The Unexcpected Wing

i’m friends with a few women. as in, they are quite attractive but i’m not into them. it’s a win-win: they get male validation, i get female attention. and women that are “friends” with you (legitimately) will flirt with a male friend- married or single. i get away with some pretty overtly sexual flirtation with these “friends” as well, which eqautes to other women taking notice. these female friends make exellent wings.

but that’s not the point of this post. most of you already knew what i was stating above.

but if i’m in the company of a woman and a guy is trying to chat up girl, if he wins me over, i’ll help him close girl. once i can tell a girl and a dude aren’t a couple, i’ll open girl, BUT….i always make it a point to include dude. joke with him, make him laugh.

it’s almost man-code to help a brotha out unless he’s a dick to you, then you’re free to “cock-block” so to speak. my year of working side by-side with avery attractive asian girl taught me a lot about approaching a woman. when she and her dude broke up, i’m the one that helped her get back out there and get a new dose of vitamin D.

back in japan, at one time i was the LPO for admin. that meant i had to go to hospital to pick various paperwork that need to be filed in sailor’s medical record. i had an assitant, and VERY attractive girl named Janiea. well, one day Janiea (Nene) told me to run to optometrry to get the glasses and to do all the talking.

come to find out she was crushing on the guy that worked up there and she wanted me to vet him. i went upstairs and there he was: good looking guy, but i’d like to think if i were gay i could have done better (TWO SNAPS!!!! HOLLA GUUURL!!!). turns out he was pretty cool. i got the glasses and as soon as we turned the corner this little fireball, tough as all hell girl, turned into a giggling school-girl.

“ok ok ok ok ok. what’d you think Eddie?”

i laughed and told her he seemed cool. from there out she informed me that SHE would be making the glasses run and on her second trip he FINALLY asked her for her number.

aaaaaaaaw. how cute.

next thing i know i’m informed that she and i were eating at the hospital. and of course dude was there to meet us. he was pleasant enough and she STILL wanted to get my opinion (do all women do this?). now i admit, she was like my little sister. i STILL talk with this girl to this day. on the cab ride back she again asked my opinion. later that day (i believe it was a tuesday) she said out of nowhere while we were working, “thursday”. i finally understood what she meant. but there’s a twist to the story that i never saw coming.

he didn’t get the bang.

thursday came and went and i asked her how “it” went and she informed me it didn’t. i honestly don’t remember exactly what he did, but she quit answering or returning his calls. in summation: i’ll typically try and get in on a girls male friends good side before her female friends (girls competition, drama. no thanks). and until you “get it in”, you can always screw it up.

stay up.

7 Comments on “The Unexcpected Wing”

  1. Georgia Boy says:

    That bitch really writes for CH? WTF is happening to that place.

  2. starplex west says:

    u got owned back there…you never addressed truth hurts claims…just delfected it off by accusing him of being someone else..i mean i love your blog…but he did sorta bitch you down back there

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      lol. another fake persona by a fake rep of the sphere. i’ll address this later when i am up for work. don’t worry sweetie. but i do giggle how you’ve taken on 4 different interwebz personas.

      i’m flattered that you think so much of me to try and hide so much. you even went on to say on CH that you couldn’t wait for my response.

      lol. GOD are you a girl. lol.

  3. […] i’m friends with a few women. as in, they are quite attractive but i’m not into them. it’s a win-win: they get male validation, i get female attention.  […]

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