Auto Pilot

i was at my local having a beer, and there’s damn near a whole new crew working there. well, they’re opening a new location so there’s a bunch of new wait-staff training. i was nuring my drink and joking with Ritchie (my irish bartender) and one of the waitresses came over to me to chat for a minute or two.

i forgot exactly what she said but i told her to tell her boyfriend he was lucky. she replied with, “i would if i had one.” i looked at her for a moment, handed her my phone and said, “well then, i have plans for you.” she smiled and punched in her number.

all done in 2 minutes.

it’s THAT simple. when i get fun, flirty banter, i allude to her boyfriend. if there isn’t one, i hand them my phone and tell them she’ll be hearing from me shortly. this girl is EASILY a soft 8. petite, black hair and brown eyes. face-7/8, body- 8, personality- from what i can tell so far- 9.

HOW did i pull this off? well, i do this EVERY DAMN DAY. this is why i always say a guy needs to have a “place”. get to know the staff, stop in as often as you can and have a beer or 2. sports bars and the like are great as there is ALWAYS a rotation of new waitresses. most guys fuck up with waitresses because they jump right out and try to run game.

big mistake.

be cool to her and let her notice the repoir you have with the other servers and staff. THEN after you’ve talked to her a few times and you are no longer “another customer”, find out if she’s single and then you can run game.

the SECOND i knew she was single, i went into auto pilot. i wasn’t dressed well- i was wearing a hockey jersey, shorts, and flip-flops. it’s not as if i’m anything special looks wise, and i think i had only talked to her once or twice before. but when she saw me, she came over to chat. THAT is what piqued my interest.

it’s not rocket science, but i flirt with damn near every woman that HAS to talk to me. nothing over the top, nothing special. just simple negs, light complimenting, and general friendliness. now when i see a woman i want to number close, i can do it effortlessly. well guess what.

you can to.

i’ll text her tonight to find out when she’s going to have a night off from work, but……she’s 19. the flake factor is high: i’m not holding my breath. but the game is still fun. and if you don’t play you get rusty. lol. now…..a little mood music- click the link to jump to youtube to watch. i LOVE how the video touches on something i’ve written about LOOOOOOOOOOOONG ago. lol

now. you may be asking how i plan on carrying this out. well, i texted her once and didn’t get a response, so i won’t be texting her again. and remember, she’s 19. there’s a HUGE flake factor. Also remember: girls now don’t really go on dates, they “hang out”. next time i run into her at her work, i’ll find out when she’s getting off and tell her to come by the house.

it’s direct, it’s frame control, it doesn’t give her the option of saying no. so, i’ll bet on the carousel. besides, she knows i’m leaving the are in 6 months. i’ll keep you posted.

stay up.

[ed- went to Home Depot tonight and the girl at the register was a hard 6. As she worked the register after I ran my card I told her, “you have a lot of flair on your apron.” She smiled, an honest wide, open mothers smile and nodded. Then I told her, many mucho flairs.” She kept smiling and said, “yeah, I like the…you know.” I stopped her and told her there was no need to explain, I was just admiring.” She handed me my receipt and off I went. I didn’t flirt, didn’t neg, just made a playful statement. But the effects were undeniable

So get off your ass and make a girl smile.]

This Weeks Brophy

this week Mister E takes the prize with his comment on the miley cyrus post. emphasis mine.

“Stars…oh how they should be…to be seen up in the heavenly lofts, twinkling in the clear of night, shining with majesty for the true talent that they poses. But alas, there are those who in their hour of vain that make everyone’s eyes to turn towards them and say “Look at me”. Those are not stars but rather meteorites that come crashing through the atmosphere in a blinding flash of light only to disintegrate before the eyes of everyone that lay a gaze upon them and slam into the earth, never to be again.

Oh if only her dad had taken the time to teach her to be a real lady, think of the possibilities she could have had. Now her “career”, and I use that term loosely, is a train wreck waiting to happen, not to mention her life in general. I’ll bet her father will have an achy breaky heart soon enough, if not already.

