This Week’s Brophy

i was originally going to make a post of this comment, but thought it best to give it this weeks Brophy. excellent insight from Adiaforon


Solid advice. I can add the following along the non-pussy-related route:

1. The Internet has made it possible for you to learn outside of the classroom like never before. The plus is that you can learn at your own pace and from people who know what the hell they’re talking about (e.g., ‘spherians, Yale Open Courses) and not from some dipshit adjunct instructor who likely doesn’t care about his or her job because of the peanuts they’re making.

2. Related to (1), if nothing else in your college experience, learn HOW to learn. Become an auto-didact and take charge of your education. Even outside of the classroom. This means you have to read, listen, watch, write — then do it again and again. When you find something confusing, consult an outside and credible source for clarification and/or being challenged. If you don’t do this, you run the risk of existing only in your own head and not understanding, much less caring out, other people’s opinions on the subject — half-baked though they might be. Remember that the world doesn’t revolve around you, but you are the center of your OWN world.

No one else will take charge of your education. It’s entirely up to you.

3. We men usually learn best through our own experience. That is, either we learn through direct experience, or we read about someone else’s (e.g., Danny’s) experience and then try to see how it fits into our own lives, at whatever point down the road of life we happen to be.

4. Remember that the end goal of college is to get a degree, which is the summation of whatever credits you need for your major. Secondary goals are establishing contacts for future job opportunities and internships, among others. Concerning credits, related to (2), ensure that you ALWAYS have all of the credits you need, and ensure that your academic advisor is assisting you in getting those credits, even if only in a perfunctory and half-hearted way. Never entirely trust your advisors. Again, you must learn how to do this yourself.

5. Again, related to (2), your brain is still developing while you’re in your 20s. Your personality and habits are still malleable, so take great care in laying down the foundation for success later on. It likely won’t come while you’re in your 20s because of forces outside of your control (e.g., feminism, affirmative action, a shitty economy, bad location). No matter. Continue to read, watch, listen, and write. Stay on a path. The path will change, assuredly. Envision yourself as the person you want to be and avoid really bad habits, like alcoholism, smoking, bad diet, etc. Again, the Internet is a gold mine of information for this, and enables you to correct bad habits and get off of a destructive path much quicker. In the past, you had to wade through a lot more thickets and bullshit from dysfunctional people before you found out about this yourself, which cost valuable time.

6. Above all, do not go into debt for your education, if you can help it. This is killer in this day and age. Though you might go into a STEM field, a shitty economy and bad location can leave you unemployed for a long time. College debt isn’t dischargeable and accrues interest from six months from your graduation date. If you do go into a STEM field and have to take out loans, then keep it under $15,000. The higher salary you have, coupled with living frugally (which is a great habit to have, anyway) means you can pay this off quicker than a liberal arts grad could.

As Danny says, stay up.


congrats Sir.

stay up.

7 Comments on “This Week’s Brophy”

  1. adiaforon says:

    Hey, who is this fucktard? 🙂

    • Vicomte says:

      Some kind of long-winded joker that stole Deti’s list and Danny’s sign off.

      Used to be you had to work for a Brophy. Things are different now. It’s not like it was two weeks ago.

    • dannyfrom504 says:


      it’s time for your acceptance speech. and congrats Sir.

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  3. Modern Drummer says:

    Well said,I’m a big fan of learning things for yourself. The Internet is a game(heh) changer.
    Danny,OT : Over the July 4th weekend,while watching ball games, I noticed the members of the armed forces chosen to sing the national anthem and God Bless America were all women except for one( of the games I saw) i wondered if this was deliberate. Probably not a big deal,but I notice a move to make it appear as though women are playing a bigger part in the armed forces than is the reality. Thanks.

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