Purple Pill Confessions

repost from when i first started the site. it’s a funny story how i had IOI’s and fucked it up. actually, it’s pretty funny. i don’t mind throwing myself under the bus. lol. and this was before i ended up with the girl i dated for a year on the ship. enjoy.

the danny blogging now has only existed for the past 5-6 years. i’ve posted this before (and there has been talk on other blogs recently about approaching women) how guys can be pretty clueless. this personally is VERY true of me if i have a STRONG attraction to a woman. i get nervous, i can’t think straight. it still happens every once in a while. i have many examples of this from my past, i’m sure a lot of guys do. this example is by far the funniest. it happened while i was in japan.

hey, at least you're making progress. lol

hey, at least you’re making progress. lol

i was on the ship, i had to run to the quarterdeck to deliver an ace wrap to a pier sentry who was patrolling the pier. i get to sponson, and i see her. VERY cute, reddish-brown hair. i stop, stare, and she smiles. i come to my senses and head down to the pier. i went back to medical. i thought about this girl ALL THE TIME. she was just checking on to the ship when i saw her. well all new check-in’s have to come to medical eventually, so when she showed up (everyone i worked with was well aware that i wanted this woman to have at least 5,000 of my babies), everyone assumed i was going to do her check in interview. nope, i don’t pull that chicken shit move. i found out her name was emily and she was from austin, and i learned where she’d be working.

emily. told you she was a honey limbed lovely. soon after....well, keep reading.

i’d pass her in the p-way and she’d drop her head slightly, make eye contact, break eye contact, then look at me again, and smile. once we were in line for chow and she started up a conversation with me, now……the current danny definitely would have escalated. old danny didn’t. i just talked, then went to a table (without her in tow) and ate with some guys i knew. [edit-FAG]

OH, trust me….it gets WAY WORSE. i should point out that this “passing her and her smiling at me” went on steadily for a few weeks (our ship was at sea at the time).

i was taking a college class on the ship. i was leaving the class and we ran into each other in the p-way. she sees me and smiles, i walk past her. then something inside me screamed, “FUCKING TALK TO HER YOU ASSHOLE!!!!” i turn around, and called her. she turned and had a HUGE smile on her face. she says, “yeah, what’s up?” i respond, “you got a minute?” she smiled and nodded and i asked her what she planned on doing when we got back to yokosuka. she shrugged her shoulders and said, “i don’t really know, i’ve only been off base twice.” (we had gotten under way 2-3 days after she reported on board). then she nails me, “why you asking?” and grins. she immediately followed with, “you have a house out in town, right?” i told her i did and she asked where i lived, and asked what my house was like (japanese homes are VERY different from american homes, btw). after i gave her a little info on my house, then i froze.

[edit- i need to point out that this conversation isn’t verbatim, i don’t recall EXACTLY what i said, but this i more or less how it went down.]

my thought process completely abandoned me while i had this beautiful little creature crying out, “ASK ME OUT DAMMIT!!!!!” standing in front of me. but i froze, i stared at her for a few awkward seconds, then blurted out, “ok, well, i guess i’ll see you around.” and i turned around and walked away. i heard her say, “i guess so.” and i could hear the ‘w.t.f?'” in her tone. as i walked away, i could see the hindenburg careening to the ground in my mind, but something had the sense to say, “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING, GO BACK AND ASK FOR HER NUMBER, WTF….DUDE…..SERIOUSLY. STOP. STOP AND GO BACK!!!!!” but i didn’t. i went back to medical. i was COMPLETELY humiliated and disappointed with myself. i KNEW what i had done wrong but i still botched it up. [edit- UBER FAG]

i went back to medical and told the four girls i worked with the story (2 were total hotties btw). i have never had women laugh at me that hard (in pity) in my life. my best friend of the 4, cheryl, just covered her mouth and shook her head and told me, “baby what the hell?” she was TOTALLY into you.” i replied, “yeah stupid, i know. i can’t explain why i did that. GOD am i an asshole.” this was particularly crushing because i had finally decided to try dating someone else again. i had broken up with beth 2 years ago, and the girls were pushing me to get back out there and i had told them i was going to try.

i was 30 or 31 at the time. i wasn’t lacking in confidence per se. but i was REALLY attracted to emily. she was fucking beautiful: face-9.5, body- 9, personality from what i had gathered, she seemed very sweet. but i froze up when i need to sack up. i have no clue why i did what i did. but i REEEEEEALLY felt like a faggoty douche for doing it. i mean, i already had small IOI’s from her, but the conversation show’d: she was giving me a oppurtunity to ask her out, and she was asking me about my HOUSE, which makes me thinks she was sending me an indirect clue that she’d like to go there. i feel obligated to let you readers know that the dweeb in this story has been choked out, beaten senseless, and sent packing. danny 2.0 currently writes this blog. lol.

i’d LOVE to hear what you readers think of this. and everyone feel free to point and snicker, i deserve it. lol.

manning the 25. i wasn't firing it, i was actually providing safety coverage during an UNREP.

stay up.

i’m thinking of doing a series of some of my funniest fuck up’s in the SMP. point is- we ALL took our lumps in the SMP, none of us guys are born Casanova’s. i’ve failed WAAAAY more often then i’ve succeeded. dust yourself off, and get your ass back out there.