Choices, it all boils down to choices. The choices we make as parents concerning our kids, the choices we make for ourselves.”

i couldn’t agree more Sir. well put.

congrats on this weeks Brophy Mister E. stay up.

congrats on this weeks Brophy Mister E. stay up.

stay up.

Filet Monica

last weeks food porn featured filet mignon po-boys. well, i had a decent amount of filet left over.

what to do, what to do.

earlier this week i told you about the time i cooked fettucini alfredo.

i was in the mood for pasta with monica sauce. it’s usually served with shrimp. monica sauce is simply alfredo sauce with a little thyme and cayenne pepper. but it’s a simple dish. so i decided to make monica sauce over angel hair pasta topped with the left over bite sized chunks of filet.

let’s do ‘dis lucas. you will need:

1/2 stick of butter

1 cup heavy cream (i went 1:1 butter cream and it was a bit too oily)

1 TBS thyme

1 TBS cayenne

2 TBS seasoning salt (i use tony’s), but season to taste.

1 cup chopped onion, celery, bell pepper (mixed)

1 cup parmesan cheese

2-3 cloves chopped garlic

1 lb shrimp (peeled)

1 lb cooked pasta of your choice

heat butter until melted and add the veggies and cook unitl translucent. add the cream and remaining ingredients. bring to a boil then reduce heat to low and simmer for 30-45 minutes until reduced. if using shrimp (or scallops/crawfish) add it during the last 10 minutes of cooking. pour sauce over the cooked pasta. enjoy. it came out on really well actually considering i was using steak.

c’ese si bon.

filet monica. it was magic

filet monica. it was magic

stay up.

ITLR: Power Trip II, They start so Young

the other day i wrote a post entitled “Power Trip” and it recieved a couple of views. it touched on an encounter i had with a VERY inappropriate 15 year old girl. it got me to thinking about how women have just become so hypersexualized and they aren’t being taught/policed by their parents.

then it hit me.

back when i was 16, i had a friend up the street and she went to an all girls catholic school. one summer, i was visiting my mom in NO (after my junior year of HS) and said girl brought 2 other girls by my house. i was kind of crushing on the blonde, while the other was a very cool, down-to-earth girl.

well, me and down-to-earth girl ended up becoming FWB and we hooked up a few times during the summer. a few times i came home on leave when i first joined the navy and we went at it as well (she’s married now). now this girl gave an epic BJ. one of the few girls i can remember that could finish me off in less than 5 minutes. it was like her mortal combat “FINISH HIM” move. and she KNEW when she did it i was done.

needless to say, this girl LOVED giving head. i attributed it her liking being in control. but i digress. one morning after a night time romp i asked her about her “gift”. well, come to find out when she was 13 her and her bestie asked besties sister how to blow a guy.


well, she had a guy friend on her block that she “practiced” on (lucky little bastard). she finally lost her virginity just before turning 15. i got to her before she turned 18, and she was DAMN good by then. she didn’t have a high partner count either when i started banging her.

but the fact that she sought out to learn how to blow a guy at 13, demonstrates that the “Power Trip” girl i mentioned a few days ago isn’t anything new. i graduated HS in 1992. so before it was even 1990, my girl was blowing guys. AND i lost my virginity to a 13 year old girl when i was 14. and SHE initiated it.

hide yer daughter. your “good little” girl could very well be some other guys “good little girl” too.

OOOOOH, the girl i used to work with stopped by work to drop these little gems off JUST FOR ME!!!!! and i ain’t sharin’ BITCHES.

that's right. she brought me pumpkin cupcakes. word.

that’s right. she brought me pumpkin cupcakes. word.

stay up.

