Psycho Women

a few days ago i posted on text fun with a woman. well, i never had a follow up post since the +1 never went down. maybe you’re wondering why- well…it’s because she’s a fucking nut job. that text string showed her losing it and me turning it around.

well the other night she texted me at 3am. THREE.AM. asking me if i were up. i told her i was and i escalated by telling her to come over. she told me to come over. well she’s 30 and a cashier at a supermarket so i assumed she lived at home. i made a comment about not wanting to wake her parents. well, from there, girl went on a tirade of cursing me out, talking shit, and being a complete ass. i called her, we talked for 2 minutes and she hung up on me. lol.

by now, i KNEW what i was dealing with. look, she’s a soft 6, but she was cool. now that i’ve seen this side of her, i wouldn’t fuck her with a stolen dick and TBH, i’m glad i’ve seen this side of her early. i can punch out with no regrets or care.

when you run into a crazy (and if you play the field, you usually will), you need to be subtle and back away. they are not worth the +1. when you get crazy hints, WALK. i’m very glad now that i didn’t bang this woman since i’d be dealing with her more than i did earlier and would have a hard time getting her to leave me the hell alone.

i mean girl was texting me (i had NEVER texted her, don’t even have her number) past 2am on both occasions. WHO DOES THAT!!!!






i didn’t feel the need to comment on the pics as i feel they speak for themselves. but, i can say, i dodged a bullet with this chick. she’s off the reservation fucking loony. she’s texted me 2 more times and i’m just done with replying. to reply i’d simply be encouraging her. she OBVIOUSLY wants attention and has issues, well, i refuse to be her emotional tampon. when a girl wants attention, she WILL take negative attention if she doesn’t get positive. the best solution is QUIT GIVING HER ANY attention.

stay up

31 Comments on “Psycho Women”

  1. Joe Sixpack says:

    Damn, it must be fun to be single. LOL. The closest thing to crazy woman in my life is my wife waking me up by making too much noise in the morning.

    The chick said it all with “sometimes it has nothing to do w/ you”. She’s got issues.

  2. 662 says:

    Talk about dodging a grenade.. BPD ain’t no joke..

  3. patrickswayzesghost says:

    I learned a few months ago to give all chicks I meet or am interested in a google voice number. That way, if they decide to go crazy, like this one here, I simply block them.

  4. Stingray says:

    Do women who text like this talk that way to your face as well?!

  5. november2014 says:

    Jeez Danny, why you gotta be putting me on blast like that?! Kidding. That girl is cray. But most of us are!

  6. earl says:

    Not enough “gay, lame, lotsa cocka, lolz, or bring da movies”.

    Poor girl…she probably couldn’t handle all the logic.

  7. november2014 says:

    I’m 100% woman 😉

  8. Brian says:

    I surprised you kept responding as long as you did.

  9. Vicomte says:

    I lost my shit at ‘tiny bitch’. I don’t even flip you shit that good.

    For the record, I’m still pondering. It’s a process.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      What can I say, she has mad witticism. When. They have nothing else to throw at me, they go after my height.

      When someone legitamayely dislikes me and they go to my being short, I know I have the upper hand.

  10. Days of Broken Arrows says:

    True story. I had a woman tell me she’s unstable in relationships and gets too jealous, possessive, weird about sex, etc.

    We dated casually on-and-off, and a few months later she said she thought we should be in a relationship. I told her no, because she said she was unstable when she got in a relationship.

    A few days later I got a series of emails, each one crazier than the next, calling me “abusive” because I “insulted” her about her “emotional stability…when all I really did was repeated back to her something she told me to begin with!

    Unlike you, I didn’t bother to reply. I should have saved them, but deleted the emails and the contact info so I wouldn’t be tempted to play a bit role in her eternal soap opera. IMO no response is the best response after the first hint of crazy.

