Repost: Tat’s? No Tat You…..

have a friend back in texas that’s a tattoo artist. REALLY cool guy. he’s native american, very spiritual dude, very chill. i woke up the other morning and saw the most amazing, yet disappointing sight ever on his FB. there are no words, you must see for yourself.

what a waster. and obviously she DOESN'T know her worth.

what a waster. and obviously she DOESN’T know her worth.

first and foremost i DO NOT dig tat’s on women. BUT, let me explain…i don’t really mind a girl having a tat, but EXCESSIVE tat’s (see above) is WAAAAAY too much for me. seriously, i don’t care how cool this girl above is…..i’d NEVER commit to her. bang her: YES!!! (esp TF her) serious gf: NO. and you just know this girl’s got WAY more tats you can’t see.

ladies, here’s the thing. by and large women’s bodies are fucking beautiful. the curves, the lines, everything about a woman’s body is the real art. tat’s distract male attention away from that natural beauty. i no longer see an epic rack here. i see a ROOOOONED rack. seriously, if there were a PETA for sweater cow’s they’d give this chick the business. i realize there are some guys that dig this and i’d be willing to bet 3 things about said guys: they’re criminals, players, or total betas.

secondly. no point in sugar-coating it: excessive tat’s are masculine. it’s a form of peacocking. as far as i’m concerned a lot of tat’s on a woman is totally unfeminine and as one person put it, “show’s poor impulse control”. and well, i don’t know about you other guys, but i DO NOT want to be saddled with a woman who looks like a fucking cartoon when she’s in her 40′s. it may be cute when yer 20, but it’s fucking gross when you’re at the point of your life that you’ll spend the greatest deal of your time and have to rationalize it with, “i was young and naive/stupid/whatever.” considering the nature of the SMP and a woman being in her prime for a relatively brief time, the poor decision in your 20′s is a CLEAR signal to a man when you’re in your later year’s.

look, i’d NEVER drop a girl over a tat, but you ladies have to realize you’re doing yourself a disservice by getting lots of them. IF you must, the sexiest tats on a woman are the ones you really don’t see outright, then….as you undress her: BAM!!!! “oh wow, i didn’t know you had that. kinda like that.” i was on my first date with the GF back in japan and we were doing the getting to know you crap and she brought up tats and i gave her the above explanation. i told her, “i don’t have any tattoos, but i i think if i were undressing a woman for the first time and noticed she had…, a little heart inside her bikini line. SEXY!!!!!” she smiled and agreed. then i said, “it’s even hotter if she has something sexy written inside the heart.” she asked what would be sexy and gave an actual look of curiousity. “iiii dunno, something sexy. simple. something liiiiike……aaaaah. BLACK COCK!!!” she looked at me for a second, and she burst out laughing. i told myself, “yup, we’re gonna get along just fine.”

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40 Comments on “Repost: Tat’s? No Tat You…..”

  1. Vicomte says:

    I’ve never seen a girl with ink that wouldn’t look better without it.

    • ricosuaveguapo says:

      Exactly. At best, tattoos are neutral, but the vast majority of the time, they’re negatives (and in this case, a total boner killer)

  2. Joe Sixpack says:

    I agree w/ Dannie. It ruins the look of a naked body. Every time I see a chick w/ lots of ink, I immediately think that she’s had at least 50 dicks. I’ll fuck her, but will never be able to take her seriously.

  3. Ceer says:

    I guess women don’t understand men’s attraction cues well enough to get the idea. A woman using tats to cover up a beautiful body is sort of like a man using simpering anti-game to cover up his well paying job and leadership skills.

  4. Rojo says:

    I fully agree, the feeling I get when I see a potential beauty that has stricken her gonzongas with some uninspired “art” can only be called defeat. Much like you, Mr. 504, I will tap that, but that is merely because nerve endings are accumulated at the isthmus of my manhood. At any rate, I also find tatted girls to be a bit more salty than the average lass. If I wouldn’t put it on my wall, I have trouble calling it art. In fact, I probably won’t.

  5. Ashley says:

    I have to say I agree with you on this. Whenever I see large or many tattoos on a woman, it’s unsightly to me, and it distracts from her appeal. The female form is a work of art and I understand people like tattoos as a form of art too, but I wouldn’t ever want to mess with such a perfect creation as it is. If they are going to get them, I much more find it best when they are small tattoos, creatively placed, beautiful, or something meaningful than a bunch of of them all over the place where the person got them just because. To each their own, I suppose, but I just can’t bring myself to find tatted up bodies as appealing as a natural nude body.

  6. Faust says:

    What the hell is that tattoo even supposed to be?
    It looks like someone stuck wings and a crown on a piece of frozen chicken they pulled out of the freezer.

