Alpha via Beta

i was leaving work the other day and a girl i work with was walking with a guy. knowing this woman the way i do, she was likely gaming him to get him to do something for her (she does it all the time) so i decided to mess with her. i lowered my window and yelled-


she was visibly embarrassed and stifling some laughter. she knew EXACTLY what i was doing. hell, doesn’t matter if she’s single, married, black, white, asian……doesn’t matter. all i’m doing is exaggerating what the guy is doing. and EVERY woman i know get’s this fun little game.

come to find out later, that guy was changing her tire for her. i told her, “ask ME to fix that tire.” she paused, “Danny, would you…..”

“FUCK NO. call your husband.” she started laughing and admitted, “i know you wouldn’t do it.” but i had to explain to her, “no, i’d HELP you if you needed help, but you KNOW you were just getting over on dude.” she shook her head in bitter agreement.

so this isn’t a bout shaming guys, it’s just seeing it for what it is. if he wants to change girls tire just to stay in her good graces, that’s on him. but why why shouldn’t use it to generate some tingles.

of course, the only rule is…make sure she knows you. lol. make sure she and you are at least acquaintances.

stay up.

as a bonus, i heard this driving home and at first i thought i was going to goof on it. enjoy….

16 Comments on “Alpha via Beta”

  1. MissMarie says:

    Amateur. Last time I blew a tire it was the middle of the night out in the boonies. My boy showed up in ten minutes, with a buddy and a full-on floor jack and had my tired changed fast like a NASCAR crew and took it with him to have it fixed. 😛 Of course, I’ve also bailed his happy ass out of jail in the middle of the night. If you’re gonna ask for favors you need to have your favor bank built up 😉

  2. earl says:

    A gal asked me for the time today.

    I gave it to her…then I shouted I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEE YOU. YOU’RE SO PRETTY!

    After all if she noticed my watch…then I had to tell her I noticed the nice dress she was wearing.

  3. Greg says:

    Heh. I don’t want to like the guy in the video. But I do anyway. Dude has no shame. I could probably shoot the shit with him.

  4. Sir_Chancealot says:

    LOL. That speech was hilarious.

    A while back, a few of us were sitting around the table, and this (chick) friend of mine was looking at Facebook on her phone, and some other chick had posted pics from a drag show.

    I often take the woman that was sitting at the kitchen table to various things, for two reasons. She’s almost half my age, and she’s hot. Pre-selection in action. Anyway, she says “Hey, I want to go to a drag show! Will you take me to one?” Not missing a beat, I say “Do I get a blowjob out of it?” (meaning from her) She said “No.” Then I said “Well then, no drag show for you.”. When she moved out of her parent’s place, she knew better than to call me to help her. Haha.

    Same with drinks. If a chick asks me to buy her a drink, my response is always the same: “I don’t buy chicks drinks, but you can buy me one.” They always do.

    Love your blog, Danny. I have a sister that lives in Jacksonville. If I get down there before you move, I’m going to track you down, and buy you a beer.

  5. Yep It's Me says:

    I’ll stop if someone (read either male or female) is on the side of a busy highway. Sucks to change a tire when cars are whooshing by and it can be very dangerous. I’ve had people pull further up and over on that bad tire, just so no one gets hit by a car. BTW, it’s Alpha to help people for no good reason, other than help them along their road in life. (meaning, you help, maybe exchange first names, then leave).

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      i agree. i don’t offering legitimate help to someone. but girl drove the car to work, and had dude help her. she was using him.

      but yes, helping those in need is alpha, it’s just being a decent person.

    • Matt says:

      r vs. K strategy. Our society is becoming r selected, where people drag each other down trying to be on top, whereas a K strategy society has people helping each other up.

      Thanks for helping others out.

  6. Joe Sixpack says:

    Spell it out for your denser reader. What should the dude have done/said to maximize the impact of changing the tire?

  7. CLG says:

    was it just me or was everyone else waiting on the speech guy to say “do the impossible at georgia tech… get laid”

  8. Mister E says:

    Engineers RULE!

    Thank an engineer if you appreciate any of the following: cell phone, television, radio, cars, computers, microwaves, climate controls, GPS, vibrators, etc…etc…etc.

    Damn, that guy let his geek out big time. Balls ^2

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