  11. […] a few days ago i posted on text fun with a woman. well, i never had a follow up post since the +1 never went down. maybe you’re wondering why- well…it’s because she’s a fucking nut job. that text string showed her losing it and me turning it around.  […]

  12. kiddo says:

    Hey, let’s try not to malign people with mental illness here? There are plenty of people with BPD that DON’T act this way, and not every asshole/bitch has BPD. Some people just suck.

    She was probably trying to tease/neg Danny, took it too far, Danny backed out, and she couldn’t handle that. She escalated when Danny escalated by using profanity. Best thing to do is to stop responding. It makes you look bad when you keep going at it. If you ignore her and she continues acting that way, it’s all on her. If she acts that way and you escalate things by responding, you both look vicious.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Uuuuuuh. I think the texts shows I DID drop it. And do you work in the medical profession?

      I do, and I’ve worked with bipolar patients.

    • Days of Broken Arrows says:

      I have a serious lung problem because I was born prematurely. Because of that, I choose not to live where there is a lot of pollution or go into smoke-filled rooms. Or kitchens.

      As such, people with BPD or bipolar disorder should know their limits like I know mine. Just like I know not to be in a relationship with a woman who has hot air heating, they should know they shouldn’t be texting guys at 3 a.m. They should write a note to themselves.

      Beyond that, I’m tired of apologists for the allegedly mentally ill. Every woman, it seems, is on some kind of psychotropic drug these days. The new White Knighting is saying they’re all just not competent to have normal relations and therefore we should pity them. If that’s the case, they’re also not competent to be in the workplace either.

    • driversuz says:

      Not All Crazy People Are Crazy.

      Got it. Thanks.

  13. dannyfrom504 says:

    Alright. Since this has becomes an issue, I have no idea if she’s truly bipolar. I’m assuming based on her reaction to next to nothing.

    A few people I know that work with her have told me (after I showed them the texts) that she’s got issues.

    I’ve NEVER seen this side if her and the way she went from one side to the exact opposite leads me to the bipolar call.

    Please quit getting your panties in a wad over my comments. I’m free to make an opinion of someone I interact with IRL. This isn’t a rant on all people with mental health issues.

    I was molested as a kid and you don’t see me getting worked up over pedophiles. Relax. Jesus.

    • Days of Broken Arrows says:

      Really? Sorry to hear that. Wow.

      It wasn’t the parish priest was it? I was in line for that but escaped having to go off to a “retreat” with him because I was too sick. It’s one of the many times having an illness saved my ass. There’s an idea for a blog post: how your biggest problem sometimes turns out to be your unexpected asset.

  14. Joe Sixpack says:

    DOBA has it right. Mental illness is not an excuse for being a flighty bitch. We do not owe people w/ BPD any extra latitude in regards to bad behavior. Life is too short to subject yourself to negativity from anyone.

  15. the latent sadist says:

    yeah maybe you dodged a bullet. But you fucked up by ASKING her if she wanted to come over. She hit you up that late, you should have just said “come hang out…lets *insert plausibly deniable excuse to hang out*

    Shes probably got pissed because you didnt make it easy for her to come over and bang. Once a girl starts feeling responsible for the decision…the pickup will go to hell. The severity of her reaction, however, is a reflection of her age. Also, its tempting to start reacting to a girls drama…and im only now starting to resist the temptation to defend myself from idiots like this. But bottom line is, you made her feel responsible for the pickup. Thats why she reflexively said “you come over”. She very well might have come over if you had framed the conversation in such a way to take the responsibility off her shoulders. Once you asked her, her defences kicked in….and it was like rubbing salt in her wound when you start going on about the logistics and her parents. Again, because of her age, she is very sensitive to feeling liuke a slut…and she reacted with that sort of anger.

    Women get so filled with neurosis as they age…its a sad sight. I had a similar crazy ass chick i eventually gave up on because she has a litany of rules and regulations at 26, that i know for a fact she didnt have at 18 when i met her. Neurotic to the bone, and just a royal pain in the ass…trying to prove to herself and the world that “shes worth it” and not a slut.


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