She’s on the Carousel

there’s a girl i know who has a bit of a problem. she’s very attractive. and while i don’t know her too well, i do realize the crux of her dilema. despite being a very attractive women, she can’t seem to keep a bf for more than 3-4 months. she has a thing for one of the guys that works with me (who she knows is married btw), who had to come right out and tell her to quit trying to talk to him.

gee……what could possibly be amiss here? attractive woman, can’t keep a dude. well here’s the newsflash-

she’s a pain in the ass.

seriously, while she’s pretty and feminine, i can’t tolerate being around her more than 5 minutes. this is the same girl i’ve mentioned before that HAS to interrupt when me and my guys in the ER are acting up. it never fails, me and my 2 buddies are tooling on each other and 5 minutes later; there she is. the sad thing is: even if i pulled her aside and told her how guys see her, she’d never take the info to heart.

now, one of the other girls (my food slut chick) gave me the scoop even though i could already firgure out the problem. first off, she lives in the barracks. i remember living in the barracks. most of the girls there are on the carousel. the first 6 months i was at my first dudty station i had hooked up with 4 girls. then i met my gf at a club by college of charleston, a slamming 8 indian chick.

i quickily became known as one of the “boy sluts”. lol. there were 5 of us to be exact. once i started dating the indian chick (who dumped me a week before i was supposed to come back from gitmo), i ended up having to quit bringing her around the barracks- she said most of the guys there were eye fucking her and it made her uncomfortable. as i’ve mentioned before, even in the military, white knights and betas abound. after i got dumped by indian chick (who was a virgin before i got to it-there’s another post all together. lol.) i ended up dating this slamming panamanian chick i met at a second job. THEN, i ended up hooking up with the sister of one of other girls i worked with.

i know, i know. i was going through a phase. don’t judge me.

well, my food slut friend verified what i knew about her co-worker: girls a slut. which is fine, i’m not one to shame a girl who’s exercising her options. but when you’re a girl complaining how you keep getting dumped, then i think you leave yourself open for criticism of said choices.

let’s be honest, a woman as attractive as she is who has no problem landing a dude, only to get dumped after a few months has a shit personality. i once told an ex “you bring nothing but box to the table”. it statred as a joke, then i realized it was true. i broke up with said woman a few weeks later. i literally couldn’t be around her. she’s cool, don’t get me wrong, but i didn’t even want to have sex with her anymore- and thats’s some SERIOUS shit right there.

ER girl is on the same page. she’s hot and all, but i KNOW i couldn’t stand being around her for any amount of time. i’d hook up with her, but i’d NEVER commit. granted, she’s also young but i have a theory.

by “military girl” statndards, she’s a hard nine. but in civilian standards, she’s a soft 7. i know that sounds wierd but if i had a dollar for every military princess that gets out and learns the cold hard truth that they aren’t anything special, i’d probably have about 30 bucks. lol. and each one of them have been on the carousel. FACT. i know because i got friend zoned by a good looking ER chick only to learn she had gone through 6 different guys during her 2 year tour in sicily.

these military princess all typically have a common trait: they weren’t on boys’ radar before joining the military. i’ve known quite a few navy girls who’ve confirmed they really didn’t get male attention until the got in. then they have dudes throwing themselves at them. said guys are typically waaaaaaaaay omega as civilians.

but this isn’t about the guys. so it can be said, more often than not, if you see a woman (military or civilian) who uses her sexuality to validate herself….enjoy the ride, the line of dicks start to your left pumpkin.

stay up.

29 Comments on “She’s on the Carousel”

  1. adiaforon says:

    It’s far, far worse while on deployment. “Queen for a Year,” and all that.

  2. earl says:

    “she said most of the guys there were eye fucking her and it made her uncomfortable.”

    Isn’t that the point?

  3. CLG says:

    best way to nuke a slut is to shame them publicly. I am not saying you go out of your way for this particular strumpet. and maybe part of red pill for me is learning more not to give a fuck. but on behalf of all the young “nice guys” that get tossed around by 23 year olds with overinflated SMP values, I sometimes enjoy watching a particular princess’ curtain finally close.

    PS are we doing slut cinderella analogies now? because while the dicks may line up left of the pumpkin, there is no girl on earth that deserves the glass slipper treatment anymore.

  4. Ton says:

    I’ve been thru some Kandahar 10’s. What Danny says about military chicks is gospel

    And if she is an actual 8-9 and in the military…. Run. Don’t walk. Run

    Officer gals being a different class, unless she did some time as an enlisted. Don’t run from them, sprint.

  5. Senior Beta says:

    HM1, when were you in Gitmo? Don’t recall any posts about it. You must have some. Sure it was not Spain or Japan or Sicily but you are the guy who makes chicken salad out of chicken shit. Give us some stories.

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  7. MissMarie says:

    There needs to be a serious re-education for women. Becasue even though I don’t like the behavior those girls show, and know it’s a bad thing, I also know personally that many of them simply never had it explained or drilled into them (giggity) until they understand. At least initially, most of them know not what they do. It makes me sad, because I was kinda there. Very few girls truly set out to ride the carousel, in my opinion. They just don’t understand how to get male attention otherwise, and then it snowballs. Something needs to change, desperately…

    • Vicomte says:

      You’ve obviously never tried to explain it to them, yourself.

      Don’t feel bad; they don’t listen, anyway.

      • MissMarie says:

        Oh, I know, I used to try. I wasn’t very clear above, what I meant was that they need to be educated thoroughly *before* they hit puberty. That doesn’t happen much anymore.

  8. Had a buddy working the mail room while recovering from an injury. He would tell me stories of Korea queens PCS’ing in with essentially nothing, only to leave 18 months later with duffle bags of cash, car titles, fully equipped multimedia entertainment centers and other such things. He advised me early on to avoid female soldiers like the plague since they could royally fuck your military career with a single negative statement.

  9. M3 says:

    similar situation for me with someone i know at work. really pretty girl, and she knows it. but she’s a drama mamma. and all she wants is the most attractive guys.

    now, she’s not actually putting out.. but her sights are set way too high. i recognize the need to be with someone you’re attracted to, but she puts such stock in physical looks, she’s always choosing those guys “EVERY OTHER GIRL” looks at. as such, these guys have options, and poor little good looking girl is slowly figuring out she doesn’t have much to offer beyond just her made up looks.

    she’s targetting the wrong guys.
    she’s a party lifestyle girl full of drama, not wife or mother material
    don’t think she can cook, or would for her guy

    it’s a train wreck, since she puts all the wrong things in priority. the curse of good looking girls, delaying the proper priorities under the subsidies of instant validation and attention whoring and inflated SMV egos. Spend your good looking capital now, settle later.

    Boom, the wall hurts.

    Sorry, didn’t mean to derail, since she’s not actually on the carousel.. but she is standing beside it staring at all the shiney ponies to the exclusion of every other pony.

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