OH, i’m currently working on a post that is as good a guide as i can come up with as a guide to visiting New Orleans. i hope to have it up in 2-3 days.

46 Comments on “Purple Pill Confessions”

  1. Sleek says:

    I hate to be that guy, but the girl in the photo isn’t a 9.5. She is attractive; she isn’t anywhere close to a 10 though.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Cool. We all have different standards. Please she me a pic of a 9 you landed or that came on to you.

      • tj says:

        Um – sleek – that’s a Koala bear on the left ya know….

      • laidnyc says:


        Seriously though, have you done a post about how a man’s standards differ when he’s on a Navy ship surrounded by hundreds of guys and slim pussy pickins’?

        There has to be some effect.

        Two girls from my high school went into the Navy I think. They were 6’s in HS, fuckable but nothing special, and I always suspected they went into the military for the buffet of alpha cock they’d have to eat.

        In high school they were borderline, surrounded by tons of guys and only butch chick competition, I’m sure they looked like Blake Lively.

        • dannyfrom504 says:

          i’ve commented on it before. the 6’s you knew in HS went into the navy and they were hard 7’s soft 8’s. emily is a 7 by civilian standards, but an 8-9 navy. it always amuses me when i rate women i’ve come onto and they give me shit for mt rating. at least have the balls to post my dirt and i’m not hiding anything. i’m sure a lot of my readers have been turned down by worse than what i’m putting up.

      • CLG says:

        I don’t really think she is a 9 in New York or Miami, but She’s an 11 with law school goggles (which I imagine aren’t as bad as out at sea goggles). but the differences remind me of that Yohami post on the quality of women you can get in different countries while you are abroad and why DC is now a sausage fest.

    • Emma the Emo says:

      Lol, shhh, don’t ruin it, I noticed men over thirty appreciate cute chicks in their 20s a lot more than their younger counterparts. My bf thinks I’m an 8. Let it stay that way. Younger men only rate women their own age from 1 to 10, older men start realizing women of other ages exist, therefore the change in ratings.

    • earl says:

      Pointy elbows, koala bear, hoodie is too white, would not bang.

      I’d give her at least a 8 based on the cute face and not being obese alone…but I do like girls with red to reddish hair.

  2. tj says:

    So totally laughing with you on this story. Greg Norman at the Masters level of yips.

    And it makes me absolutely cringe thinking back on the many times I’ve done similar…..

    Which is what makes these sorts of stories all the better – the reality of the crash and burn and soothing candleglow of time

  3. So, yeah, she’s adorable. I’d have lost my way back in the day, too.

    Dude, I have some horribly painful stories I could tell as well, with delicious young things throwing themselves at me… and me missing. Fuck. Mentally thrashing myself over it is a temptation when I’m in a down mood, but reframing it as comedy could be a more healthy model to follow.

  4. Joe Sixpack says:

    Danny says ” i KNEW what i had done wrong but i still botched it up. [edit- UBER FAG]”

    You could have saved this. This is actually a pretty solid teasing move. So the next time you see her after this went down, you go ahead and ask her to your house. Playing hard to get. She wanted you to ask her to come to your house when she brought it up, but if you make her wait, until you see her again, you have made her play on your terms.

    So were you too humiliated to ask her the next time you saw her?

    PS. I’ve had girls get so frustrated at how oblivious I was to their signals, that they physically grabbed my face and started forcing themselves on me. It blows my mind how much tail I could have had, but missed the smoke signals they were sending me. Duh.

  5. Rowan says:

    Nice post Danny. Reminded me a lot of a situation I find myself in now. I gotta ask man, what’s your opinion on women with boyfriends? I’ve been going out a lot lately and the last two females who’ve been interested in me have been attached.

    If you really like the girl do you go for what you want, or do you just find someone who’s available?

    • Joe Sixpack says:

      dude, sometimes they want you to steel them away from the BF. a lot depends on the body language they are using when they tell you they have a BF

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      she mentions bf and i walk. she’s into drama and i’m not with that bullshit.

      • Rowan says:

        Thanks man. Been struggling a bit where I find myself in situations with girls who are attached but who get super friendly once their boyfriends/fiances aren’t around…

  6. CLG says:

    I see the pic of you manning the 25, and I can only imagine Ethiopian pirates going “think he is compensating for something?”

  7. earl says:

    Well I’m the same age you were when you did this. Out there making mistakes and getting better…I hope in 5-6 years I’m up to your level.

  8. ARoss says:

    I’d say 9 cause you can’t see titties and hair is a little too short.

  9. stevie tellatruth says:

    That damn koala bear looks like he’s more ready to bust a move on her than you were, 504. lol.

  10. Random Angeleno says:

    The koala bear is cute, I’ll give it that… would be hard to goof up a pass at it.

