Be her secret

yesterday i wrote about a girl i knew back in sicily and how i invited her and her bestie to come to spain and go sight seeing. you may remember me mention i was actually seeing someone at the time. she was 19, and her dad was a pretty high rank person on base. but there’s more to it than that.

most girls LOVE having a “sexual secret”, it feeds into thier need for drama without bringing unwanted crap and drama into thier lives. the girl i was seeing was 19, and well…..the base is pretty small and she didn’t want people thinking she was a slut. considering her dad’s rank and job, she didn’t want to date anyone on base. her bestie (more on that later) was a slut, and she didn’t want to date the guys her age because she was all too aware of how the “base carousel” worked. basically the guys will date, get the +1 then drop a girl after 2-3 months and she didn’t want her dad finding out about her dirt.

but…..she was still wanting “male validation” and sex.

enter me.

i was cool with this girl from the start, i used to listen to her and bestie talk and WOW, was girl a hose beast. interestingly enough, her bestie was the daughter of the base CO (commanding officer) and she’d BRAG about all the guys she messed with. well, my girl wanted NO part of that. funny thing is, the daughter of high ranking military persons is usually on the carousel

one day i mentioned us going out to puerto (where i lived) for lunch and she agreed. on the drive there i was explaining where and lived and she wanted to see my house. i ended up making us steak and sweet potato pancakes, which she KILLED. then i was showing her the various money i had collected in europe and asia which she geeked out over.

finally, i leaned in and kissed her.

it was kind of awkward but she kissed me back. i remember her mention how envious she was watching her bestie getting pressed against the wall and the guy agressively kissing her- “that NEVER happens to me.” well, we were in the kitchen doing the dishes after a brief make out/feeling up stint and when we were done i pushed her against the wall and starting kissing her agressively.

she melted.

a week later the +1 went down and we had a talk. the terms were we’d NEVER be seen out in town just the 2 of us. she knew i didn’t associate with anyone on base after work so she said she’d finish work, ride out to my house (she had a vespa), and she’d just hang at the canton. i swore i’d never mention “us” to anyone; and i never did.

eventually she brought up how exciting and sexy what we were doing was. she said she felt naughty, but satisfied with the “relationship”. the drive to my house was her favorite part, she said it was exhilerating. she liked the fact that i was older and could actually teach her stuff in the bedroom and she felt so comfortable about requesting things knowing i wasn’t going to judge her. and her body, DEAR GOD….by the time she slept with me, she’d only been with one other guy (the night of her senior prom) so i got to drive it when there was only about 10 miles on the odometer.

but, most importantly, she was dead cool. you’d never guess she were 19 if she didn’t tell you- very mature for her age. but given the age difference and the fact i had orders to jacksonville, there was no pretending what we had was going to be anything more than it was- FWB.

only one person ever found out: a co-worker. we were on the phone and i called her by her name. well the base being as small as it was my boy knew exactly who she was. “you are NOT poking that girl.” i just smiled and told him of course i wasn’t. then i told him i was in fact NOT hitting it. i never admitted to it and just told him she was asking me about something to determine if she should go to the ER. thing is, she called me about twice a week and he recognized her voice, but i had never mentioned her name before, she was just “a friend”. lol.

we kept it going for 8-9 months, up until i transferred. we kept in touch via FB, but we never saw each other again. soon, she was dating another guy, and eventually, she got married to that same guy.

one of the surest sign of a guy that does well with women is that he’ll typically deny it, and does not brag about notches. i learned an ugly truth first hand long ago- women can mention notches all day to other girls (they typically won’t discuss this with other men), and if it get’s out she was bragging……no harm, no foul. but if a MAN brags about a +1, and the ladies find out, you’ll usually make it to the “don’t fuck that guy or he’ll tell the world” list.

discretion is key, so be her secret. when it gets around to the women that you can keep a scret, she just might let you be one of hers. lol.

we were watching tv and i recited a line at the end of this song out of nowhere. she asked me were i got it from and introduced her to my beloved interpol. she started calling me “Specialist” sometimes when we’d “run into each other” on the base. lol. and course, the “new orleans” reference helped her associate with me. it got to the point where she’d ASK me to recite the lyrics to her. lol. how cute.

stay up.

9 Comments on “Be her secret”

  1. Johnycomelately says:

    Reminds me of a friend that is looking for a ‘mistress’, he’s in a 7 year relationship and only recently has become aware of his street value. Problem is how do you find a girl that will keep it on the down low without blowing up your world?

    I never thought I’d ask another man in the manosphere about a recipe but Danny please give us the sweet potato pancake recipe. I’ve stuffed up Korean pancakes every which way from Sunday (unless you like raw potato) and it’s doing my head in.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      the recipe was a mix where i had to add milk/water. i’m sure it’s on amazon. but she grew up in south carolina and had never had them before. they are delish though. a lot of times with cooking, it’s not the degree of difficulty of the recipe, but it’s more the fact that’s you’re just able to make something. if it’s something she’s never had, you’ll get bonus points.

      when girl saw the batter mix she damn near demanded to have them.

  2. aneroidocean says:

    Women really do talk about everything. It’s eye opening if you ever get to overhear the “female locker room” type talk.

    Hey, if she wanted the batter, you just had to be a good host and give it to her. 😀

  3. Shade Zero says:

    Even though she is guaranteed to talk to her girls, if you still keep your mouth shut about it there is a good chance you will get referral sex too. And the awesome thing about that is half the work is already done for you by her talking you up.

  4. […] yesterday i wrote about a girl i knew back in sicily and how i invited her and her bestie to come to spain and go sight seeing. you may remember me mention i was actually seeing someone at the time.  […]

  5. OffTheCuff says:

    Solid. Keep your mouth shut. Until it’s over, that is.

    And even then, don’t name names…

  6. Indeed, being the secret is a blast. If you’re interested in making Sweet Potato Pancakes from scratch, try this.

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