Guilty Pleasures

i don’t eat these often. i’m talking maybe 2-3 times a year. but every once in a while, i crave them. they are SOOOO bad for you, but dammit, sometimes you just want what you want.

chili, cheese dog, with jalepeno’s- even my departmental command fitness leader (he heads up departmental PT) can’t turn them down.

for this run i used nathan’s franks, shredded colby jack cheese, jalepeno relish, and hormel (hot) chili. if i need to instruct you how to prepare this treat…………wow.

so, so good.

stay up.

Psycho Women

a few days ago i posted on text fun with a woman. well, i never had a follow up post since the +1 never went down. maybe you’re wondering why- well…it’s because she’s a fucking nut job. that text string showed her losing it and me turning it around.

well the other night she texted me at 3am. THREE.AM. asking me if i were up. i told her i was and i escalated by telling her to come over. she told me to come over. well she’s 30 and a cashier at a supermarket so i assumed she lived at home. i made a comment about not wanting to wake her parents. well, from there, girl went on a tirade of cursing me out, talking shit, and being a complete ass. i called her, we talked for 2 minutes and she hung up on me. lol.

by now, i KNEW what i was dealing with. look, she’s a soft 6, but she was cool. now that i’ve seen this side of her, i wouldn’t fuck her with a stolen dick and TBH, i’m glad i’ve seen this side of her early. i can punch out with no regrets or care.

when you run into a crazy (and if you play the field, you usually will), you need to be subtle and back away. they are not worth the +1. when you get crazy hints, WALK. i’m very glad now that i didn’t bang this woman since i’d be dealing with her more than i did earlier and would have a hard time getting her to leave me the hell alone.

i mean girl was texting me (i had NEVER texted her, don’t even have her number) past 2am on both occasions. WHO DOES THAT!!!!






i didn’t feel the need to comment on the pics as i feel they speak for themselves. but, i can say, i dodged a bullet with this chick. she’s off the reservation fucking loony. she’s texted me 2 more times and i’m just done with replying. to reply i’d simply be encouraging her. she OBVIOUSLY wants attention and has issues, well, i refuse to be her emotional tampon. when a girl wants attention, she WILL take negative attention if she doesn’t get positive. the best solution is QUIT GIVING HER ANY attention.

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How to Approach without Approaching

the other night, at the local there was a RARE occurrence- a single girl came in and posted up at the bar. look….this NEVER happens. she was cute, mid 20’s, drinking wine, and had open body language. eventually she looked my way and i smiled at her, and she smiled back.

now, i know what you’re thinking, but….something told me to hang back. there had to be an angle and i figured it was one of 2 things: she was either fighting with her bf, or she’s new to the area. if it’s the former……fuck that. if it’s the latter, she’s being agreeable since she doesn’t know anyone. so i played it cool and watched. i knew at some point some guy/s would post up and start talking with her. i could gather more intel that way.

she was chatting with a VERY butch lesbian and nursing her wine. eventually she finished her wine and paid her tab. just as she was about to leave 2 guys came in from smoking and sat 2 seats away from her. dude talked to her for a minute and bought her another glass of wine. the guys then went back outside and that blew my fucking mind.

you buy a girl a drink (ew), then don’t even take the time to chat her up.

no. this dude just came right out, bought her a glass of wine, and walked off. ooooh the douche-chills this gave me. well, the lesbian girl made a comment how that won’t be the last free drink she gets there. i chimed in with “no, it’s not.” girl looked right at me and smiled. i told her i was thinking of approaching to talk with her, but thought she was probably there because she was either fighting with her bf or she’s new to the area.

she admitted to just moving to the area and i could have come over and said hello. then told her i was waiting to see when a guy was going to buy her a drink and when dudes approached her i KNEW she was getting another wine. the lesbian chimed in with, “and you weren’t going to buy her her drink?” i looked at her laughed and said, “i buy drinks for women i see naked on a frequent basis and VERY good friends.” lesbo didn’t have a response- of course. it’s funny how many butch lesbians are just as beta when it comes to women. lol.

now, i know you guys are waiting to hear i approached, talked to her, looked for IOI’s, and escalated. but the fact is, i didn’t. something tells me i’ll run into her again. i told the manager and bartender i’d see them same time friday. wonder if she’ll show up. if she does, THEN i’ll talk with her. as i was walking out, i saw my boy Bruce and told him, “see you same time friday Hermano.” i said it as i was walking past her.

sometimes you get further by NOT approaching. now she know’s i know all the staff and regulars. i’ve shown social dominance with the not buying her a drink and busting on the beta’s that paid for a drink without talking with her (and while they did, she had VERY open body language), and left without saying a word to her.

if i see her again, i’ll let you know.

can’t believe i’m going to miss seeing her live in NO. FUCK.

stay up.

