A Weekend of Guns, Klonapin, and Booze

Uncle Mitch came down for some weekend fun. he got in late friday, let himself in and i think i woke up around 10pm. he was crashed out on the couch. we went to the ghetto strip club, but the place is weak now, i haven’t been there in over a month as it’s gotten hella thuggish. we had one beer and left. then we hit up my local and had a beer and BS’d with the staff for a bit before heading home.

once home, i introduced Mitch to my pal klonapin. after an hour he informed me, “my feet are tingling.” lol. he ended up going to bed an hour later and i stayed up until around 3-4am. i woke up to find my door was closed, i NEVER close my bedroom door. Mitch was already up and we sat watching tv and BS’ing for a while. we had plans to meet up with 2 of my co-workers to go shooting at 3pm.

i mentioned the place before. well, we showed up with a fucking arsenal. my AR-15, MAC-10, and .9mm Mitch brought 2 9’s and a bereta Cx4 storm and my boy’s brought a .45 acp and 9mm. we all had somewhere around 1500 rounds of various calibers. when we walked in people were staring. lol. my boy Diaz brought his step-son and cousin. we rolled in deep and were WELL.ARMED. lol.

we got 3 lanes side by side to each other, paid our lane and target fees, and began our wait. soon enough, they called my name and we copped out hearing and eye protection (having been there before me and Mitch rocked DOUBLE hearing protection, my co-workers admitted they’d do the same next time. lol), and off we went to begin some “range therapy”. and BOY did we have fun. my co-workers IMMEDIATELY rocked the AR and went through all 4 30 round clips in less than 30 minutes. my FMF buds admitted that the iron sight is fucking spot on at 25 yards (max distance for the range). seriously, she shoots buttery smooth.

here, see for yourself the more gooderness of our outing-

me and the MAC-10

me and my AR-15

Uncle Mitch and his Beretta “Storm” .45 acp. this thing is a BEAST. also my boy Diaz finishing up.

my boy Saunder’s shooting the “Storm”. he’s off to afghanistan next month.

the Baretta Cx4 Storm. 45acp

the Beretta Cx4 Storm. 45acp

me shooting the beretta storm

me shooting the beretta storm

the 2 fellas in black t-shirts are my co-workers. we all had a BALL at range therapy.

the 2 fellas in black t-shirts are my co-workers. we all had a BALL at range therapy.

my AR-15 and MAC-10. .223 and.45acp. good times.

my AR-15 and MAC-10. .223 and.45 acp. good times.

we stopped at hooter’s on the way back (fuck you it’s on the way home) and ate a late lunch. after hooters we got home and at around 6pm we both decided to ride the klonapin train. by 8pm we were both giggling and watching all the “apocalypse/doomsday” show’s i have dvr’d, while Mitch kept playing “fetch” with Brody. around midnight, Mitch called it a night. i went down an hour or so later. lol.

all in all it was a fucking EPIC fun weekend. i woke up around 5am, watched tv for 2 hours and went back to bed. when i woke up at 3pm Mitch was gone. i think my next weekend off, i’m going to head up to his place by the beach. stand by for THAT post. lol.

what can i say: the company of good friends, beer, guns, and AWESOME medication. life seldom gets better.

stay up.

26 Comments on “A Weekend of Guns, Klonapin, and Booze”

  1. Vicomte says:

    What happens when you shoot the Beretta standing up?

  2. Vicomte says:

    Danny, brother, mon ami…


    This is why we can’t have nice things.

  3. Rojo says:

    I’ve only been shooting a few times. I never owned a gun in the past because my mental instability negated the necessity to be armed: better to get an ass beating than blow ones head off in a moment of manic depression.

    At any rate, I do find myself to be much more stable person and have spoken to my younger brother about purchasing some firearms.

    My questions regards, you mentioned having “double protection” for your ears. I’ve playing in a number of bands who would make Spinal Tap plug their ears, however, I always took good care of my ears. I have perfect pitch and find that to be an uncommonly awesome attribute to my being. I want to continue being able to hear. My Pops was in the Navy and slept next to the engine room. He has an insidious amount of ringing in his ears and though he can hear, I don’t believe he deserves the detriment. He was an officer after all.

    At any rate, I was wondering what you did for double ear protection. Did you put some solid ear plugs in then put over some noise cancelling earphones? It just struck me curious and perhaps some of the less weapon refined readers would appreciate the know how, aside from me. Thanks.

  4. ar10308 says:

    You gotta drop that chicken wing man…

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  6. Mister E says:

    Is there a supply shortage of ammo where you are? Where I am, it’s even hard to get .22 ammo, much less anything else.

    • Matt says:

      I had a backorder of a case of .22LR arrive from Midway a few weeks ago, so I’m good for a little while longer. It’s CCI MiniMags and when shipping is factored in, ran just under .07/round.

      I also have 3 10/22s that I had some work done on that need at least a couple of hundred rounds each run through them. I know I need to replace the extractor in one, the others just need reliability tests. Know anyone who would like to help?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Not really a shortage, but it’s a little more expensive. Especially .22.

      Sent from my iPhone

  7. Jose says:

    Dam looks like you dudes took over the spot! Great videos although It would have been nice to see that MAC 10 go off in full auto! And everyone looks like they had a great therapy session!

    Great post D!

  8. Alex says:

    The Storm is nice in that it can take Glock mags. For 9mm, you can go with the 33 rounders (31 +2 with extenders), and the .45 sticks hold 27-28. A real fast way to turn money into noisy fun!

    And your MAC-10 is totally awesome!!!

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