Dunkin’ Danny

last thursday i stopped in dunkin’, looked at the menu for about 10 seconds, then decided i didn’t want anything and walked out. as i turned my back i noticed a latina chick at the register.

i went home.

so, friday after a wonderful session of physical therapy, i stopped again at dunkin’ and made an order for a tuna salad croissant. dude took my order, i paid for my shit then dude walked off. i sat just to the left of the register when i heard, “so, you decided to eat today?” it was the same latina chick from the other day.

game on.

i told her, “yeah, but i decided i really just wanted to talk with you.” (you HAVE to cut to the chase with latinas). she laughed and i told her i’d ask her name but it’s right there on her name tag, so that would be a weak move. so instead i asked her in spanish where she was from. turns out she’s from jersey and she’s puerto rican.

this told me she had some pretty tight girl game. come to find out her family left and she stayed out here. i mentioned i was leaving jax in 7-8 months and she asked where i was from and what my name was. i told her NO and gave her my name.

now, she came from the back of the joint and struck up a coversation. this was a MAJOR IOI. most non red-pill guys would view it as her being friendly……


when she told me, “you decided to eat today?”, what she told me translated from womanese into “hi, come talk to me, i want to talk to you.” we spoke for 2-3 minutes then she went back to work. i copped my order and as i walked out i looked back and she was looking my way. i told her her, “ya te veo.” (i’ll be seeing you), she smiled and i left. her talking to me as i was leaving was a second MAJOR IOI.

now, i DID NOT ask for her number. this girl has game for DAYS (and ass as well), the body is put together well, but she has a slight gap between her bottom middle teeth. this touched on another anomaly of men. everything could be put together well, but we will zero in on ONE tiny imprecation. lol. is it shallow, yes. i don’t deny that. but we’re visual creatures.!

my boy from work A-Lo was working with me one night i mentioned a certain nurse, hard 7, that was working and we talked for a few minutes about how cute she was. then i mentioned, “but dammit that bleached mustache.” he winced and replied, “i knooooooooooow.” we both laughed about it realizing how we spent a few minutes complimenting her, only to zero in on ONE tiny blemish. ah, the minds of men.

i didn’t ask for girls number on purpose. that would have been to obvious, this chick has some good game (trust me, i KNOW when a girl has game), so i need to “juega la fria” (play it cool). i’ll stop in next time i get off work (tuesday morning) and if she’s working, i’ll see how she acts. one of the hardest things about my “game” is i ad-lib every situation based on what girl gives me to work with. which i why i do field reports.

i’ll keep you posted.

stay up.

i love them more than lacey banghard’s rack.

oh, you don’t know who lacey is……cool. i got’cha.

lacey banghard

lacey banghard

nommy nom nommers

nommy nom nommers

twice. dear Lord the mess i would make on her tummy.

twice. dear Lord the mess i would make on her tummy.

NSFW!!!!!! bewbies

15 Comments on “Dunkin’ Danny”

  1. earl says:

    Isn’t it amazing how much women notice all those little things? A seemingly insignificant trip to dunkin donuts registered with her because she knows what type of man you are.

    I’m beginning to notice the same thing in my little corner of the world. It would behoove men to start noticing and acknowledging other men as well. Then getting women will be a breeze.

  2. tj says:

    Oh dear God in Heaven….you have a post here somewhere – but I’m thankful my netnanny was looking the other way….HONESTLY, I just read you for the articles111!111!!11!1!1!1

  3. Mister E says:

    Banghard….really? Bet she never got teased with a name like that. Kudos on the juicy pics there Danny. Mental note to self; learn Spanish.

  4. Richard Cranium says:

    I gotta say you have great taste in the layydees as Bill Burr would say D.

  5. asf says:

    Danny, is there a general strategy you recommend for gaming waitress staff? There’s a thai place near me that has some good talent, but I think the cute ones only work weekends. Text me if you like.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      1- become a regular.
      2- become a regular. lol.
      3- get in good with one of the waitresses.
      4- realize in most asian places (in my experience) the waitresses have bf.
      5- find out who’s single, flirt, and look for IOI’s.
      6- if the place has a bar, get to know the bartender as they have the scoop on all the waitresses and will usually wing for you.
      7- realize she probably get’s hit on ALL.DAY. therefore she might be friendly, but won’t be open to you’re “opening her.”

      best of luck. hope it helps. never really been into asian girls so i have little experience with them. Kane did a great post on asian women, he’s on my blogroll. check out his post.

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