On Being Protective

Bb ran a good post where she asks the following question-

So here’s my question: if a man is not protective towards his loved one—and especially his wife—does that mean he doesn’t value her?

we all know i’ve been in a tift or 2 regarding my women (family or lover). well, my response is below.

ah. i think i’m rather qualified to answer this as the gendersphere well reputed brawler.
1. yes. i think deep down it is a very natural instinct
2. varies from man to man. just as the amount of feminimity per woman.
3. i just answered this in 2.
4. if he’s a real man. YES.
when i learned my mom had the family hide the fact that my then brother-in-law was abusing my baby sister, i went ballistic. when i asked how she could could keep that from me she said, “i didn’t want my son to end up in jail.” she KNOW’S i’d have driven 8 hours just to beat the shit out him.
ran into him 2-3 days later,he walked up to shake my hand and i told him (pardon my french) “walk away jizzbag or i’m going to beat you into the ground.” of course….he turned and walked away. lol.

then mentioned THIS incident.

in japan, a drunk dude pushed my gf when he tried hitting on her and she turned him down. i ALWAYS let women deal with that shit until i NEED to get involved.
when he pushed her and she fell down, i went into the red. i grabbed his throat and belt, lifted him, and slammed him to the ground. he was about 6’0″- i’m 5’4″. her coworker grabbed me and drug me out before shore patrol could nab me. the gf had never seen that side of me.
our relationship changed after that needless to say. lol.

it was in total contrast to the Danny she’d known for 5 months.

my darling sister then asked if it affected out relationship. i replied.

she had never known i was capable of that. she’s mexican. it made her much more submissive and she didn’t question me as much. when i made a decision, her response was, “ok.”.

make sense?”

after said incident with the gf, what little attitude she gave me disappeared. now, i can’t speak for all men, but i feel it’s a natural instinct to be protective of what’s ours. any woman the feels “objectified” by a man being protective of “what’s his”, doesn’t deserve his protection. even the most ardent feminist will shame a man who doesn’t white knight her or stand up to another dude who gets physical with her.

in contrast (listen up ladies) women need to shut the fuck up when it comes to talking shit to men when we’re around under the assumption we’re gonna be there to bail you out. unless you plan on swinging on him, STFU. I KNOW when it needs to be escalated. don’t force my hand. i WILL leave her to deal with dude if she eggs him on. happened ONCE in japan after i dropped dude. after i told her to STFU (loudly, and in public), i had to explain to her i need to defuse the situation because drunk Marine always travel in packs.

will i fight to protect: yes.

just don’t EXPECT me to do it, and don’t FORCE me to have to. we good.

stay up.

15 Comments on “On Being Protective”

  1. adiaforon says:

    In other words:

    Danny helps those who help themselves — especially those not in possession of a swinging thing between their legs.

  2. deti says:

    We don’t want to have to play “Let’s you and him fight”.

    We also don’t want to have to bail out even a wife or a GF or a daughter who decided to shoot her mouth off because she’s with husband/BF/daddy, who’s presumed to be the “muscle” who will cash the check her big mouth just wrote.

    No thanks.

    How you doin, by the way, danny?

  3. Jim says:

    Problem is women are sometimes blatantly hateful and rude. Run the mouth but don’t get that by the time someone is there to step in, they’re down on the ground.

    Had one try and kick me out of my chair one time saying it was hers even though I had been sitting in it for an hour at least. Tried to push me around and then started swinging at me when I told her to take a hike. Didn’t swing back, just ducked out of the way and told the bouncers to get her away from me. Of course the White Knights kicked me out because of simply being a man. These days though, I’d probably jack any woman’s jaw hard for even thinking of fighting me. And not have any regrets doing it.

  4. Stingray says:

    i feel it’s a natural instinct to be protective of what’s ours. any woman the feels “objectified” by a man being protective of “what’s his”, doesn’t deserve his protection.

    I always get a bit of a chuckle at this sentiment from women. These woman have no idea how well men such as yourself take care of and cherish what is *their’s*.

    Also, these women have NO idea how fantastic it feels to be his. Really his. If they did, they would never utter these words again.

  5. Ton says:

    A man fights for what he values and a man with no fight in him has no value.

    Notice I didn’t say anything about winning the fight.

    Its funny when girls try to do the bad ass beat a man down shit. I let them know right quick I will hit a girl and things will not go down the way they do in the movies

  6. ARoss says:

    If a girl you’re dating gives you shit, angry dragon that bitch. Especially if she’s Asian.

  7. Doktor Bill says:

    Excellent post. Truth. Surprised my wife with a Berzerker response once when we were just hanging out as friends and some dude got aggressive with her, my bartender friends/co-workers pulled me off & ejected the asshole. I think it surprised her & made an impression. I knew she could take care of herself (I once saw her fold a guy in half with an elbow strike to the solar plexus), but I felt the need to ‘Intervene’.

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