    Can distinctly remember the first time I blew it with a girl … I was 16, she was 14 and lived up the street from me. Ok looking, not the prettiest, not the coolest, but looking back many years later, I figured out she was into me that year. Back then, I was the nerdiest looking kid around though I was also the one of the best teenage athletes in the park we hung out at, regularly playing with the 18-22 year old guys who showed up. I just totally blew her off, didn’t even know what I was doing. Took me too many more years to get it.

    Fast forward. Earlier tonight I let another guy move in on a girl I had been interested in … and I didn’t care as she had not reciprocated my advances enough. That alone made it time to withdraw my time from her anyway. The guy moving in on her was just frosting on the cake. If she was expecting me to compete with him, sure I liked her, but sorry not going there. That one-itis is long gone and I don’t do competition drama either. When I was young, I would have been totally in my head for weeks if not months on an occurrence of something like that. That shit is gone, thank you very much for the experience, I’m free. Next! Already got a couple more lined up.

  11. Athor Pel says:

    This reminds me of some lost opportunities in my past.

    I’m six years old and standing in my backyard. A neighbor girl is there with me. She kisses me and runs away. I had no idea what just happened. I go back to doing what I was doing before she showed up.

    One year later, different neighborhood in a different town, I get on the school bus to go home. Two high school girls smile at me and tell me to sit in their lap. I do so and have a fine conversation all the way home. Looking back on it they were shamelessly flirting with me the whole time. I get off the bus and go play, happy that I had made new friends.

    Same year as above. Neighbor girl is sitting on the porch swing with me. This the fourth or fith time she has come over to visit. She suddenly leans over, kisses me and runs home. Once again I have no reference to interpret the event. I go back inside the house.

    But things don’t always go like that.
    Valentines day next school year, I buy a box of chocolates for a girl in my class. She has a family friend of hers return the box to me. She doesn’t even talk to me face to face. I don’t guess she wanted to be my girlfriend. Yeah, I don’t ever do that again.

    Fast forward several more years, junior high. I’m at some band competition at another school. A girl from another shool takes an instant shine to me. The look in her eyes is all kinds of desperate. I saw crazy. Eventually she kisses me and runs off. I might be older but I’m still stunned.

    Or how about this one. I’m a junior in high school. I become ‘good friends’ with a sophomore. We make out some but I don’t take it any farther. One day she invites me over for a swim in her family’s pool. It ends up being just me and her. Now, her family is in the house but only us two are swimming. I’m not about to escalate in front of a potential audience, so I don’t. Plus I was thinking seriously about marrying her which changed the rules at that time. It was everything I could do to keep my hands off her. One of the most frustrating afternoons of my life. I think she intended just that.

    Finally I’m in my senior year of high school. I’m in band and two girls, flute players the both of them, begin pretending I’m their daddy. Every time I walk in the band room they both jump on me like monkies screaming “Daddy! Daddy! We missed you so much! We’re so glad to see you!” These are full body hugs, both feet off the ground, putting their whole weight on me, sometimes legs wrapped around my torso. This goes on for weeks, months. No, I did not take advantage of the situation. I was a good boy then and they really weren’t my type. Kick me, I deserve it.

    Funnily enough these are the events that have stuck in my memory over the decades. Figured you guys would enjoy them.

  12. This is one of my favorite posts from you, by far! If you haven’t met a woman that makes your mouth gape open in stupor, I would really question if you like women. She is so wholesome and cute looking …. and if she was really nice, she would know by your actions you really liked her. Even cuter still? If she didn’t use that against you … 🙂

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      she was obviously giving me an “ok” to escalate, but i honestly just went blank. and she was very demure, she did not ride the carousel. though i haven’t talked to her since i nuked my FB. lol.

  13. RojoC says:

    It reminds me of this girl who kept going out of her way to say hi to me for a week or two in 8th grade. She was a cute girl in 2006 and still appears to be today in 2013. Slim, slender, pretty face, and also had reddish-brown hair.

    That it went completely over my head and I never did anything is one of the biggest regrets in my young life. I believe 4-5 different girls had given IOIs that went over my head back when I still going to middle and high school. By far, the one I just mentioned was the hottest. I don’t get shit these days due to the environment I work in. LOL. I need to start doing the cashier game just to get into rhythm and get the feel for things.

    Safe to say, I think this has all happened to us one way or another.

  14. GM says:

    Reading this made me smile… I have a ton of stories like this from when I was blue pill AFC. Really, really hot girls (gymnasts, cheerleaders) that I just didn’t make a move on and wasted the opportunity, looking at me and saying come on make a move!!! Never again will I miss an opportuniy.

  15. Clint says:

    Change the locations and that was me a month ago. I’ve just discovered the whole red pill / blue pill thing and I’ve been working at changing. I learned I was a beta and I could see how I’ve sabotaged myself so many times in the past. And I let the window of opportunity close on me again, but at least I knew there was an opportunity there. Still kicking myself for letting it go. The old me wouldn’t have even realized there was an IOI so I’m getting better. Anyway, she’s a 9, we’re going to cross paths again soon, and I’m not going let my red pill opportunity get away.

    I’ve got a way to go but your story is encouraging. We’re all progressing, getting better, and I’m going all in this time.

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