The Dirty Dog

Anytime I see a witty, but sexually innuendo type item of apparel- I’ll cop it. I’ve already posted about the FCUK shirt. And said shirts are money. When I see one, I grab it.

Well, I have a new shirt.

I was leaving work through the ER and a girl that works there (kinda slutty, but cute) saw me approaching and said, “I like your shirt.”

Aaaaaaah, fish on line.

Now the pay grade difference means I’m not escalating. But it is the reaction that I bought the shirt for. When I asked, she grinned and looked away.

“I dunno, it’s just……funny.”

Most women LOVE being given the chance to be pervy, that’s why said shirts are great. granted the “I’m the guys who’s dick you gotta suck to get a beer are weak sauce.” But subtle and sexual ALWAYS work. The girls that know me, see the shirt, smile and shake their heads. Because well, they know the shirt is actually an appropriate advert. Now, I can’t speak for the girls that don’t know me, so i can only assume they see the shirt and wonder.

So remember: subtle, sexual, and humorous covers all the bases of catching a girls eye. When she calls attention to it, neg her by asking WHY she likes the shirt. Her answer should provide you with all the info you need to escalate. And you MUST escalate, her IOI’s will usually be demure and reserved. Be bold and assertive.

oh yeah. that's me

oh yeah. that’s me

One Comment on “The Dirty Dog”

  1. Matt says:

    Hey Danny, I have access to a CNC embroidery machine over at TechShop. I can make you some very official looking polo shirts, work shirts, etc.

    Also, you probably don’t know of Wilson “Bob” Tucker, he was a famous SF writer, toastmaster and general party animal. He had cards made up offering “natural semenations”

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