Nerd Game

growing up, being a nerd was a cardinal sin and the worst social taboo. around 4th/5th grade i was placed in “gifted talented” programs. NO, not THAT kind of “gifted” program assholes. i played Academic Games in 5th/6th grade. even won a state champioship in “proaganda” and “linguistics” and came in third in state in “presidents”. and yes, i even dabbled in DnD.

then i got to junior high and got into skateboarding. then i discovered girls, but i STILL had that geekish quality. i was always making jokes and even among the alpha skaters i was the guy that kinda knew shit other guys shook their heads at. point being back in the mid 80’s, being a geek equated to being a social pariah.

fast forward +20 years.

geks are now hot. even in high school, being a geek isn’t quite as cool as it was when i was in school (could be wrong since i know nothing about that shit now), i’m sure you’re not as likey to get laid though. but when you’re OUT OF high school, nerds are sexy. i’ve seen some hardcore ball-busting hotties cream themselves over bookish guys. i’ve known MANY women, very attractive, that would turn into giddy junior high girls at a beiber concert over dorky guys.

i’m not a woman so i don’t understand the appeal, but i ALWAYS play up my geek side (i have 3 star wars shirts, and i ALWAYS laugh when haters joke that there’s no way women could like that shit). but I’ve had more than one woman compliment my glasses and my Star Wars shirt. i think a large part of it stems from after high school, nerds develop a “don’t give a fuck” attitude about their geekdom. and that right there is a major panty moistener.

so embrace your inner geek, watch sci-fi channel, and spend a night watching the original Star Wars trilogy. and do yourself a favor and read the hobbit.

ladies, prepare for wetness. i KNOW all the girls reading my site will be grinning from ear to ear as they watch this. and please ladies, if you would PLEASE explain the “nerds or sexy thing to me”.

gotta love this scene.

stay up.

41 Comments on “Nerd Game”

  1. A♠ says:


    Over my vacation these past few days, I had more than a few women flirt with me because of my ‘Jurassic Park’ or ‘Batman’ tee-shirt.

    My belief is back the “unpopular interest” with body language [not verbiage] that says:

    I don’t give a rat’s ass what you like.

    I define “cool”; not you.

  2. Matt says:

    Dude, there’s a Mensa Regional Gathering in Austin this weekend, you should come up!

    Did you play the real D&D that was a supplement to Chainmail or the newfangled AD&D? Step on any 4 sided dice? Those are way worse than Lego.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      i played DnD back in 1986-8. there were at least 5-6 dice to be used.

    • CLG says:

      I hate how the RG’s are always out in like Texas or Illinois or some shit. Hopefully now that I am back up with the NYC chapter, I’ll get some cool meetings. the North Florida Chapters were worse than the 80’s AV clubs.

      As far as Games, Mensans give games that stamp of approval. Alpha right there. we dont win at the game, we create it.

  3. Rojo says:

    The DMG 3.5 did away with Thaco and put everything pretty much on a d20 system. Of course damage used other di.

    I just want to recommend Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series instead of the Hobbit. It’s a trifle longer (14 books) but I found it to be an awesome series and highly recommend it. In addition if you’re looking for something bit more recent, “The King Killer Chronicles” by Patrick Rothfuss, starting with The Name of the Wind, is a great series as well. (currently unfinished.) I enjoyed these fellas writing more than Tolkein, albeit Tolkein was a huge influence on both of them.

  4. greenlander says:

    Your kid is cute, but no way does he have an armor class of 6. A newborn is definitely AC 10, with an additional -4 penalty for being immobile.

  5. Sir_Chancealot says:

    Where the hell are all you guys finding chicks into geeks and intellect? I would love to find a woman like that. I work with computers, and I have to lie about what I do for a living, because when I would tell a woman that, you can literally see her face go “Oh God, he’s going to be boring.”

    I haven’t yet had a woman interested in me because of my intelligence, or at least they’ve never said that. Tons have liked me because of my rebel, bad-boy side.

    Again, where the hell are you guys finding these women?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Maybe I’ll tell you after you make Brophy acceptance speech.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      book stores, coffee shops, some work retail, some are waitresses, museums are good too.

      but the simplest answer is: everywhere. they compliment something geeky i’m wearing, thus…..they open YOU.

