Text Fun

got a text last night. it was a local number, but no name.

“you up?”

i was at work, so i replied, “who’s this?” i got the following response-

“T*********.” immediately followed by “you knew that.” and “asshole”.

i thought about the name and realized i had no clue who it was so i simply repied, “nice. don’t text me again psycho.”

nothing stirs a woman’s ire more than the the dreaded “psycho” label. the only word i know that outdoes it is “cunt”.

the response i received was how she realized the girls at publix were right to think i was weird.

OOOOOOOOOOH. NOW i knew who it was. this was the girl that told me about the 2 girls that work there got pissed at her for being cool to me because i got them in trouble. used to flirt (never asked for a number, or asked either girl out) with 2 girls, and both girls told the manager i was “inappropriate” with them. well, one girl dated another manager and i KNOW he saw her flirting with me. same girl came up behind me, threw her arm anround me and walked the asiles i was on, she even initiated holding my hand. the other girl i have NO fucking clue where she’s getting “inappropriate”. all i ever did was say her name in a playful manner, and she ALWAYS laughed at it. now that that’s out the way……

so i now knew who i was talking to. i replied with, “OOOOH, sorry, didn’t realize it was you. i don’t think you’ve ever texted me before and i didn’t recognize the number.” she came back with something about needing a friend and how it wasn’t me. i replied with, “look, i apoligized.” then with, “you’re obviously upset, so tell me whats going on.”


“she told me what was bothering her over the next 4-5 texts. i finally said, “damn, i’m sorry to hear that. i can understand why you’re upset.” it took a while for my response to go through (crap reception on base). and she said, “i imagined you saying something witty. you always make me laugh.”

OOOOOOH. now we’re getting somewhere. i told her witty doesn’t go well over text, and her issue wasn’t something to take lightly.” she responded with she’s trying to shake it off but her face and bewb hurt (she got punched by her brother). lord knows i’ve punched my sister before. i simply told her i was glad to be able to be there and called her “snugglelump” i LOVE this word as it’s playful flirtation and dammit, what girl DOESN’T like to snuggle. this was her response-

“snuggle lumping is an olympic task and i’m it’s master.” and “maybe you can get a silver in the event. we’ll see.”

game on.

anybody realize what she did? in case you a newb to this, she green lighted me to further escalate. i told her she’d have to prove it and that i’d be home by 0800 if she wants to call and then i told her i accept her challenge. then she gave me this- “am or pm? settle for bronze bitch.” follwed by “hehe”

now it’s a party.

i told her “am, and i see someone wants a spanking.”she came back with “challenge accepted and met. so i told her, “yup, you def want a spanking.” she countered with, “you can spank my hard, gold, tight ass when i win.” so i asked her when she planned on coming over for her spanking, and she informed me she was working until 9pm. well that doesn’t tell me when she’s going IN to work. and she told me, “i don’t want to spank myself” i told her to come by tomorrow morning around 9am.

i’ll keep you posted. i’ll take a picture of part of the texting string when i get to show you something that i called bravo sierra on when it comes to “text game.” i didn’t wait 10-15 minutes to reply, i replied immediately. the whole conversation lasted about 10-15 minutes. i also commented back to back, sometimes wordy responses. and she STILL gave me IOI’s and responded positively to my escalation.




stay up.

oh, and stand by for scented candle fun tomorrow night.

6 Comments on “Text Fun”

  1. 662 says:

    Whoop that trick! ;P

  2. tj says:


    btw – why did it take me until my 30s to realize that girls like to be spanked and have their hair pulled? how could I have been so unaware???????

  3. earl says:

    Not enough +1s.

  4. ASF says:

    I like replying to texts right away (if I can) as well. I hate to do timing bullshit. If a girl is interested enough she will help make it happen, if not, then another girl is around the corner.

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