Miley Cyrus proves Red Pill Philosophy

first off. LaidNYC’s kid is doing well, so i decided to post. THANK YOU to everyone who lent a hand. i’ll go back to the last post and address the comments. like i said, i have the BEST readers, hands down. thank you guys for helping a friend of mine.

as i sit at work, i troll celebrity sites. mostly the ones that trash celebrities with total cruelty. well, i learned about a certain situation reading said sites. basically it’s like this.

now; miley grates me to no end. she’s a perfect example of your typical entitled, attention whoring, narcissistic, embarrassment to females.

but the fact that her ex moved on IMMEDIATELY to a 23yo mexican hottie proves abundance mentality can NEVER be trumped for men in regards to relationships. NOW this has another funny spin (well, funny to me) to it.

so a couple splits up. dude (famous so it’s easier for him) moves on to a less of an attention whore hottie, and Miley ends up crying on stage in her first performance post-break up. in a pretty calculated move miley does the obvious and jumps on to the closest dick available as it’s rumored she’s dating her producer (i’d link it, but couldn’t find the article i’d read about it. but google “miley cyrus dating producer”. i don’t want to spam you guys). they always have to one-up a guy that gives them the cold shoulder and sends them packing, because, ya know, it’ ALWAYS has to be about her.

so guys; remember a man with abundance mentality moves on with ZERO hesitation. he KNOWS there will always be another woman. while an entitled, narcissistic, attention whore will take whatever dick she can and/or is closest and most readily available post rejection. and typically, that guy will be an herb (that she’ll ditch after a brief period of ego stroking) or a wolf who’ll just prey on her venerability.

and just the other night THIS was posted on one of the sites. is anyone surprised?

stay up.

[ed- apparently miley faked a pregnancy to try to get liam to stay. sad.]

Help a Blogger, Save a Dog

i found out recently that a good friend of mine and fellow blogger has an issue with his dog.

look, i’m a dog guy. you all know Brody. he’s my son and i’d do anything for him. well, if you read the post LNYC placed, you’ll learn his dog needs surgery and my boy is asking for help to cover it.

look, i’m a proud man; but when it comes to Brody i’d do whatever it takes to take care of him. yeah, i make decent money, but a $5k surgery would fuck me up. but i’d STILL do anything i could to cover my son.

even ask for help.

so i will be sending him $300. and i’m asking my readers to help him out too. i’ve been around these parts for a few years and i’ve never asked for anything from my readers. well, that changes today.

the link i provided will send you to my boys account to donate. and i’m begging you guys to help. and just to show how serious i am about this; i WILL NOT post again until he tells me he’s able to cover the surgery. and i have 3 tasty posts waiting in the draft section. they MAY or MAY NOT see the light of day.

that all depends on you.

i sincerely hope i can depend on you guys to drop a small donation to my friend: $5, 10, $20, whatever. and if you do donate, please leave a comment that you did so i can thank you. dude is even giving away a free download of his e-book for god measure (i told him to unlink it).

stay up.

Hypergamy slams into the Wall

i had just gotten to Sicily. i was still finding out overseas game and how american women turn into hyper entitiled space cadets. i met a girl, she worked in immunizations. she was cool and i tried hooking up with her and she flat out told me she didn’t think of me that way.


i found out later she was a slut. one of my boys talked to me about how on duty she’d usually have guys over at the station and they’d stay overnight. one of my female friends confirmed it. eventually i left italy, and through the magic of facebook we crossed paths.

when i was negotiating for orders in spain, i put in for guam. well, the girl above was ALSO in guam. i told her i put in for orders there she immediately started to allude to her showing me around, and how she couldn’t wait to see me again, even alluding to a possible relationship.


i told her, “look, we’re cool and i appreciate the offer. but i was stationed in yoko for 3 years; my ship stopped in guam 4-5 times a year. secondly, i NEVER get involved with navy women. and let’s be honest. i liked you “like that” in 1998 which was a LOOOOOOOOONG time ago.” i almost threw in the fact that she was too old for me to date, but i figured why kick her when she’s down.

the rejection was enough.

men face rejection often. tbh, when dealing with women, handling rejection needs to be mastered before anything else. WOMEN however are used to picking and choosing the man. when the roles reverse they don’t like it one bit. rejection damn near CRUSHES a woman. especially one that rode the carousel most of her military career. all this happened way before i had the site. then i nuked my facebook and haven’t heard from her again.

and i’m not complaining.

stay up.