    • CLG says:

      Here’s the thing Chance. I know Nerd Game. I run that shit. you gotta not talk about motherboards and ISDN power levels. You want to go more Tony Stark and less the Stapler guy from Office Space. So when you talk about computers, dont talk about processing power, talk about how one tiny microchip loses Pixar a blockbuster, or that time you ran afoul of the Anon hackers or some shit.

      When I talk about star wars, I always tell em, I have been to the desert in inner mongolia where some of those scenes were shot. I can geek out to Manga, but knowing a foreign language (japanese) is just panty drop.

      and especially models (for some reason i haven’t figured out but am nevertheless grateful for) especially fall HARD for guys with a big intellectual side. maybe they just get tired of being hit on with the same crappy 1 liners meatheads throw at em in clubs?

  6. Lazlo says:

    I agree, in part. Primarily that the geeky=indifference and that indifference is ‘in’.

    Plenty of women dig the intellect, but like most things it is relative to what that intellect brings in terms of status within the social circle – and it often has diminishing returns if it makes her ‘feel’ like she can’t follow or if it is in any way alienating to her herd.

    In my experience the true ‘nerd’ thing is valued for what it is primarily by other nerd women. The rest is just fashionable imagery. Nerd or geek chic is in vogue. Women embrace it in terms of fashion (overstated eyewear – some w/o prescription) and much of what used to be straight-up nerdy, what would get your underwear yanked to your nipples, has been co-opted by the hipster, millennial types who use ‘irony’ (irony is the new drakkar nior) to maintain some sort of smooth indifference. And they forage around in retro as if they invented cool circa 1986. Pretty much the same thing every other generation has done. The fact that the mined a lot the quirky-nerdy-geeky from the past is more about the image, much less about the *value* of those who actually engage in such things.

    IOW, don’t confuse the adoration of an image for adoration of what is (or was originally) really behind it. A bit of a tangent, but I think of the same thing when I see those precious youngsters wearing the Che t-shirts. Yep fascist/marxist/communist ‘freedom fighters’ are cool. Just tell that to the cubans who lost their families to his death squads.

    What I see are women responding to the images, not the true nerd behind that. Put on the Atari t-shirt, the jorts, canvas converse classics, and horned-rim glasses and women may respond kindly, but the % of women who will be interested – and get a little tingly – talking about the Higgs-Boson is pretty much the same as it has always been (1%, 0.50% margin of error). Now chat about how great the Mackelmore show was the other night and things will be quite different.

    Nerd ‘game’ works on chicks pre-disposed to nerdiness. Unless you are a nerd who owns his own nerdy company or otherwise can quickly establish dominance in something tangible via your nerdiness, you are just enjoying a cultural crossover of nerd-related fashion and zeitgeist.

    Sure, leverage it the best you can, but if your aim is to connect with her outside of her crotch, the game hasn’t changed much in your favor. Speaking of the ’80s, girls just wanna have fun has never been more true. Nerdy or not, you best be entertaining and fun. And for the 99% of women who aren’t predisposed to nerds, as you probably already know, the ‘game’ requires you to continue to dumb it down, until you gain enough mastery in situational awareness to know when and how to drop in with the geeky intellect.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Thanks for the comment. Well put.

      And for the record: my glasses are prescription. Lol. The gear I wear really is a reflection of the culture I hold dear. When girls ask me about how much I like Star Wars I ask them, “what planet is cheque from and why does he stay so loyal to Han?

      Only REAL SW geeks know this one without consulting google.

    • It’s the truth. In the usual way of trying to get 2 opposite things in the same man (like, say, a bad boy who will never cause her real trouble, or perhaps a young, hot, uncertain-of-himself billionaire who miraculously knows to tie her up just how she likes and can buy her dresses and shoes perfectly without her even being there… whoops. digression over), the nerdy girl wants a guy who has eclectic and cerebrally-based interests, and the brainpower to back them up, but also is fun and non-awkward in the ways nerds usually are. The good news is that the combination is a LOT easier to find than my other examples or almost any other fantasy man mix you’ve ever heard of.

