Oh, Hypergamy….I Know thee Well

if you don’t want to read the site, i’ll just shamelessly rip him off give you story below.

cameron diaz from “in touch magazine”.

“At a party in New York’s Hamptons on July 27, Cameron was overheard complaining about not being able to find a good guy and asking happily married Kelly Ripa to play matchmaker.

“Cameron told Kelly she’s desperate for a boyfriend,” a witness reveals to In Touch. “She wants Kelly to line her up some dates. Cam told Kelly to set her up with hot, athletic guys. She told Kelly she misses being in a relationship and always ends up being attracted to guys who won’t settle down.” [emphasis mine]

the author of the then goes on to say:

“Poor thing, that Cameron Diaz. She waited until after her “Use By” date expired, and now she has to beg her friends to hook her up with mercy dates. I blame Jennifer Aniston for raising the hopes of senior citizens everywhere, quite frankly. Jennifer has been telling women of the world that settling down after 40 is perfectly acceptable (she just “accidentally” forgot to throw in the part where you need to look like Jennifer Aniston to pull it off). Cam’s home is empty so maybe she can fill it with cats . . . or better yet, turn it into a daycare center. She can watch children play while she laments the barren wasteland of a womb she needlessly hangs onto . . . wow, that was mean, even for me. Sorry Cameron, we’ll hug it out later”

yeah, poor cameron. she used to be a model, remember her in the mask? i do, and she was slamming. but time is indeed an evil, cruel bitch to women. here’s cameron back when was just modelling.

see, she looked amazing.

see, she looked amazing.

well, let’s take a look at cameron NOW.

early feb. 2011

early feb. 2011

i read this on one of the sites i read that likes to poke fun at celebrities.

she even dated alex rodriguez for a while making her vagina a virtual pitri dish. i know what you’re thinking; the poor girl just wants to settle down, but i remember reading this. notice the date of the article- jan 2011. so basically now that she’s done FedEx’ing the pu-na-ni via flying to see guys for sex or flying them in for sex with her, men with “options” should pony right up and commit to her. she even goes so far as to ask specifically for “hot, athletic guys”, and complains she always ends up with guys that don’t want to commit.

hamster, meet cameron. cameron, hamster.

like i told a woman at my local who was trying to flirt with me and bragging about “what she could do to me”, i simply replied, “why do i want to drive a 1992 civic, when i can drive a porsche with less that 10,00 miles on it that still has that ‘new car’ smell to it.” OOOOOH the evil look i got, but the stiffled chuckles from a few of the other patrons that over heard was worth it. i was talking to a waitress friend- hard 6, about 22 and she abruptly turned and walked away to laugh.

aaaaah, the sweet smell of victory.

want to see exhibit B? sure….

angelina jolie in "gia", her first major movie role.

angelina jolie in “gia”, her first major movie role.

here she is now. she almost looks plastic.

here she is now. she almost looks plastic.

of course, she managed to steal brad pitt away from jennifer aniston, so obviously some women have ZERO problem moving in on another woman’s man IF he is of high or higher status than herself. and let’s be honest, most women would do damn near anything to win over brad pitt.

so like i said before guys. learn game early, take your lumps in your 20’s, and by the time you hit 30- women will be a non-issue as you’ll just be entering your “prime time” years of HV in the SMP.

stay up.

27 Comments on “Oh, Hypergamy….I Know thee Well”

  1. ARoss says:

    Soon enough the only way she’ll get sex will be by putting a strap on, on a cat.

  2. Emma says:

    The younger photo is professional and airbrushed; the second is not. But point taken – she has gotten much older!

  3. […] Oh, Hypergamy….I Know thee Well […]

  4. I’ve oft wondered of the possible effects on the sexual marketplace if men had, say, a device to visualize any woman’s “post-Wall” appearance. Would marriages cease altogether, as even beta-omegas found themselves physiologically unable to commit their dicks to the damnation of long-term flaccidity? Imagine every time you found your heart fluttering over a cute, demure young lass, falling for her girlish smile and feminine giggle, you were able to accurately see the wrinkle-skinned, pear-shaped, loose-pussied, grating-voiced womyn that lay in the wake ten years down the road. Gosh, how awful would that be? The guy, unable to enjoy beauty without intimate awareness of its grotesque deterioration; the girl, unable to secure the resources, commitment, validation and status her transient allure affords her. Hell?

