She Chose the Aloof Alpha over the Needy Beta

We’re all familiar with the gf I had in Japan. Well there’s an interesting story to how we ended up together.

I was walking out of medical when I saw this new girl to the ship. She was an E3, I was E5. Now being on a ship you kind of know everyone. Especially if you work in medical like I did. everyone that reports to the ship has to check in at medical to turn in their medical record. At the time she was checking in I was the LPO (leading petty officer) of medical admin, so I personally had to check in every new sailor to the ship.

When I first saw her I thought to myself, “Eh. Not too bad.” Tall, Mexican, decent body. Hard 6, soft 7. I can honestly say looks wise she was at the bare minimum I need to be into a girl.

Well, I was leaving medical and she was standing in the p-way giving directions to VIP’s coming on board. I saw her, we made eye contact and I said, “Hey, I just broke up with my gf, I’m thinking of replacing her with you.” She let out a little laugh and remarked something about taking it into consideration. I smiled back and went on my way.

Oh……this was 2005, btw.

I ran into her later that day and she told me, “Hey, do you know another guy ran the same line you did about breaking up with your gf.” I just laughed and told her that the ship issues that line to every guy that checks on board.

Eventually I got the impression she was dating another guy in her shop, but never really cared too much about it. Then she became friends with one of the girls I work with. My co-worker told me, “I know a girl that’s PERFECT for you. She totally has your sense of humor.” Eventually, my co-worker invites me out to lunch. When I showed up, there she was. The same girl I ran the line on.

I was my typical ordinary self except for one small but calculated detail.

I teased and ribbed the other 2 girls (I worked with them) and largely ignored the other girl. I didn’t ignore her, but the ratio of attention to her vs. the other 2 was roughly 10:90. I acknowledged her, but never included her in the “fun”.

One day I’m in my office and I see her cutting through the medical p-way (called cross decking- a BIG no-no) with one of the male dental techs. It ALMOST seemed like there could have been something going on.

Meh. Whatever.

Then I find out that the same guy WAS pushing up girl. Eventually, one of my female HM’s (the one that arranged the lunch meet up) told me dude was really into her. While all this is going on, I got 2 more lunch invites where girl was in tow my other 2 co-workers. Again I used the same tactic.

Eventually one of my co-worker (girls bestie) told me that girl (her name’s Nancy) wasn’t really into dude. Come to find out this kid was kissing her ass and falling all over himself to do whatever she liked/wanted. She was on the pedestal. And apparently, she loved the attention and freebies, but he wasn’t registering on her tingle scale.

During lunch one afternoon, the girls made plans to go out for new years eve and invited me to go. Well, they all flaked. And I let me co-worker have it when I saw her the next day. I lit her as up like it was cool. And she totally made the submissive chin down and breaking then making then breaking eye contact and apologizing.

One evening she’s “hanging out” in medical with my co-worker. We (there were about 7 other people from medical) were on our ward watching movies and Cheryl (Nancy’s bestie) made an excuse for me, herself, and Nancy to go watch a different movie in the quiet room. After about 15 minutes, Cheryl made an excuse to leave.

Sneaky sneaker Sally.

Me and Nancy made small talk for a few minutes, then eventually we were making out. After a little time she uttered, “it’s too bad this won’t go anywhere.” I stared at her for a moment perplexed; then said, “Oh, ok.” And I walked out the room. Didn’t speak to her or acknowledge her again. Cheryl asked me what went wrong between us and why I was ignoring Nancy.

Aaaaaah, gathering intel I see. I told her that Nancy had made mention of it not going anywhere so I took it that she really wasn’t interested in me.

Well wouldn’t you know it- I was having chow and sitting by myself when Nancy sat down next to me. “Did I do something wrong Danny? Why aren’t you talking to me anymore. “ I looked at her, sitting across from me, and told her, “I thought you were messing with dude since you told me ‘this won’t go anywhere’. Then you flaked new years eve. So why should talk you, there’s no reason. I’m not trying to be yer bestie.” I went right back to eating. She didn’t say another word and left.

About 2 weeks later my boy asked me what was up with me and Nancy. I told him what happened and he said, “Dude, fuck that shit. She wouldn’t be making out with you if she didn’t like you. AND I was having lunch with Cher and ole girl and she wouldn’t shut up about you. Kept saying how she fucked things up and she couldn’t believe you thought she was seeing (can’t remember his name).


The next time I ran into her I ask her what she was doing that coming weekend (it was a wed/thur) and when she told me she had no plans, I told her I was going to this Vietnamese place and asked if she wanted to join me. She agreed of course. As if any of you reading are surprised. Lol.

She was a VERY cool girl. Sadly, it only last 3 months. I’ll save that tale for tomorrow.

Stay up.

me and nancy riding an efalant in Thailand.

me and nancy riding an efalant in Thailand.

in order to derail the alpha roguishness of the above post, i’ve decided to hit you with the latest in scented candle faggotry. didn’t have anything new that i wanted, though yankee candles “havana nights seemed promising, but alas i rocked the woodwick triple play again. guys, get yer dicks out, i’ll be standing by in the glory hole booth.

so nice i rocked it twice

so nice i rocked it twice

15 Comments on “She Chose the Aloof Alpha over the Needy Beta”

  1. Young Hunter says:

    Will there be porn playing?

  2. deti says:

    Nice elefante pic. Nice candle porn too.

    OT: I suggest a new blog ho. You got to check out judgy bitch if you haven’t already. She’s cool and her blog is tops.

    I respectfully nominate judgybitch to become of Danny’s blog hos.

  3. Vicomte says:

    Aw, she was disqualifying herself because she thought you were a player.


  4. CLG says:

    Barry Manilandles aside, I have a serious question to ask you: keep or ditch the stuff you accumlte when you are with someone. I generally have a rule of thumb of not keeping anything (save maybe 1 picture of us normal and one of her naked incase i need a blag back filled with 500,000.) Wondering what your post break up purge process has become the more red pill you have gotten?

  5. Don says:

    this time you surpassed yourself

    me and nancy riding an efalant

    riding a wtf what??

  6. […] She Chose the Aloof Alpha over the Needy Beta […]

  7. earl says:

    Let’s play everyone’s favorite game.

    Who has the biggest dick in the picture.

    The efalant, Mr. BCG, the sweet young thang, or the guy driving the hippopotamus.

    200 dollars on the stud driving.

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