      Now, if you can mix intellect, fun, and an intriguing nature (as ENFPs seem to think INTJs have) with some physical attractiveness – and today, simply being reasonably fit puts you handily in the top 30% – and you are suddenly full of win.

  7. Lazlo says:

    No doubt, which is why men like you are enjoying the rising tide of the nerd-culture. But you know for certain that in order to make your line work you have to have the savvy and frame to back it up – which is in fact not ‘nerdy’ in the classic sense, but rather just plain old cool. You bring humor and plenty of game, it just so happens that your image is a leg-up these days.

    The fact that your image matches your core is great, all the better, but without control of those other things, without that mastery, you can easily slide into the dreaded ‘creepy’ space. So I just caution that nerd game and the blanket popularity of geeky in no way overwrites the fallacy of ‘just be yourself’ or the necessity of employing basic game techniques.

    Funny thing for me is that I’m nerdy/geeky to the core, but have never adopted the image to go with it. (Perhaps the fact that those images were so damaging in my youth steered me clear of embracing the weird on the surface.) From that standpoint, I’ve missed much of the rising tide of geekdom because I don’t look the part, but catch myself using vernacular – case in point, words like vernacular, or references that are a bit to esoteric, that peg me squarely in that egg-head, academic, nerdy camp but without the ‘cool’ pre-selected style to enhance the appeal.

    Being introverted doesn’t help my small-talk tolerance either. I have to constantly filter because I am naturally drawn to things that are decidedly not cool for the vast majority of women. Which isn’t to say that with time most women come to find my intellectual side quite attractive, but by and large the superficial affinity for nerd culture hasn’t helped me one bit, which is a big part of why I see it as a trend in image and not substance.

    I’m also a part-time artist and have found that my art shows/sells better when I am not there. The visual world, things like fashion, design, art, media are particularly reliant on wholesale imagery at work. My lack of tattoos, piercing, clever hat, or other appeals to the ‘alternative’ detract from my ability to sell into an image that the person experiencing the art demands. Its not always the case, but in a society that is increasingly visual in terms of social interface (think social media), it is no surprise that the image and how we chose to affiliate, incorporate, and invest in those images is supplanting the individual.

    IMO, part of why the nerd is in is because the image of the nerd is now populist bordering on ubiquitous. In due time it will jump the shark and on to something else. But until then, I do hope that rising tide lifts plenty of true nerd ships.

    I wear contact lenses most of the time, but do wonder if my sawed-off coke bottles would actually help me at this point…

  8. don says:

    Revenge of the nerds, how true was that title? Great movie as well heh.

  9. My experience has been that most are very honest and while very sweet-hearted, they aren’t doormats or willing to put up with crap. They don’t hide the fact they love science fiction, are gamers, don’t dress ‘cool’ or are even what most women think are good-looking. They have a confidence all their own and they give good brain. 🙂

    Maybe I just love their logic.

    So yes, nerds, geeks, scientists, engineers, etc … very sexy. 🙂

  10. Seraph says:

    “In my experience the true ‘nerd’ thing is valued for what it is primarily by other nerd women. The rest is just fashionable imagery. Nerd or geek chic is in vogue. Women embrace it in terms of fashion (overstated eyewear – some w/o prescription) and much of what used to be straight-up nerdy, what would get your underwear yanked to your nipples, has been co-opted by the hipster, millennial types who use ‘irony’ (irony is the new drakkar nior) to maintain some sort of smooth indifference. And they forage around in retro as if they invented cool circa 1986.”


    Saw a young, cute girl at the railway station a few weeks back wearing a Grateful Dead shirt, one that was made to look old even though it was new.

    I had nothing better to do so I asked her, “Do the Dead still play any more since Garcia died?” I don’t follow the Dead so fuck if I knew and wondered about it.

    She smiled at me, embarrassed, then shook her head. “I-I have no idea.” By the look on her face, I am not sure she knew anything about them. The shirt was simply a trendy thing to wear.

    I wonder if that is part of the Star Wars shirt working. Some women take it as a retro thing, maybe ironic, particularly with glasses.

    Of course, as others point out, it’s probably the attitude exuded contrasting with the nerdy image.