The Interlude

it was time for her to go. it was about 9am, i was showering and as i finished, i watched her putting on her bra, her jeans, her oh-so-tight t shirt. her back was to me. she looked amazing. when she was looking for her shirt which was on the floor on my side of the bed (where i had undressed her). she reached across, her hand dangling over the side of the bed, and she stopped. it was like watching a sculpture come alive.

i heard this in my head as i watched her.

the setting-

my king sized cloud

my king sized cloud

she appeared to inhale deeply, then dropped her face into the comforter. she stayed like that for a good 10 seconds. then reached over and found her shirt. as she put it on she saw me watching and jumped in surprise.

“DANNY….how long have you been watching me?”

“long enough.” i answered.

she smiled and shook her head and called me predictable. i laughed and told her that was a predictable response to my predictable reply. she stared at me for a moment and i told her she should finish getting dressed.

“you trying to run me off?”

i laughed and told her, “no, your job is.”

she got dressed and as i walked her to the door, she stopped. she asked me what i was to her. i smiled and told her she was a bird that brought song into my dreary world (cheesy…maybe, but i know her and you don’t). i knew she’d like the line. and let’s face it: most women know when a guy is bs’ing them with fancy sentiments, but they still love it.

i pulled her to me and kissed her. she pressed herself into me and i had a firm grasp of her lower back. i let her go, and opened the door…..and off she went. i stayed in the doorway until she drove off, closed the door, then watched some sports center. don’t know when i’ll see her again, i just know i will. i thought back on the night and it reminded me of this line from the movie “elegy”

“when you make love to a woman you get revenge for all the things that defeated you in life.”

indeed. happy hunting.

stay up

Nerd Game

growing up, being a nerd was a cardinal sin and the worst social taboo. around 4th/5th grade i was placed in “gifted talented” programs. NO, not THAT kind of “gifted” program assholes. i played Academic Games in 5th/6th grade. even won a state champioship in “proaganda” and “linguistics” and came in third in state in “presidents”. and yes, i even dabbled in DnD.

then i got to junior high and got into skateboarding. then i discovered girls, but i STILL had that geekish quality. i was always making jokes and even among the alpha skaters i was the guy that kinda knew shit other guys shook their heads at. point being back in the mid 80’s, being a geek equated to being a social pariah.

fast forward +20 years.

geks are now hot. even in high school, being a geek isn’t quite as cool as it was when i was in school (could be wrong since i know nothing about that shit now), i’m sure you’re not as likey to get laid though. but when you’re OUT OF high school, nerds are sexy. i’ve seen some hardcore ball-busting hotties cream themselves over bookish guys. i’ve known MANY women, very attractive, that would turn into giddy junior high girls at a beiber concert over dorky guys.

i’m not a woman so i don’t understand the appeal, but i ALWAYS play up my geek side (i have 3 star wars shirts, and i ALWAYS laugh when haters joke that there’s no way women could like that shit). but I’ve had more than one woman compliment my glasses and my Star Wars shirt. i think a large part of it stems from after high school, nerds develop a “don’t give a fuck” attitude about their geekdom. and that right there is a major panty moistener.

so embrace your inner geek, watch sci-fi channel, and spend a night watching the original Star Wars trilogy. and do yourself a favor and read the hobbit.

ladies, prepare for wetness. i KNOW all the girls reading my site will be grinning from ear to ear as they watch this. and please ladies, if you would PLEASE explain the “nerds or sexy thing to me”.

gotta love this scene.

stay up.

Cover all the Bases

had a, “a friend” over the other day and i heard my name being called from the guest bathroom. i walked in and she was standing there, facing me, with a long brown strand of hair in her thumb and pointer finger.

“what’s this?”, she asked.

i stared for a second then said, “that’s probably ashley.” she looked at me sternly and said, “ashley?!” i nodded and replied, “yeah, ashley, my cleaning girl.” her head tilted slightly and her lower jaw came forward. i looked at her and laughed, “yes, i have a cleaning woman (i actually do, i’m far too fancy a gent’ul-man to clean myself), she comes by twice a month. she was here a few days ago.” she gave me a look of disbelief so i laughed and grabbed my phone. i showed her the texts we’d sent about her coming by to clean that pan over a year. lol.

the anger washed from her face and was replaced with regret and disbelief. i laughed and said, “look i HATE cleaning. this place would be a wreck without her. besides, she’s cheaper than a wife.” when i said this she scoffed and it was obvious she was over it.

conflict averted.

now. if you are a man with “options”, you NEED a cleaning woman. or at least a credible excuse for “strays” being found at your house. the key though is FRAME. take a stance and hold it- you had friends over, you have a cleaning woman…..whatever. if need be, have a neutral friend text you as IF she were your cleaning woman so you have a safety net.

this is why i always urge NEVER hinting at exclusiveness with a woman you have in rotation. with the girl above i’ve NEVER mentioned a relationship, but….women being women, they HAVE to claim “property”.

in short, if you’re going to do dirt and have said women at your place; you MUST prepare for any possible contingencies. look, i STILL find long black hairs in boxes of crap i took back from japan. woman shed, i call it marking territory, expect it and plan accordingly.

get in there cowboy…..

stay up.