    • Austin says:

      I was wondering the same yesterday as I was laying by the pool in my suburban neighborhood. “would these men have married these women if they knew that they’d eventually look like that?” To be fair, the men were mostly soft bellied tools themselves.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        i do live in an upper class suburb, and there are only 2 wives i’d bang. and the really in shape guys are married to cows. nice people but the visual…..oof. guy that lives across the street is married to a red-pilled hottie that’s cool as shit.

        she always brags about noticing a car that isn’t mine parked out front of the canton. “sweetie let me tell you something, Danny can do much better than you. i’ve seen some of his girls.” lol. i lover her. and her husband is alpha as shit.

  5. Flambeaux says:

    Rule of thumb I was given as a lad was to look at her mother. That was as good as you were likely to get of a sense of how she might look in 20-odd years time. Served me pretty well. 🙂

  6. 662 says:

    Got-damn, look at that man-jaw.. Blech!

  7. ASF says:

    Any man who denies that they would bang any of these women at their current age is flat out lying.

    • Random Angeleno says:

      depends on how old the man is, e.g., I’m sure there exist guys under 30 who might not want any part of Diaz even for a one night bang.

    • Anonymous Bosch says:

      I’d honestly pass on Diaz. I thought she’d hit the wall hard back when she did ‘The Sweetest Thing’ in 2002 and she no longer passed the boner test. Youth and beauty trumps celebrity, and I see hotter women than movie stars in real life all the time.

  8. Random Angeleno says:

    As a man of a certain age, I’d hit it.
    As a man of a certain age, I’d quit it.

  9. HanSolo says:

    Diaz is over the hill but her expectations in men are likely as high as ever.

  10. teemubergkamp says:

    Cameron Diaz looks a lot worse than she once did, but she is still more physically attractive than most 40 something women. Plus she has status, fame and presumably wealth – things that don’t mean nearly as much to men as to women, but are still slight positives.

    If she wants hot and athletic, she could probably get a Joe Schmo-type that meets those qualities. Maybe a guy in his early 30s who does physical labor and earns $50k per year.

    Alternatively, she could probably be dating a famous or rich guy in his late 50s with serious physical deficits.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      I wouldn’t fuck her with a borrowed dick and you pushing.

      • RojoC says:

        Me either and I still haven’t turned in the V-card.

      • Richard Cranium says:

        I would also decline the offer she does nothing for me.

        What women also fail to understand is that having money and fame woks f

      • Richard Cranium says:

        Damn hit reply too early.
        I would also decline the offer she does nothing for me.

        What women also fail to understand is that having money and fame works for men and not women per se. If she doesn’t put a tickle in my pickle I don’t care how rich or powerful she is. Oprah and Hillary Clinton are good examples.

        No excuse either for letting herself hit the wall so hard I mean c’mon Sofia Vergara is the same age and she’s a dime piece. I have a friend who’s 51 and is a grandma that puts girls half her age to shame. It can be done.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Like Steven Hawkins?

    • earl says:

      She’s a 3 at best now.

      The carousel and fame have not been kind to her.

  11. Ton says:

    I like athletic girls but damn there’s dudes that want guns like those. She’s running var or winny or both

  12. Moose says:

    The more recent picture makes her look like Scrooge McDuck. There’s a fetishist out there for everybody.

  13. Senior Beta says:

    Moose is right. Your 2011 pic is flattering. She looks much worse now.

  14. jez says:

    1. Weathered is a good word, Danny. Raddled is another. Women who have slept around often get that look in time.

    2. “Cam told Kelly to set her up with *hot, athletic guys*. She told Kelly she misses being in a relationship and always ends up being attracted to guys who won’t settle down.”

    What, like hot athletic guys, do you mean? Round and round she goes, year after year after year, learning nothing.

    Sounds to me like she is still in pump-and-dump territory. Note that she didn’t say, for example, that she wants to be set up with “presentable-looking concert violinists and astrophysicists.” She just wants a muscular body to fuck. Would he need the ability to construct a simple sentence? We’re not told.

    3. She turns 41 later this month, according to Wikipedia. If we’re getting the full story here, it sounds like she *still* has plenty of growing-up to do. A man’s appearance is *still* the only thing that matters to her. Maybe living and working in Hollywood has this effect on people — arresting their development, I mean.

    4. A good friend of Miss Diaz should tell her quietly that she is middle-aged now, and that the “hot, athletic guys” she seeks are banging other airheads half her age. You’ve had your turn, sweetie, she should say. Accept that your SMV is falling away and will continue to do so. Change your targets, grow up a bit, and for Christ’s sake show some dignity.

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