This Weeks Brophy

Retrentched takes the prize with this:

“Exactly. Feminists may succeed in criminalizing masculinity, but it will never disappear completely, because 1. it’s born anew with every baby boy and 2. it’s what women select for in their mates. Women want real men, not feminist nice guys.

As Private Man puts it, “Biology always wins.” You can pass any law you want, but it won’t change the realities of human nature and sexual attraction between men and women.”


congrats Sir.

stay up.

8 Comments on “This Weeks Brophy”

  1. CLG says:

    you should get a new trophy image. that guys got moobs.

  2. D says:

    do you mind posting the link from where this comment came from?
    would be interesting to see it in context.

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