This Weeks Brophy

Spending the weekend at uncle Mitch’s pad this weekend, so this one will be short and sweet.

This week Kleyau takes the prize. Congrats Brudduh.

“He likes you.

When you hit the emotional center of a girl, she responds in paragraphs to your one liners.

So, judging by that, you might have a new stalker…”

congrats on this weeks Brophy M3. stay up. congrats on this weeks Brophy Kleyau. stay up.

8 Comments on “This Weeks Brophy”

  1. Matt says:

    You don’t have your laptop with you? Why not, did the shoe carving tools take up too much space?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Uhhhhhh. Ok. That one went right over my head.

      Sent from my iPhone

      • Matt says:

        Youngsters these days…

        The followers of Ned Ludd often threw wooden overshoes (sabots) into machinery during the industrial revolution giving rise to the word “sabotage”.

        Yeah, I was calling you a Luddite for not having a computer with you.

        We should hang out together, statistically we would be average. I’m 6’2″, have hair past my shoulders and am a Mensa member… We would average out.

  2. Matt says:

    And now for something completely different:

    Since you are in the Navy and a medical type, here’s an impressive America’s Cup video, stuffing the bows at over 40 knots.

    I thought you might enjoy it. It’s from tomorrow morning…

  3. kleyau says:

    Haha. Thanks, Danny.

    But seriously, watch your behind.

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