  7. Days of Broken Arrows says:

    Like most other thing in society, this didn’t come about by accident. It’s part and parcel of the post-1970 societal thrust to make women more masculine and blur the roles of the sexes. Consider tattoos on women the Title IX of the human body. I would say that even a small tattoo connotes a woman’s capitulation to feminists ideas and needs to be considered a warning sign.

    Tattoos today serve the same function that women chopping their hair and not shaving their legs did in the 1970s. They’re a way for women to say “FU” to the (imagined) patriarchy and defy men’s desires. Imagine if men did the reverse, by wearing dresses, shaving their legs, etc. What would happen?

    Anyway, the difference between then and now is that the tattoos are permanent. If you’re a young guy now, it probably won’t matter. But once you’re around 40, you won’t be able to get it up for a woman in the above pic. So think twice about what you’re getting into.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Very good point.

      Like I said, I’ll fuck but not commit.

    • Lazlo says:

      Agree. The few women I met in my late teens early 20’s with tats still passed the boner test no problem. Granted, I wasn’t inviting them home for Thanksgiving. But now that I’m 40 and I see these women 20 years later – women my age – even early 30’s with that same ‘art’ and I cringe a little more, recoil a little more. Visually it just works to draw my attention to other less attractive traits like their increasing thickness, doughy midsection, years of tanning, and/or permanent scowl. Then I just see the ink for what it is. Misguided. Mistakes. Jaded. Lost souls. Searching for ‘something’. Something they do for just them, the ‘self’, as if that is a rare thing these days.

      There are plenty of exceptions, particularly at the yoga studio. But I’m still not interested in them as relationship material. They go through guys like a hot knife through butter. Their church is the yoga mat. Their religion is flimsy ideology. They have dogs for companionship, and friends and orbiters for emotional masturbatory sessions and post-coital brunch bashes. And of course, between flings and new additions to the ganesh scene on their back, they lament: “where are all the good men”.

  8. Sojourner says:

    The crazy thing is, women are getting tattoo more than most men nowadays it seems. I have a photographer friend who is relatively well versed in the import model community and his instagram likes are almost ALWAYS includes chicks with tattoos. And not just small ones, we’re talking entire body part filling tattoos. I can’t stand it. And they’re the most inane or uncreative things ever as well. But like someone mentioned above it’s just the greater erosion of actual feminine ladies in our society. It’s funny because actresses in films (at times though this is going away too) can portray lady like qualities that make them super attractive and then you read at how whorish their behavior is in real life. Southern California is certainly not filled with ladies anymore. Time to either look elsewhere or get rich (which is what I’m trying to do anyways.)

  9. […] Repost: Tat’s? No Tat You….. […]

  10. earl says:

    Like painting a mustache on the Mona Lisa.

  11. Emma the Emo says:

    This is surprisingly bad as decoration, isn’t it? Covers more beauty than it creates. Perhaps good if you have something even worse to cover up with it, but wouldn’t put that on my chest.

    If her goal was to increase her apparent worth to men, she failed. But tattoos have many other functions.

    On the other hand, I heard this joke.
    “How would you feel when you’re in a nursing home and have tattoos?”
    “How would you feel when you’re in a nursing home, and without?”

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      If you put that on your chest, I’d quit being yer friend. I’d even take my friendship elsewhere. How yah like dem apples? Lol.

      Sent from my iPhone

    • Days of Broken Arrows says:

      “If her goal was to increase her apparent worth to men, she failed. But tattoos have many other functions.”

      One thing I’ve never seen mentioned is whether this might be an unconscious appeal to closeted gay men. Lots of gay men who won’t admit being gay go for fat women because (my gay friend says) their bulky bodies remind them of men’s bodies. Would tattoos on a woman serve the same function? What might be off-putting to those of us who identify as 100 percent hetero might work for someone who also has feelings toward men.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        Damn. Never thought of that. Interesting point. Excessive tats are way too masculine and as far as I’m concerned detract from a woman’s natural beauty.

        Sent from my iPhone

  12. Moose says:

    Agreed. Tats on chicks are lame for every reason mentioned. Girls either have stars, hearts, flowers, or words OR they’re totally tatted up and it’s just a big mess of ink on their arm or wherever. Tit tats are by far the worst

    Last year I hooked up with a chick with a bunch of tattoos, of the many she had was a .45 in near full size on the back of her shoulder and then the fucking transformers logo on her leg. WTF? I had no long term ambition with her anyway, but why I would I want to subject myself to what is the equivalent of a burnt meal.

