Point Game

it’s funny how women respond to the “point system” in texting. for those of you not in the know….

the “point game” is when you are texting a woman, and if she tries to reframe she get’s a “-” with a number after it depending on how she responds. example? ok….this is a made up text string btw.

me- what color panties are you wearing? (this is a random response when the texting is getting stale)

her- i’m not telling you that.

me- *******(her name) -2.

it’s that simple. and EVERY girl i know and text get’s this little game. when she responds in a manner positive to the frame she get’s a “+”

if her response to the panty questions was….

her- white.

me- ******(her name) +1.

it’s easy, it’s fun, and every woman knows how the game works.

stay up.

OH, i got into it with a writer (a racist wn writer at that) at CH. if you want a good laugh; go to the site and read the “spot the alpha” post. one of the primary writer’s (there are 5-6 from what i’ve been told) has to finally step in and tell douche-nugget to drop it; where i was simply laughing at his comments. i’ll do a post about it later.

36 Comments on “Point Game”

  1. Ahahahahaha! That was some funny stuff on the CH site. Some of these guys take it too damned far. You’re right to note that CH is getting nuts. It’s a picture of two guys with big women sitting on their laps. Yay. I get the joke about what men are “supposed” to like now, but stuff like that just a pointless potshot.

  2. Senior Beta says:

    Holy shit HM1 that was some pissing contest. You done good. Have not laughed that much in a while. A D.C. bureaucrat douchebag calling a Navy Corpsman an REMF. Gotta love it. Pass the jambalaya. How were you able to out the asshole?

  3. logicate says:

    Please expound on the CH writers. I’m curious as to what really happened to Roissy and the aftermath of his blog’s implosion.

  4. truth hurts says:

    this isnt game bruhh, if its coming from a 39 year old munchkin like yourself….its creeperish as hell….(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBVuAGFcGKY)

    if your sea daddy gets wind of your creeper blog, your gonna get RE-4’d

  5. Jonathan says:

    Did you go over to RooshV to see how that Jay guy rolls? I’m sure it’s really impressive.

    That thread is just more proof of how far CH has gone down the toilet compared to its heyday.

  6. kleyau says:

    He likes you.

    When you hit the emotional center of a girl, she responds in paragraphs to your one liners.

    So, judging by that, you might have a new stalker…

  7. earl says:

    Well I do like texting as little as possible.

    a -1 is less time typing than “gay”

  8. Georgia Boy says:

    What’d you do, fuck his girlfriend or something? Yeah, you egged them on with the crack about the site getting silly, but it was pretty queen-y to pitch a hissy over just that. Maybe I’m naive. I’m no fan of the Left nowadays but they’re going off the deep end with the anti-diversity stuff. It’s usually not good to mix your poisons. If you’re an outspoken patriarchy apologist, be more circumspect about being a WN.

    Another thing that doesn’t seem smart to me is all the picking Twitter fights with celebs and sites much bigger than them. I don’t mean to concern troll them, but at the end of the day these guys are just anonymous bloggers, they can be easily outed and made into this week’s public Internet dumbasses.

    Anyhow there is no lack of good game advice out there now. I’ll always respect some of the stuff I learned from the Chateau, it’s probably the greatest there was. But it only takes a few instances of genuine bad behavior to make people forget all about your good works, I should know cause I’ve been there myself once upon a time. In the end we don’t need them.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      which is basis of tonights post. are you socio-politcal site, or a site that wants to help men understand and attract women…..which ironically is how they gained their fame and reputation.

  9. Lazlo says:

    Silly stuff. The text game always makes me think of those OKCupid princesses or other versions of the: “those days are behind me” types who insist that they “don’t play games” (anymore). As if professing this places them firmly on some moral high road. To which I always say: if you text, you play games.

    I’m sure you see it at your local every time. Women with their faces in the blueish glow, finger banging their iphone5, showing their BFF’s “can you believe what he said?!”, “should I tell him blah blah or blah blah?”. No games indeed. Of course like most things they say, “no games” really means “I don’t want to see the puppet strings, so you’d better be good”. Texting can be a microcosm of the sexual market, without social norms (whatever remains of them) getting in the way. It is a necessity, a digital bridge into the abyss of the female mind fully plugged into the matrix, but it is also a reminder of how reductive human contact has become. So we might as well tickle their panties. Oh, and remind them to pick up a bottle of wine on the way over.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Interesting point. But it all boils down to male validation. And validation via text (since most guys use supplicating texts) offer the validation from a distance. That’s why it’s so “fun” for them.

      BUT, you can still run game and get tingles by texting.

  10. tj says:

    I like doing point texts – and they often lead to fun conversations like “what do I have to do to earn some back?” or “How many did I start with?” etc

    Only once has a woman done points on me – for which I called her out and said she was a bad girl and needed spanking. To which she replied: :-))))))))

    Text game likes this rocks

  11. earl says:

    The authors of these sites are becoming pretty thin skinned. Maybe they always were.

    I called out Roosh at ROK and got banned…for telling the truth.

  12. Brian says:

    I hadn’t realized before that there were multiple authors at CH now, though it seemed pretty obvious that Roissy wasn’t really doing the writing anymore. The number of authors certainly explains the disjointed feel to the posts, and the sheer number of immigration related posts I see there.

    I do have to say that that “truth hurts” twit sounds like a keyboard commando when it comes to firearms and the military though. I have yet to find a single real soldier who would ever talk smack about a corpsman or medic…well, unless they have direct experience with that corpsman being REALLY bad at his job.

  13. aneroidocean says:

    I really don’t have any issue with their being multiple writers over at CH, but this guy obviously went off the deep end with his hatred towards you. The posts I like best over there are the ones grounded in logic and which use supporting research to make a point. You know, the level-headed writing, completely unlike that poster that went nuts on you in the comments.

    The sad thing is that he obviously hasn’t read much of any of your writing or he wouldn’t be making even half the insults he pulled out of his ass. Sad that CH allows it, like you said it just makes CH less reputable.

  14. Brian says:

    I’m not saying it’s wrong for there to be multiple writers. It just explains the lack of focus on the posts the last year or so. It would be nice if they were more upfront about it, like on Return of Kings.

  15. […] it’s funny how women respond to the “point system” in texting. for those of you not in the know…. the “point game” is when you are texting a woman, and if she tries to reframe she get’s a “-” with a number after it depending on how she responds.  […]

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