The Monastic, Reclusive, INTJ

my apologies for the lack of original “game” type posts. the fact of the matter is:

– i’m almost 40.

– i’ve spent the last 20 years galavanting about the globe.

– the ages of 14-26 were a blur.

– i’m partied out.

– for me, a good weekend includes: some cold beer, a nice steak, sitting at home watching the
telly, throwing the ball to Brody, and maybe reading a book.

i’m a simple guy. i actually enjoy my own company and solitude. i require very little outside stimulation. sure, i might go to my local and have a beer or two, flirt with a few waitress’, and have a few laughs. but, the realization that by the end of summer, i’ll be 6 months from being done with active duty is finally setting in.

i plan on spending the next few months researching places back in louisiana, getting rid of all my shit, and anxiously awaiting my fade from the US Navy. it is an institution i can no longer relate to and one i no longer care to align myself with. the HM1 will show up on time, do his job, then go the fuck home.

rinse, repeat.

the tiny diatribe above should help illustrate why women, a relationship, getting laid, is really a non-issue for me. the fact that i’m such a homebody simply exacerbates this. but fret not reader, i’m sure i’ll cross paths with some young lady and the “game button” will kick in- it always does, it’s an automatic reaction now.

if you’re paying attention you should be reading between the lines as to an often lamented maxim of the mandrosphere-

“make your journey your priority.”

when a woman becomes your priority, you’ll never get anywhere. and even if you DO land a woman, your listless state in life will have the “prize” of a lass yawning and in the bed of another man before you even notice she’s lacking tingles from you.

i realize it’s much easier for me to sit back and pontificate this bullshit considering i’ve achieved pretty much everything i cared to, i now have to find out where i want to go in life. for a man in his 20’s….i understand you may still be figuring it all out. well, let me share this with you- those thoughts NEVER fade away. the minute they do, start digging your grave. if you’re not evolving, you’re dissolving. even with all i’ve done and experienced, i’m still not quite sure what i want to do with my life, but i’ll keep my eyes open.

get that? it’s so basic, i’ll bet many of you don’t realize the nugget o’practical wisdom i just shared. what did i say about a woman in my life right now? what did i say i was concentrating on in my life right now.

Danny no care woman, Danny care about life post-navy.

if i met and landed a 10 tomorrow, she should be so tangential to my life that she’d probably question whether or not we were together.

so for the time being i’ll continue doing things i truly enjoy: going to the range, getting back into shooting the bow, making my next symphony in the kitchen, watching my son act silly, having a cold one, heading up to Uncle Mitch’s to land a white-tail, and trying to keep you guys entertained.

oh…..and if i run into a girl, you’ll be the first to know. lol.

stay up.

my last visit with Paw-Paw before he past. having a drink at Tropical Isle at 2 in the afternoon. fuck yeah.

my last visit with Paw-Paw before he passed. having a drink at Tropical Isle at 2 in the afternoon. fuck yeah.

19 Comments on “The Monastic, Reclusive, INTJ”

  1. Greg says:

    That’s funny; I feel exactly the same way. I’m 40. I’m thinking about taking up boxing. I’ve always wanted to do it, and it will give me something new and difficult to concentrate on. I like getting laid, but it’s always easier to score if I’m not trying. So maybe I’ll do this new, difficult thing, and if some pussy drops in my lap, I’ll enjoy that too.

  2. I only hope that when I am heading towards 40 that I’m doing as much reflection/pussy chasing as you are. Always a fan.

  3. RojoC says:

    If you’re gonna go spend more time at the range, look into getting a Mosin Nagant 91/30 rifle. It’s inexpensive and a lot of gun for what you’re getting. The ammo is relatively cheap too. Good stuff, tons of fun. And the gun has some kick, so it’s for men.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      ” And the gun has some kick, so it’s for men.”

      which means i shouldn’t be firing it. lol.

      On Tue, Jul 23, 2013 at 2:49 AM, dannyfrom504

      • Vicomte says:

        Hide your tile.

      • tj says:

        protect the candles!

      • RojoC says:

        Roza and many girls like her actually used the damn thing to kill Nazis.

        I won’t lie that I posted her specifically because she turns me on. She looked good holding her rifle in her skirt.

        Anyhow, these guns are tons of fun. I remember one time I was at the range shooting one of mine and this dude kept looking at me and trying to figure out what it was. So I gave him my last 5 rounds and put the rifle in his hands. I’m pretty sure he lit up a cigarette after it was all over, I don’t remember. It did totally make his day, that’s for sure.

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  5. earl says:

    From what I can tell women are supposed to be the pleasant distraction on the journey…not the purpose of it.

    Because as fun as the journey can be…there will be some hard parts too.

  6. Paul Murray says:

    It happens when you hit middle age, the shift from INTP to INTJ.

  7. The Navy Corpsman says:

    Never, ever define yourself by association with a woman, or anyone else. Certainly, a part of you is whom you choose to associate with, but each of us exists outside of those associations, including married men.

    By the same token, narcissism is simply too much of yourself, not enough of the relations you have with other people. I’ve noticed in the past ten years or so, that many many people, both male and female, are choosing one or the other extreme. Either a person becomes pathetically dependent on others to define their own self-worth, or that person becomes far too self-involved, refusing to consider any other people as being worthy of their concern.

    The latter is far FAR away from outcome-independent thought that you are describing here. A narcissist is completely capable of having relationships, but they’re always about the narcissist, never the other person. An outcome independent individual simply realizes that relationships of any sort are a two-way street, but that certain rules and policies apply… and if the other half of any given relationship will not respect that, then ok, cool, see you around sometime. A narcissist only stays in a relationship that is all about their needs, an outcome independent person merely accepts that sometimes people walk along the same Path in life, perhaps for a few months, or even many years.

    I remember telling my soon-to-be wife that I do not get jealous nor will I chase after her if she decides to leave. I explained that if she expected me to get worked up because she was talking to another man, she would wait a long time, because I would just walk away. I have always assumed that a woman who wants to inspire jealousy was just a shit-test away from leaving in the first place. Since I do not play that game, I wanted her to understand that.

    I told her, I am on THIS Path, and if you want to walk along with me, that’s cool. In fact, that’s great. At the same time, if you need to test me beyond what is normal for two people living together (such as major decisions of where to live etc) then be prepared for me to fail your test. Because you just failed MY test, which is not to play mind fuck games with me.

    Sure, I have a LOT invested in my relationship with my wife, after 25 years. Would I weep at the loss? Hell yes. Would I fall apart because she left me? Hell no. I still have my Path, always will have my Path, will never stray from my Path. Some call it a mission, some call it a journey, hey, whatever works for you is cool by me. After 25 years, I’m also pretty sure she has no intention of ever leaving. As for me leaving, never happen. When I give my word to someone, it is my HONOR that is on the line, forever. It’s a word, and a concept that is completely foreign to many people nowadays. In fact, one could easily say that part of my Path in this life is to stick close to her Path… and she has already said exactly that sentence. She grows her roses, flowers, herbs, I grow my veggies, beef and chickens. She is learning quilting, I am learning black-smithy.

    Sound too traditional for any of you? Fine, do things your way, it’s YOUR life. Just remember that life is way too short to waste a lot of time passing tests to fit someone else’s idea of the perfect man. Fuck that noise. Time to unass that OA. (Ask Danny for the translation)

    The Navy Corpsman

  8. We’re definitely going to have to hunt some white tails in my neck of the woods. I feel honored to have been there when you hunted your house.

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