The first Dose

tonights post was going to be on a recent current event. but this evil genius beat me to it.

i got to my first duty station in late 1994. about 2 months into the tour i met this girl at a club (i was 20, shut up). i ended up going home with an officer whom i didn’t realize was an officer until the next day. WHOOPSADAISY!!!!

well, eventually i met this slamming Indian chick that was going to college of charleston at the same club. it was actually pretty easy. she was alone; once i realized she was by herself i simply walked up and said hi. we chatted for a few minutes, i got her number, and went back to my friends. 2-3 days later, we had a date to go see “interview with a vampire.” she knew i was from new orleans so she picked me up at the barracks (i didn’t have a car) after the movie my room-mate was gone so we kinda fooled around in my room.

the next time we ended up at her dorm and she said she wanted to “play”. this time i got digital-stimulation fun. that’s all it took. after she finished, she told me she was a virgin.

jaw-floow, floor-jaw.

i kid you not this girl was solid: face-8, body-9.5 (epic rack), personality-10. she was ALWAYS wanting to play. finally (as in a week later)she told me she wanted to lose her virginity. i’ve never understodd the virgin fascination. it really isn’t that big a deal. well, when it was over she became a grade A cock monster. she wanted sex ALL.THE.TIME. if you are of the school of thought that it’s a sin and you are guilty of murder to spill side out of a woman. i’m going straight to hell because i ended more lives than Vader when he destroyed the death star on this chick.

one day, i find out i have to fill in for the kid the command was sending to cuba. i talked to girl about my deployment, she wanted to bang. she really became a one trick pony. i left for cuba and there’s no fluffing it- cuba sucked balls. this was waaaaaaaay before they had built the camps. the camps were built to house the cuban and haitian refugees that were there at the time.

i spent 6 months drinking and going to the gym. well, the ratio of men to women were 1 woman for every 150 guys. which that was fine. i went into business for myself. i had my VCR (remember those) and bought a second VCR. then i had my room-mate send me my porno’s. see my buddy managed an “adult book store” and said stores chose what films to buy for rental by getting a tape with 4 films on it. once he got married he gave me the tapes, i must have had about 15 tapes.

i started burning tapes for guys and sold them 1 for $25, 2 for $40, and 3 for $ $75 and 4 for $100. i literally would spend an entire day off burning tapes for duded. this was back when you could buy hardcore smut mags on base. they quit selling those in 1998, and now they don’t carry anything. i had one film in particular that EVERYONE wanted. it was a french film called “parfum de mathilde.” google it if you’re really that interested. i left cuba with about $3500 profit. i’m such a smut

i passed my days getting pics and letters from girl. the letters got longer and longer and more sexually graphic. then it happened, about a week before i was supposed to head back to charleston. i received a letter that was relatively thin. i read it and started laughing. i was with my boy, he grabbed the letter read it and laughed and said, “welcome to the navy dude.”

the letter talked of how she was doing in school, hoping i was doing ok in cuba, and that she met a guy named stave, they had been dating for a little over a week. lol.

can’t make this up guys. welcome to the navy indeed. did it sting; of course. but knowing i drove it when it still had that new car smell tops her dumping me. whats the over under she cheated on that dude.

after i came back, i ended up taking a second job as a cook in a local steak house where i met this banging panamanian chick. she was my FWB until i left for sicily. then i ended up FWB with a sister of one of the restaurants 15 yo hostess’s 20 year old sister. columbian. i had TWO latinas. lol. there will ALWAYS be another women. but it’s funny how some girls become complete hose beasts after they get their first dose. lol.

stay up.

the crew. 1995

the crew. 1995

me and my Div-O and room-mate.

me and my Div-O and room-mate.

before heading out for my 21st bday.

before heading out for my 21st bday.

after. again, i don't recall taking this. lol. i might have had a few too many.

after. again, i don’t recall taking this. lol. i might have had a few too many.

yup. it's official, we're faded. the guy in the black shirt is the "welcome to the navy" guy.

yup. it’s official, we’re faded. the guy in the black shirt is the “welcome to the navy” guy.

the kid i to help deliver. i was translating.

the kid i to help deliver. i was translating.

32 Comments on “The first Dose”

  1. Young Hunter says:

    The best part of the story was that $3500 in porn money. Oh and the last picture.

  2. Young Hunter says:

    I thought the births of my children were amazing. But in general it is filthy and disgusting despite the whole wonderousness of growing a person and a new organ in less than a year. I do enjoy walking past that floor (We call it Women’s Center because they do scheduled hysterectomies there as well) and hearing the occasional expletive laced yelling.

  3. Young Hunter says:

    At least it was for something. There are many disgusting situations where you just wonder, why???

  4. Vicomte says:

    jaw-floow, floor-jaw.

    Floor, this is Danny’s shirt. You two will be great friends for the rest of the 90s.

  5. ARoss says:

    Forth picture’s caption should be “MMMmmmmmmmammaries”

  6. Joe Sixpack says:

    The virgin fascination is that the hot virgin turned down all those other dicks, until I came along. That means my game was better than all those other dude’s game. It’s a mental high five for me. The slut that’s had 100 dicks will give better head than the virgin.

    For single guys the V-card doesn’t mean as much. It’s a bigger deal when you marry it. I literally have no “ghost of alphas past” hanging around in my wife’s headspace to compete with.

  7. Ton says:

    Shit hits close to home; found out this chick I banged right before my junior year of high school was my soon to be chemistry teacher( don’t hate on her I had a full beard & I was 18) and I averaged 2k a month bootlegging down range. Bought my new Victory with booze money.

    The officer chicks I’ve banged never “knew” I was enlisted. Use to joke that’s why we wore sterile uniforms

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