The Swan

i have 2 sisters. one i refer to as “little sis”, and the other “baby sis”. i’m the oldest of the siblings. little sis is a few years behind me and baby sis is in her early 20’s. the both of them are VERY different women.

little sis was your typical entitled teen girl in regards to boys. i learned a lot from her. she’s quite beautiful and she was never short on male attention. but, growing up watching the big-brother slaying young girls, she stayed off the carousel. by the time she was married, i think she had an N count of 3. no relationship- no booty. at least thats how i understood it.

she taught me by how she treated her bf’s. they would fawn all over her and she’d be a complete ass to them. then, they’d apoligize for upsetting her. *sigh* what she taught me, or rather, what her BF’s taught me about interacting with women amounted to- whatever they did, do the opposite. i once had the same shit test thrown at me that i’d watched my 17 year old sister pull on a dude. well, i called her out on it.

and it worked. i called her out, she held the frame, then i told her, “i don’t have time for this shit.” and walked away. i’m sure you know how the story ends- she changed her attitude, and we went back to watching tv at her apartment.

little sis is now married- kids, house in suburbia; so she’s good.

baby sis is a whole other animal. from the day she got home from the hospital, i raised her. if i weren’t out skating, i was holding and playing with her. to this day she remembers the “jaws” game. well, baby sis is VERY different from little sis. in a nutshell-

she’s a nerd.

well, she was a nerd. as a girl, she went to a very clique’ish school. and she wasn’t into sports and boys, and the “pop culture” type crap that most grade schoolers were into. she didn’t fit in, and the “cool” girls made sure she knew it. she was the type that would rather retire to her room and play some marios bros. game than venture into the social sphere. by the time she made it to high school, my baby sis made being invisible socially an art. all she wanted was to do her work and not be bothered.

in high school, she opened up a little, made a few friends, and became a TAD more social. but….she was for the most part a loveable nerd girl. she was more artsy- she played piano, she read anime, she LOVED japanese culture. yeah…..she was THAT girl. matter of fact, i think she still has my naruto and voltron dvd’s.

just like all kids, she found her voice. she grew up. now, the akward, clumsy, uncertain girl is a reserved, polite, feminine, demure young woman. and….she’s quite pretty. she has her own style and doesn’t apoligize for it. take it or leave it. well, her job requires her to give presentations and make sales pitches to various eateries in NO. my mom will run into one of her clients while they’re out having lunch and the person (usually a guy) will compliment my mom on how well mannered and pretty baby sis is.

this blow’s baby sis’s mind. she really has no clue she has the amount of physical beauty she does. she even told my mom, “why do people tell me that all the time?” my mom has to explain, “well, beacsue you ARE a good looking woman.”


this is the point of this post.

i learned some time ago how to vet a geniunely nice woman from a narcassitic entitlement princess. now, if you’re only out for a bang, this is irrelevent….go for the +1. but if you’re looking for a RELATIONSHIP with a good woman, ask her this early on in the “getting to know her” phase.

“so, how uncomfortable did it make you with guys complimenting you on your looks.”

if she begins a tirade about not being appreciated for her personality, and guys wouldn’t get past her looks, and she says so with a genuine “bitchy” attitude- RUN. but, if she seems uncomfortable and mentions she never really had much attention from guys, more than likely this girl will make a good long term partner. every woman that i’ve KNOWN was a good woman usually has this characteristic in common. of course, the nuerosis could swing to the extreme in either direction and disqualify her, but usually this is a good measure of a quality woman.

simple humilty via not growing up with every beta fawning over how preeeeeeeeteeee she was. she’s typically a cool girl because she’s HAD to become one. she never had looks as a crutch. i’ve already posted this picture so i’ll repost it. this is the baby sis.

you want a good one, look for one that’s just come into her beauty and learning to get comfortable with it. they’re the coolest women out there.

when she's not tearing out finger nails or churning butter- she's a pastry chef at a famous bakery. baby sis.

when she’s not tearing out finger nails or churning butter- she’s a pastry chef at a famous bakery. baby sis.

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