ITLR- The Riddle of Steel

i was changing in our locker room about to go home after my shift and there was a fellow co-worker (21-22ish) that i’ve been slowly feeding red pill info. he said to me out of nowhere:

“HM1, i don’t think this player stuff is for me.”

i thought to myself, “no shit dude. you’re still in the initial stages of even comprehending game.” i immediately told him that i already knew he wasn’t ANY type of player. so i asked him what happened. apparently, the girl he was seeing went through his phone and found a bunch of girls numbers, so she dumped him.


the minute he told me, “my girl went and found my phone….” i told him to stop, i already knew what he was going to say. first i mentioned ALWAYS having a locked phone if you are afraid or ashamed of any of your “dirt” being discovered. secondly, i told him he failed a MAJOR shit test. he looked at me confusedily. i asked him-

“are you 2 in an exclusive relationship?” he responded no. i told him, “then you have nothing to be ashamed of. i’d have acknowledged having the numbers, told her those were all my ‘side pieces’, then refuse to go into detail. dude, you 2 aren’t a couple.”

i told him how he has made a fundamental mistake a lot of men new to “red-pill/game philosophy” make. he looks at game as simply a way to land numbers or bed down women. i suddenly remembered “the riddle of steel” from conan the barbarian (fucking EPIC movie btw). for those of you that don’t know-

conan makes learning this “enigma” his personal jouney and life quest. he’ll never be allowed into valhalla if crom asks him and he doesn’t know. well, eventually conan learns the answer to the riddle and was given a powerful new perspective.

i explained to him that any man that looks at game from the perspective of “getting laid” is selling himself short. i told him, “game goes WELL beyond women, dude. think about it, have you EVER seen me talking with someone and they looked like they WEREN’T enjoying the interaction?” he blankly shook his head to indicate “no.”

then i explained, “game is simply the possession of enough charm and charisma where people, NOT JUST WOMEN, want to be around you, like having you around, they ENJOY your comapny. you’re looking at game as a means to find success with women, which is 2 dimensional, but the truth is- game is about being more successful AT.LIFE.”

he started at me blankly and muttered, “you just blew my mind HM1.” i told him he needed to quit making women his priority and put more attention in himself, “you’re way to young to be putting so much effort into women.”

conan was seeking the truth of steel (the sword). he learns the harsh reality at the hand’s of his nemesis thulsa doom.

much like the answer to the riddle, the same truth lies in game. game is SHIT without the person using it, male or female. without proper mastery and a firm internal foundation, the greatest sword may or may not save you. at best, you’re be depending on blind luck. much like a sword, it isn’t worth SHIT if you don’t know how to use it, game is basically the modern man’s sword. simply knowing it exists doesn’t make you proficient in bushido. and if you don’t believe in game, that’s fine; but disbelief doesn’t mean it can’t cut you. and game is simply a vilified word for “proficiency at navigating social dynamics”; be it casual or sexual.

until you master and understand yourself, you’ll NEVER master game. like the sword-it’s useless compared to the hand that wields it.

stay up.

21 Comments on “ITLR- The Riddle of Steel”

  1. Vicomte says:

    Charm is getting people to like you. Charisma is getting people to want you to like them.

    -Some guy

  2. nafri says:

    So very true. I tried to explain this to a guy friend of mine several times now, no luck so far yet (I’m a girl). Guess he’ll need to have that explained by another guy friend with bushido in order for the message to sink in.

    • handbanana says:

      sounds like he’s having more success than you care to admit.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        i don’t think she mentioned what level of, if any, success he’s had. it seems she’s pointing out that maybe a guy needs to explain what she’s tried to.

        and i’m curious, what brought you here exactly?

      • nafri says:

        Sorry, Danny, there wasn’t a reply button on your comment, so things might be a little out of order : )
        short answer: athol kay , long answer: I am generally curious about gender relations and game. I think the red pill is a great concept, mostly! I’m ENTP if that helps, so I generally like to read up on lots of stuff.
        I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, think it’s cool. Some minor things I have a problem with, but I am not the target audience anyways.

