MSM PUA. Whodathunkit?

i know i said i was going to keep saturday as a “food porn” day, but i wasn’t in the mood to cook this weekend. well, i happened to run across this article last night so i thought i’d post it.

i watched this thinking it was gonna be a goof. and it WAS, just not in the way i was expecting. since i’m not a member of the “PUA community”. i googled him but didn’t see a site for him, so i have no idea who officially consider’s themself a PUA other than .

what i found funny were the GUYS in this shit. they’re fucking AWFUL. watch the video and we can make jokes and discuss the guys that stepped to girl. i started out thinking i was gonna spew vitriol at the chick, but that’s too easy. although the part about “what she’s looking for” and how she is perceived by men is pretty typical and at the same time hilarious considering she’s good looking but not spectacular. as my boy used to say, “she’s no dime, but she’s spottable.” lol.

“most guys tell me i come off as cold and like a bitch.” well, that’s probably because you act like a bitch towards men sweetie.

PUA “girl game”

now, the REAL reason i wanted to post this was because…..


i think the fact that a MSM site acknowledged “game” and even showed how women are (or at least SHOULD be) open to understanding it (remember, yahoo is a pretty feminist controlled site) is pretty significant. and the comments after the video are pretty funny as well.

kinda a weak post, i know. but i’m saving the other stuff for next week. so gimme a break dammit. besides, tomorrow is BROPHY DAY!!!!!

stay up.

9 Comments on “MSM PUA. Whodathunkit?”

  1. adiaforon says:

    Not only is she no dime, but she’s got that air-head quality to her where she has no clue about what makes men tick. (“Aren’t they all supposed to come to me? That’s what it says in the latest rom-com, dammit!”)

  2. Joe Sixpack says:

    LOL. Another chick whining about how she just can’t get a guy. Then in the vid a guy scores her number, but he’s just not up to her princessy standards. What a cunt. Even tho she doesn’t bring much to the table, she feels entitled to Mr. Awesome. The french dude gave her the treatment she deserved.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      like i said, pointing out her entitledness is easy. she’s your average, maderna western female. she’s nothing spectacular, but feels guys should be falling over themselves to get to her. i wanted to tool on the PUA, but his advice is simple ettiquite, nothing more.

      the guys approaching were the money. french dude knew he had her attention, and was outcome independant. if he REALLY wanted girl, he’d have left his phone alone. obviously the call meant more to him then a #.

      On Sat, Jul 27, 2013 at 11:20 PM, dannyfrom504

  3. CLG says:

    he needs a whip to go with his hat. How else is he going to look more like Indiana Jones?

  4. ARoss says:

    Up here (Canada) PUA went mainstream at the very least 7 years ago with the show Keys to the VIP: here’s the wikipedia link and episode link:

  5. tj says:

    Baby steps towards acceptance, right?

    She seems like a good candidate for M3’s “What do you offer a good man?” gambit.

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