An Alpha Cares Not if You’re Hot

kelley brook is now single fellahs. for those of you that don’t know, kelley is an english model. and for the record, i’d bang kelley until all my mule was able to do was dribble cartilage or dust.

apparently, Kelley Brook “dumped” her boyfriend of SEVEN MONTHS after learning he cheated on her (several times). and as you can see by the pics in the article, kelley is slamming. but as i’ve said before…..yeah, you’re hot- AND?

a man with game/options/abundance mentality doesn’t care about how “hot” you are. you sure as hell better bring something else to the table to make him truly commit. of course, many men with “options” won’t truly commit; yet there are never a shortage of beautiful women who can “change him” lining up to commit to him.

now….considering she was dating a sports star she’s shown poor judgement, but hey…girls do love a “bad boy”. do you think kelley will learn, or will she take on another “bad boy/player”.

food for thought, you do the dishes.

for those of you not in the know, this is kelley-

nommy nom nommers

nommy nom nommers



on a side note, i got the bugs worked out on my “pages” and now the “new orleans” and “stripper game” posts are their own pages.

stay up.

32 Comments on “An Alpha Cares Not if You’re Hot”

  1. docillusion says:

    Yeah, for a man with options, hotness is a given. It’s just a baseline to build on. You want commitment, you better have a whole lot more. I can go pick up hot any night of the week.

  2. “you sure as hell better bring something else to the table to make him truly commit.”
    Indeed. But like you said, some guys just don’t give a damn. They get one (or several hotties) and want to keep banging more because it’s not about the relationship as it is about them getting laid.

    • M3 says:

      This seems to be the recurring meme/theme/motif that a lot of women fail to continually grasp/harp/bitch about.

      You can be as beautiful as the sun and the starts and the moon all wrapped in the silky hair of a unicorns mane.. if you’re only good for the sex, then that’s all he will treat you for.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        And the beauty is- we don’t have to even like you as a person to fuck you. As long as you got the looks, alright…lets do this.

        When it’s done, we’re gone.

        Sent from my iPhone

      • Yep. In _The Game_ Courtney Love talked about she needed to have sex with a man three times before he fell in love with her. Style tried to explain that her man wasn’t that into her, but it fell on deaf ears. Plenty of women think, “Sex? I can do that. Guys like sex. He’ll have no reason to deny me if he gets his sex.” It doesn’t work that way though. Dannyfrom504’s written extensively about how as important as sex is, it isn’t the only thing driving a relationship.

  3. Brian says:

    Hot? Judging by the photos in that Daily Mail article, she’s a bit thick. I’d wager she’s put on 10-20# since those photos you put up there were taken.

    She forgot a golden rule for dating an alpha: don’t let yourself go.

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  5. Deti says:

    Show me a beautiful woman; and I’ll show you a guy who’s tired of fucking her.

  6. Jim says:

    Even men with limited options should have the same mindset. Surrounded by hot women well OK. But can she cook? Every one of them can have sex with a man but not that many of them know how to keep one coming back. And let’s face it, sex with a bimbo gets boring after a while. Got something else INSIDE that adds to my life? Sense of humor? Some humility? Non-comformist?

    And you’re right about poor judgement. But in this society, status, celebrity, and irrational behavior are idolized and sought after. Character, integrity, and intelligence of course are a curse.

  7. M3 says:

    “all my mule was able to do was dribble cartilage or dust. ”

    And Vicomte shall be coming in to say something in 3.. 2..

    Excellent post dood!

  8. M3 says:

    When a woman of her beauty lands a ‘bad boy’ sports athlete by spreading her legs for him, somehow she feels that she’s conquered something like Everest. She hasn’t.

    Conquering a man with options means having him forsake his opportunities to commit to you. That’s the real challenge of the climb. Offering him substance he won’t find in another woman.

    Newflash.. every woman has a pussy. Having one isn’t enough.

    • dannyfrom504 says:


      On Fri, Aug 9, 2013 at 11:09 AM, dannyfrom504

    • Richard Cranium says:

      That’s my answer to chicks that somehow feel their vagina is somehow worth of all the hoop-jumping and shiny shit-buying to gain access to it.

      There’s approximately 7 billion people in the world, roughly half are women. Nearly all have vaginas. Its not a rare commodity and yours isn’t anything special. Odds are the next one I meet is gonna have one.

  9. Richard Cranium says:

    To paraphrase Shania Twain:
    So you have a vagina. That don’t impress me much.

    I agree she’s hot as balls. And what else do you got? We don’t know her she might be a total PITA to deal with out of the bedroom and he just simply hit the launch button. Chris Rock said on one of his stand-up specials “A man’s only as faithful as his options.”

    The guy had options and he chose to use them. If he’s a real baller his dance card is already filled with chicks just as hot or hotter and it took about oh 15 minutes to get that set up.

    Edit: he is rugby player so he’s a pro athlete and a badass. I’ve known several lower-level pro athletes and they had 8’s and 9’s lined up in every town so you can imagine the 9’s and 10’s clamoring to get to the top guys.

    She’s dated some pretty high profile guys I’m sure she’s got the next sucker I mean “soulmate” in her cross-hairs already.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      My boy at work played hockey goalie at a VERY major Uni. He was slinging dick since he was 14.

      Now he’s 27 and married. He said, it’s not all about the pussy. I landed a good one. He know’s I have no plans to get married and he (and his WIFE) didn’t debate my reasoning.

      Sent from my iPhone

      • MadMav says:

        And in the end this is how it works out for some of us. Tap every hottie you can find and then one of them brings a perfect amount of talent, intelligence, hotness and the right attitude to smooth you into getting her a wedding ring.

  10. […] kelley brook is now single fellahs. for those of you that don’t know, kelley is an english model. and for the record, i’d bang kelley until all my mule was able to do was dribble cartilage or dust.  […]

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