  11. Johnycomelately says:

    Thanks for pooping that bubble Lazlo, now what am I going to do… : )

    Seriously insightful comments (image over substance) I once tried to explain to a chick what a Laffer Curve was and I honestly think she had an out of body experience.

    • Lazlo says:

      haha occasionally those out-of-body experiences can work to our advantage but 99% of the time you’d better be able to talk that laffer curve down into something about ‘The Bachelor’ or ‘Breaking Bad’ or something ‘real’ they can relate to…

      I was just posted up the other night next to a couple – late 20’s man and woman, who were ‘just friends’ – which was not immediately obvious (classic self-imposed cock-block that women just can’t seem to understand) when the dude opened me into their conversation about how I look like some guy on the tele.

      I’d been listening off and on while catching the tail end of the ball game, long enough to know that she is new to area, laments about ‘not being approached’ enough (read: by the men she wants to approach her), and of course, that she is a smart professional woman. Oh and also that he wants to pound her badly but she’s pegged him as a beta orbiter and there he shall stay.

      In any case, in their discussion about not being approached and other classic “poor me” fodder that attractive women in momentary troughs of attention go through before they strap back on the feedbag of male attention, it quickly become evident that much of it was for my benefit. But when he said something like “….has more men PER CAPITA who are likely to approach due to blah blah blah” to which she replied “Yeah I but Chicago is so much bigger….”. To which we both realized she had no idea what per capita meant. I closed my tab, exchanged a few pleasantries with the barkeep (my local) and bailed. She wasn’t cute enough to try and build that bridge. A bridge too far…

  12. Sir_Chancealot says:

    “Maybe I’ll tell you after you make Beophy acceptance speech.”


  13. The Navy Corpsman says:

    Let me assure ya’ll, being an uber geek AND owning your own software company was absolute gold, in California, in the 1990s and early 2000s. Had I not been married, I’d probably have every strain of STD possible, and perhaps some that haven’t been discovered yet, we worked with several nations on their govt financial software where the diseases of all types are still scaring the CDC.

    Side note: Avoid Mozambique. Just don’t go.

    As to how it can help with women, first make sure you’re dealing with the right women. If you’re approaching women who majored in sociology, I promise you a more boring time for you, than for her. Find the ones that use computers every day, in their job, unless that job is blogging for a liberal website. Yes, there are women who are interested in the tech/geek/nerd world but if you don’t have an ounce of charm to back up that common interest, it’s going to be a short talk.

    Realize also, that hypergamy applies to tech/geek/nerds as much as international finance experts, and all your C++ skills don’t matter much, unless you’re pulling in half a million, or you own the company. Like anything in Game/Dance/flirtation, money talks, bullshit walks.

    But here, Danny is pointing out that owning the fact that he is a geek scores him points. That fact alone is NOT going to get him any visits from overnight female companions, but using it as a opening can be golden, if he does it right (and I’m pretty sure he does). It’s part of the arsenal, whether it’s the first sentence, or the last. Clearly, you do not mention Star Wars or Star Trek to a supermodel, unless she was an actress in one of the movies. Mention that you know sixteen languages… then later reveal that they’re programming languages.

    And by the way, I knew Gary Gygax, not well, but enough that he knew my name. This was before ANY of the books ever came out in the 1970s. I think it took me six weeks just to find a store that had the dice, much less the rules book that was based on the old Chainmail game.

    The Navy Corpsman

  14. The Navy Corpsman says:


    Read about Jon Finkel here:

    Mostly, read about the date he went on, in 2011, and the Gizmodo intern who blasted him for being a nerd…. then look at the women who wanted to date him. Oh yeah, and he is a managing partner of a hedge fund… something the Gizmodo intern clearly did not know about.

    Hell, in this economy, any male that is employed, has a step up on meeting women.

    Much less a geek who plays Magic:The Gathering and manages a hedge fund.

    The Navy Corpsman

  15. Random Angeleno says:

    damn it all … i was a nerd long before being a nerd was cool… revenge of the nerds was a favorite movie for a long time. ggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

  16. CLG says:

    I know i am a little late to the party on this post. But my immediate reaction to this was “Wow, well then…. the fact that I just bought a Rufio t-shirt online that says Bangarang on the back must mean that was a good idea.

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