One Last Chance

i sat pondering for about a week about whether i should give nancy another chance. it had been 2 months that we had broken up. soon after i broke with her (about a week or so) i got a call out of the blue. it was her. now when i break up with someone, ALL remnants of the relationship are expunged. i didn’t recognize the number.

it was nancy. i was VERY surprised. she told me she was sorry. i was a bit puzzled; then she went into a story about how she started seeing a guy and something happened where the guy went completely beta and she called him out on it.

how cute, she needed to make up for being put in the corner, so she took it out on the new guy. what she told me was she went off on him about what she didn’t like about him and his shortcomings and blah blah blah. then she mentioned that he went off on her; and it was every reason i gave for dumping her.

“i’m sorry Danny, i really screwed up something good.”

first i was angry. i HATE when someone asks my opinion then acts like i’m talking out my ass. i wanted to go off on her, but i was done. i just told her it wasn’t a big deal, that she didn’t need to apologize, and made a excuse to hang up.

now, i need to apologize since this happened BEFORE she approached me and mentioned wanting to get back together. she approached and/or called me asking to meet up for lunch on more than one occasion and i met up with her. it was purely just hang out, chit-chat, and general pleasantries. i decided “what the hell” and figured i’s giver her another shot.

i told her i was willing to giver it another shot and she was giddy and excited, but…i was leaving for san diego in january for x-ray school. i told her once i leave japan, there is no more “us”. i don’t do the long distance thing. she agreed and we were back together. it was late june, we had broken up in april.

i’ll giver her a ton of credit for the first 2-3 months she was great. but soon, i started feeling the the same feelings of “she’s just a friend was coming back. there are soooo many things that happened: TINY DETAILS, but to me, within a relationship- those are the things that matter most.

by october, i KNEW i wasn’t into it anymore. i wanted to break up, but i KNEW she was going home in december for christmas and the whole relationship wasn’t so toxic as to justify dumping her again. besides- i KNEW if i broke up with her it would be devastating to her. and like i said, at the core of it all, she was a VERY cool girl; i just wasn’t feeling it.

stay up.

OH. my interview with manosphereradio is up, check it out here

16 Comments on “One Last Chance”

  1. aneroidocean says:

    Great set of posts lately, Danny. How far along red-pill do you think you were at this point?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      this was 2006. i started blogging 2011. i still had a little blue pill in me when i started the site.

      On Fri, Jul 12, 2013 at 11:45 PM, dannyfrom504

      • aneroidocean says:

        that’s about what my hunch was. I feel sometimes like I’m barely half andhalf

        • dannyfrom504 says:

          actually, now that i think about it. i first discovered Patrice O’neal around 2003. it was a gradual learning curve from there. but i slowly imparted what i learned from him. after starting the blog, it all came full circle.

          On Sat, Jul 13, 2013 at 2:25 AM, dannyfrom504

  2. Vicomte says:

    Nobody puts Nancy in a corner.

  3. earl says:

    “what she told me was she went off on him about what she didn’t like about him and his shortcomings and blah blah blah. then she mentioned that he went off on her; and it was every reason i gave for dumping her.”

    Oh danny…filling up that young naiive girl full of big boy thoughts.

    I never take back a girl that I dumped…she’s looking for revenge and that’s it.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      actually, she admitted later that she was hoping i was going to propose.

      • earl says:

        Just based on some personal experience from myself…as well as my brother.

        The minute they convince you to take them back…they make your life worse than when you dumped them the first time. Props to you for avoiding a divorce.

        • dannyfrom504 says:

          well, i wouldn’t have allowed her to do that. i almost made her cry right after i took her back and she made an off hand comment to me.

          i told she could her shit and hit the door if she didn’t like my playing EQ. then reminded her she came to ME, not the other way around.

          On Sat, Jul 13, 2013 at 8:45 AM, dannyfrom504

      • earl says:

        Yeah that’s what frame can do for you….that way she never gets a chance to exact revenge.

        The fact she made an off hand comment after your moment of mercy…she was in revenge mode. You give women some compassion…and they seem to think it’s a weakness.

        I keep compassion mostly for men because they seem to understand it better. I may not like a guy…but if he is about to do something stupid, I’ll try to save him. More than likely he’ll at least respect me.

  4. Whokid says:

    Quick question: I’ve got one year left in college and living at home. Seeing a girl who just graduated, so she’s back with her parents. I ‘ve prety much have no place to hit it. Any tips?

  5. Seraph says:


    I concur that these last few posts have been great. They illustrate the practice of Game, even though I know it comes rather intuitively to you.

    If I had to sum up the numero uno mistake I made in the past, and sometimes STILL make, is not treating women as adults (childish women or not) and calling them on their shit behavior. Because one has a vagina it does not give one a free pass with act like an selfish asshole.

    I said it before, theory is great, but illustrating the practice is invaluable.


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