Slow Weekend Post- I’m letting Patrice Take Over

Patrice breaks it down in less than 7 minutes. a VERY good montage of Patrice pontificating game. toodles. like i said, i built my foundation off of Patrice’s understanding of game. once i started blogging… all came together.

but rest assured, i have a juicy post waiting to drop on monday. enjoy your weekend.

stay up

10 Comments on “Slow Weekend Post- I’m letting Patrice Take Over”

  1. daredodie says:

    I have to wait until Monday? This is ridiculous.

  2. […] Slow Weekend Post- I’m letting Patrice Take Over […]

  3. Joe Sixpack says:

    It was so funny to listen to Patrice work the women on his show. He would go after the toughest ones. The ones that thought that they were so hot and way out of his league. They’d come onto the show all full of attitude. He’d be working the girl the whole show. And without saying so, he was demo-ing how to dominate a woman. By the end of the show Patrice would have the woman so flustered that they’d be speechless.

    It was priceless. Patrice was a master craftsman.

  4. RojoC says:

    This cat sounds like he’s too smart and too important to be dead. Damn.

  5. andyw says:

    Yep, patrice was at the forefront of saving my marriage belive it or not. His view on relationships covers such a wide spectrum, from the 20 sumthing pimp to 10 year marreid folk. That’s what I call wisdom.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      whenever he’d go on opie and anthony, i gave it my full attention. i KNEW he was going to bring up game shit.

      On Sat, Jul 6, 2013 at 11:03 AM, dannyfrom504

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