Put Your Worst Foot Forward

i’m in the navy. we all know that. i think i’ve mentioned it in a few other posts if you’ve been keeping up.

one thing that’s always bothered me is watching active duty guys playing up their “uniform status” in order to impress women. usually, these same guys do nothing but shit talk the military during the normal run of things. i’ve seen it time and time again and it always pisses me off.

i’ve never been one to use the fact that i wear a uniform to impress women. if they ask, of course i’ll own up to the fact that i’m navy, i’m not ashamed of it. but the only time i ever used my “active duty” status to my advantage was right after 9/11. and even then, my friends were the ones that brought me being navy. we’d be out in the quarter, at and they’d blurt out-

“dude, you shipping out? what they got you doing?” lol.

i’d just shrug my shoulders and reply, “i have my sea bag prepped, my living will done, and now i just have to stand by.”

now…..this wasn’t necessarily a lie, on 9/11, we were sent home around noon and told we were on 24 hour notice. which basically meant to be by a phone and available at any time. 2 days later we reported back to work, updated our shot record, filled out forms, made sure our medical record was up to date, ordered to do our living will (legal was a fucking madhouse), and to stand by.

of course my friends being my friends, they were all too happy to loft this over the plate for me to get laid. and well, it sure did work. i got more ass in the months following 9/11 than in any other stretch of time in my life. everyone i knew, knew i was in the navy so every damn person would ask me what they were going to be doing with me. and i’d always answer that i had no clue.

but as far as i’m concerned using an active duty status to impress women is weak sauce. i’m of the mind-set that you need to play up your weaker points in game. i don’t believe in using your stronger qualities as a crutch. it speaks much more of a man’s character when he learns to make his lesser qualities attractive.

the manner in which you do so is completely up to you. i use self-deprecation, but that’s just me. my lesser qualities being my height and looks, i choose to point out these facts and show that i don’t take myself too seriously. i’ve found that this loosens up people and they act less defensively towards you. when you learn to generate tingles based off your lesser qualities, your game is elevated to jedi status. if you question this, please go to my “about” page, look at my picture and realize the host of this site has the sex appeal of rectal cancer.

of course it helps that women tend to look past physical characteristics but without a decent amount of game, charm, charisma….whatever, i’d be dead in the water.

to me, when you rely on your strengths you never grow as an individual. turning a blind eye to your “faults” is huge mistake. it’s a mistake because your “faults” are not faults at all. they are insecurities you’ve used to define yourself unjustly against others. i am no less “worthy” of respect at 5’4″ than a man who is 6’1″. apply the same to yourself.

so list your “lesser qualities”, set it on fire, and piss on the blaze. i’ll quit now before i go off on some tony robbins bullshit. lol. i think you get what i’m saying.

stay up.

15 Comments on “Put Your Worst Foot Forward”

  1. earl says:

    In other words…be honest about yourself.

    It is becoming my biggest fault but leading with it can spark some interesting discussions with ladies.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      “It is becoming my biggest fault but leading with it can spark some interesting discussions with ladies.”

      how so.

      i’ll give an example: i start talking with a girl, during the chat i’ll tell her that i like the fact that she’s taller than me. when she laughs and asks why (and they ALWAYS do), i reply-

      “it’s my only chance of having normal sized kids.”

      when it comes to my looks i’ll tell her find a way to work in that i realize i have the sex appeal the elephant man. i’ve NEVER had a girl not laugh and comment that i was cute. remember, looks aren’t as important to women as it is to men.

      pointing out and making light-hearted jokes about you lesser qualities makes you aloof and open her up to the fact that you don’t take yourself to seriously and know how to have a good time. that breaks down her defenses and open her to more conversation and you can escalate from there.

      wordy, i know. but does that make sense?

      • earl says:

        It does.

        I make light-hearted jokes about my sinfulness with the ladies. If there is a place for any of my insecurities it comes from there. I like having the idea of ripping the frame from the devil.

        Plus I am tall and devastatingly good looking so I have to go another route.

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  3. Socialkenny says:

    @Dan- Very humble of you to not use the uniform as a DHV to get laid. This sort of reminds me of some cops who parade around with their chest pushed up just to show that they’re authoritative figures and believe that women should drop on their knees and start sucking.

  4. ARoss says:

    so I should play up my cripple?

  5. Richard Cranium says:

    Is it more your fellow military brethren that bugs you or the misrepresenting in general? Leykis did a bit on this a few times that if you go around telling chicks that you’re a doctor/lawyer/athlete to get laid and they bang you as a result than it’s on them for being opportunists.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      wow. good question.

      i think both go hand in hand: fellow military misrepresenting for the sake of impressing wimmenz make me want to choke said guys out.

      • Richard Cranium says:

        One guy that called into that show said he went around NYC for months after 9/11 saying he was a fireman at Ground Zero and was knocking off ass left and right.

        Part of me went well whatever works but part of me thought it was weak.

        I have tried the self-depreciation thing for a long time and it fails almost as bad as my regular anti-game. I could challenge you for the ugly midget title too. That’s why I don’t bother anymore.

      • Richard Cranium says:

        Challenge accepted!

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        the key is to follow up the self deprecation with humor. i posted before how a girl mentioned she didn’t realize i was as short as i was and i mentioned that it was fortunate that i made up for it by having a big hog. she giggled and asked me, “really?”

        i started to nod then went, “no, hell no.” while shaking my head no and i said, “honestly, i could fuck a cheerio and not break it.”

        i wasn’t trying to get her number, but you can bet she remember me from then on. it was my first time meeting this new waitress at my local.

      • Richard Cranium says:

        That’s why I’m here to learn from the Jedi master.

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