make up and get gussied up, no one would notice and stare, and maybe (addressing another girl) if you didn’t walk around sticking your ass and chest out, no one would look at you” he then apparently told them the meeting was stupid and waste of time because the ones complaining were the ones that drew the most of that attention to themselves. The whole thing about women never getting in trouble is ridiculous. Its frustrating that they’ll talk and act a certain way (sexual jokes/innuendos and the like) but as soon as theyre in a bad mood, no more joking like that. Military is getting soft, I haven’t been in too long but I have noticed the change in the short time ive been in.

  25. The Navy Corpsman says:

    My son just started terminal leave. He got some sort of TENS unit, attaches to the earlobes, helps his memory. Also some kind of inversion bench/table/thing that makes your back feel GREAT after 20 minutes. Life is good. 100% VA, working on the rest of it.

    He’s probably moving his family to the ranch next summer… land of the free, and the home of the BAR/MP5. I just got notified the ranch gets 19 deer permits and 8 elk permits this fall. Even with the drought, I’ve got almost 50 tons of hay put up, and the Colorado Sheriffs are suing the state government to remove the recent magazine laws.

    Find your land, buy it and dig a shelter, first thing. Let me know if you need logs for the cabin, I’ve still got some ponderosa pine up in the high country.

    The Navy Corpsman

  26. I had to sit through that SAPR training too. Pisses me off. I have never harassed or assaulted anyone, nor have I tolerated it, yet I have to sit through this every year in some “guilty until proven innocent” mode. At least the production quality and acting have gotten better since those “Red Light, Green Light” videos the Navy made us watch twice a year in the 90’s.

    I work at a fairly major building for the military, and those celebrate posters are up all over the place. They are every year. This year it seems more “in your face” than previous years.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      well, i DO plan on pointing out the ‘guilty until proven innocent” and false accusations when i check out of the command. once i’m out and they can’t do anything to me, i’ll pursue it with more vigor. but it’s VERY noticeable that the whole sexual assault/harassment is geared at men.

      • That’s for sure.

        I do remember that “Red Light, Green Light” had one or two cases of women trying to get what they want by sexually intimidating men, but nothing on false accusations.

  27. Michael Spitler says:

    I remember experiencing something similar last year shortly before going on terminal leave from the Air Force. The new Chief of Staff wanted to “do something” about the whole sexual harrassment thing, and decided that sexual jokes and imagery needed to be eliminated from the workplace. So, he ordered all the commanding officers to go around and visit with all their Airman, and discuss with us the new stance on sexual jokes and smut or whatever. Of course this resulted in a major slowdown productivity, and little actual work got done that day. Later in the afternoon, the whole fucking base shut down and we had to assemble in a hanger and listen to the wing commander reiterate what had already been discussed before. He got up on the stage, spoke briefly, and almost sarcastically, about everything that we’ve already heard before, told us to get back to work and dismissed us. He spoke for maybe 2 minutes at the most, and seemed rather irritated. I guess there are some leaders still around in the Air Force who don’t buy in to all the bullshit. God help them.

    There isn’t a day that goes by where I question myself whether or not leaving the Air Force was the best choice. All the political correctness, bureaucracy, crappy leaders and tedious paperwork aside, I liked being an Airman and miss all my buddies I used to work with. But then I see something like this and remember why I didn’t see a future there. Our military is currently run by a bunch of yes-men and petty bureaucrats, and god help us if we ever face a conflict against an adversary that is a major power.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      April 2014 can’t get here soon enough.

    • I think this kind of mentality is what Aaron Clarey addresses in Worthless. “All our sexual harassment training hasn’t curbed sexual harassment in the military!” “Well, then obviously, it means we don’t have enough sexual harassment training!”

      It’s the same mentality that drives public schools and government spending. “We believe government spending stimulates the economy. We’re now 16 trillion in debt due to government spending, and the economy isn’t stimulated yet. That means we don’t have enough government spending”.

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