Put on Blast

i arrived at the mess decks (where you eat) just after 2000 (8pm) and she was sitting at a table. i sat down and began “the talk”. i’ll be honest, i couldn’t recall verbatim what i told her but i remember it was basically me breaking down all the dump points she’d accumulated. it broke down into the following-

-her being self centered.

-her going on a snow boarding trip on my birthday. now….this was a gimme since we had just started seeing each other and weren’t exclusive.

-her not knowing shit about me after 3 months. THIS ONE got me. i asked her how many siblings i had and she couldn’t answer. i preceded to break down her entire family makeup: she was the middle child- one sister and brother in front, one brother and baby sister behind her. dad was an electrician, her high school hobbies, her favorite foods, bands, and what she wanted to do when she got out of the navy.

yeah, it was pretty brutal. she was at a loss for words. i asked her to name ANYTHING in the above paragraph that pertains to me and she couldn’t mention ANYTHING. she started to weasel her way into an excuse and i cut her off.

“don’t even try it woman, you suck as a gf. i’m totally in the right for breaking up with you.”

she made another attempt at an excuse and i lost it. i slammed my fist into the table and reminded her of something she told me early on-

“you told me you wanted to date an older guy (she was 23, i was 35), WHY?”

she answered meekly, “because i wanted to to learn.”

i replied, “wanted to learn WHAT?”

her voice broke as she answered, “i wanted to learn to be better…” and with that she ran off to her berthing. the tears were starting to flow. i left the mess decks and went back to medical. i ran into her the next day and told her we needed to finish the talk. we made arrangements to meet on the mess decks again.

we met up and i told her i felt bad for making her upset, but she wanted to know why i broke up with her so i was just being honest. her attempt to make excuses pissed me off because the conversation was supposed to be me talking and her listening. her excuses were moot since i was giving her what she asked for.

then i told her i really did think she was a great girl, and i had to accept some responsibility for the whole thing knowing she had never been in a relationship before.

oh yeah, forgot to mention that. i was her first serious bf. she was a VERY sheltered girl since her sister got pregnant at 15 (sooooo mexican. lol). so it wasn’t until she joined the navy that she began to interact with guys on “that” level. i knew this, but gave it a run anyway; so for my part i had to accept some of the responsibility for the debacle this had become.

but i ended up telling her i thought she was cool, but that we just weren’t right for each other. i told her i didn’t think ill of her and i knew she’d find someone else….blah, blah, blah. you know the routine.

we left the mess decks and she made one last attempt to gain the upper hand. as we walked away she called out-

“Danny.” i turned around and she said.

“this doesn’t mean we’re friends.”

i laughed and told her, “who said i wanted to be friends.” and walked away.

about a week or so later i was getting money out of the ships ATM when nancy showed up. she asked me how i had been doing. i politely answered and she she came right out with it.

“i was wondering if you’d give me another chance.”

aaaaaw shit. i told her i wasn’t sure if that were a good idea and that i thought once was enough. she told me she was capable of being a better gf than she had before. my mind went blank and i think i said something to the effect of having to think about it.

to be continued….

stay up.

On a side note, I passed 500,000 views. I really appreciate all you readers. You guys rock a fat ass.

12 Comments on “Put on Blast”

  1. Vicomte says:

    ‘i replied, “wanted to learn WHAT?”

    her voice broke as she answered, “i wanted to learn to be better…” and with that she ran off to her berthing. ‘

    I’m not sure why, but that made me laugh.

    I still have this big stupid smile on my face.

  2. earl says:

    She wanted to learn what a dick between her legs felt like.

    How to be a gf…not so much.

  3. Ashley says:

    23 and never had a bf? Was she “waiting?” Anyway, first gfs and bfs often have no idea what they are doing, especially in the adult dating world. It sounds like you may have been a bit harsh during the first meeting but the fact that she asked for another chance really surprised me. She must really like you.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Like I said, she was VERY sheltered. She joined the navy at 21. I was her first “relationship”. She had 2 maybe 3 BF’s during her time in.

      I really didn’t pry into her past. But I went I to it knowing that I was dealing with an inexperienced girl.

  4. CLG says:

    So Lysdexic, but I totally read the last sentence as “You fat ass guys rock” as opposed to “You guys rock a fat ass”. Also, why only just one fat ass? I kind of think we should rock them all.

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