      • nafri says:

        About my friend: we’ve known each other for almost a decade now, and stayed in touch irregularly. ON these occasions, he tends to complain how he hasn’t been successful with women (hasn’t been with a woman/kissed/ can’t pick up one) in ‘x time’ to which I don’t know how to reply. Sometimes I quip with some yoda-esque short answer, sometimes I try to make him change his scarcity way of thinking. As you said, he doesn’t understand game as a life concept. He is getting better now compared to how he’s been way back, but enlightenment is yet to happen. I mean, he is good looking, on a way to finish his degree in natural science, has a social life…so I don’t know what it is.
        If that is relevant: He knows he won’t be getting into my pants.

      • dannyfrom504 says:


        the reply was aimed at HB. tbh i just took your comment at face value since i didn’t think there was anything i could add to your comment. and Athol is tits. lol.

        thanks for reading. i’ll email you regarding your friend.

  3. […] ITLR- The Riddle of Steel […]

  4. Been trying to get some truth into some young men I know, but the problem is finding a way to crack into that shiny blue shell. I can explain and show all kinds of understanding and techniques, but there has to be some basic acceptance of this real world I’m talking about before they’ll believe any of it. What kind of stuff did you use to get the light to dawn in your young friend?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      he’s read the blog, seen me interact with other’s and whole-heartedly wants to learn. some guys just won’t accept it though.

      On Tue, Jul 16, 2013 at 11:21 AM, dannyfrom504

  5. Greg says:

    Bam. That’s exactly what I’m working on in my life. When I first heard the term “Game everyone” I realized I had been doing it wrong. I think I might be a Natural, but game is teaching WHY, and that’s letting me expand my success throughout the rest of my life.

  6. tj says:

    Great stuff, Danny. I’ve got a teenage boy I’m seeding with Red Pill. Always nice to have Big Picture perspective

  7. Michael of Charlotte says:

    Now that’s very interesting. I had an experience about a year ago when I did a little bit too well with Game. I was seated at a table for brunch with three married women all of whom were doable (two 7s and an 8). I knew B going in and figured I’d use this opportunity to practice on all of them. I had practiced on B and I was pleased with the result, she was now my hot married friend.

    By the end of the brunch, A and I were really clicking which seemed like it was making B jealous. As we were leaving, A made it a point to say several time how great it was to meet me and how she hoped to see me again. At the time I was thinking of using her to nail one of her hot friends. But later I became pretty certain she already had an idea what she could use me for. She disappeared once she got pregnant. I haven’t seen B in months and almost want to invite her out for drinks just to confirm my suspicions (I think she’s DTF too and her husband seems like a blue pill beta). However, I absolutely don’t want to find out I’m right.

    I was pretty horrified by these realizations. I responded by turning off Game when I’m around girls that I don’t want to sleep with. The results have been disastrous. The girls I’m trying not to Game get confused and cockblock me when I’m with girls I do want to Game. I can’t seem to make friends with the girls I want to friendzone. It’s like they can tell something’s wrong with my personality and / or that I’m deliberately trying to not be attractive (which they find insulting).

    I think that might explain the issue that’s been confusing me these last few months. Thanks Danny.

  8. Mister_E says:

    Danny….been reading your stuff for about a month now and I must say that I was so intrigued about game philosophy when I first started reading your blog I thought you had to pay top dollar for this stuff. I’ve known guys who had it and could never figure out how they did it. Still don’t understand 100%, but I want to learn it…bad.

    Your philosophy on gaming everyone and the core precept of exceeding at life in general is spot on. I’ve also been reading Athol on his blog for the married man. Where was this stuff 25 years ago? (I’m married and Athol’s take on gaming the wife appeals big time!)

    I found this website the other day on being likeable in general, the same day you posted The Riddle of Steel. I may be way off base here, but being likable to everyone (mostly) is part of game, correct?

    If you want, I can send you the link via email. I know that this blog is your part of the world and don’t want to muck it up if it doesn’t fit the bill.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      yes, being all around likeable is key. it’s not just about being popular with the ladies. learn and master yourself. figure out what you stand for, and pursue it. women will always come and go; your life mission will never fade.

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