  13. Lazlo says:

    Tats are basically class markers and/or bad decisions, with the occasional “I’m bored/drunk” heart/flower/bird down there in that bikini land. For me tats accelerate the bucket or ladder theory. Like you, its bang bucket or date/LTR bucket. Rarely the two shall intersect.

    Interestingly, most women with tats I’ve known regret them – even the small ones. But that is because they got them when they were young/er. Most went with friends, sorority sisters, or other versions of the herd. Kind of like all the 19 y/o dudes in the military (my brother got one that way). But recently, I’ve seen a significant uptick. I work at a yoga studio. So many beautiful bodies. Nearly ALL of them are painted. Some extensively. Images from some quasi-philosophy, faux spirituality, language they don’t speak a word of. Its sad. And it seems the new “tramp stamp” is the back of the neck. Hair down for business, hair up for yoga to show their stuff.

    I agree that it is masculine. Which makes sense. Adopting masculine traits in the name of empowerment, liberation is the rite of feminism and the progressive sorts. The fact that many men see them as a DLV and have trouble visualizing their future child suckling, sharing their mother’s life force, from a rack painted up like graffiti on shoot-up alley down in the district is lost on them. Lack of future orientation? Lack of awareness of men’s attraction triggers? Lack of caring about either of those thing? But then that all makes sense too. For no woman shall stoop to the level of making a decision based on what a man wants/prefers/finds attractive. Patriarchy.

    If a woman is ‘into’ letting a sweaty dude in a strip mall carve her up, put ink into her skin, the more likely she is to let a lot of men put a lot of things into her. I’ve seen one exception. And a good friend married her up at 25. She had one tat on her back/shoulder. And she had the V card. Sometimes a push is a win.

  14. anonYmous says:

    The ones that get a lot of tatts tel me they are addicting. The last chick i banged was all tatted and pierced up. To me it looks more like a waste of money. That is one thing that really bothers me about society in general, is how dumb people can be spending money. One thing that really attracts me to a woman is modesty. Modesty in dress, actions and how they spend their money.

  15. Days of Broken Arrows says:

    The prevalence of tattoos might also be a result of generations of kids getting “white privilege” guilt trips in school for so many years. It’s a way for them to devalue the one thing the school (unwittingly) told them was a mark of privilege: white skin. And it’s a way to attempt to relate to the Third World and Africa, but adopting some (imagined) tribal symbols.

    It’s also a way of liberal-leaning people to imply: “You might not get that job because of your dark skin, brother, but I won’t either because of these tats. Solidarity!!”

    • Fred Flange, unplugged says:

      Not sure I agree totally here. Seeing lots of black/brown folk tatted up just as much, and just as badly.

      If you need an incentive to shove your head in the oven and turn on the gas, watch the Spike TV show “Tattoo Nightmares.” In which really bad tats are “covered” with colorful, artistic canvasses that look impressive now but will suck donkey dick in 20 years’ time.

    • Perhaps so. Your last line reminded me of a guy some punk band I read about who got his knuckles tattooed because he said he never wanted a “straight” job. What a stupid idea to deny himself the opportunity to advance in the world because of some stupid ideal about being poor.

  16. RojoC says:

    I am used to seeing a lot of ink out here in the Bay Area.

    That being said, I guess I do prefer au naturel myself. I mean, I know we all love some T&A, but nice skin on a woman is something else.

  17. CLG says:

    I dated a girl for over a year. first 8 months- she had 2 tats (bikini line and a small one on her wrist). final 4 months of the relationship- she got a prayer all up and down the side of her right ribcage, titty to hip, and she dragged me in to a shop one night so she could get a quarter sized chinese character behind her ear. I speak some chinese, and part of my name in mandarin is “dragon”. She got the chinese character inked behind her head because she was born in “the year of the dragon”. I had already been planning my exit strategy, but those two tats sealed it.

  18. josh says:

    Forget where I read this, but summed the ink issue up nicely.

    Paraphrase: Wearing weird clothes and having weird haircuts is a fuck you to your fifty year old parents. Getting a tattoo is a fuck you to your fifty year old self.

    • Fred Flange, now with menthol says:

      That’s true (Tat’s true?) but also, like the Karamazov Idea got shit for: a tattoo on your body means that YOU ARE MARKED FOREVER as the artist’s own. So girl with tramp stamp: you are marked as Harley McNeedleman’s own forever. Which will grate on Shaun of the DeadBetaHusbands over time, and will for all days be your “fuck you” to him as well.

  19. En-sigma says:

    nothing screams low-value like tats…unless it is tats and smoking. You could be the trailer park mascot if you add in the flip-flops, tube top and daisy dukes.

    That is one of those bad decisions you can’t hide. Or is very costly to remove – like gold teeth and cheap implants.

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