Gender Roles

baby sis called me the other day and we talked about her post, she was very flattered that i wrote about her and she she even replied.

the subject ended up moving to her marriage and the BS she was put through. and i told her how mom went through a LOT of effort to ensure i didn’t find out about what was going on. i didn’t learn about it until she was already divorced. and i told her i felt like a failure because i didn’t protect her, but mom didn’t want to see me in jail. baby sis acknowledged i’d have ended up beating the shit out of her ex-hubby and understood why mom hid it from me.

but i told her, “i raised you, you’re my baby sister. i’d die protecting you, it’s what i was taught and raised. i will kill to defend the females in my family.” she agreed and said it was obvious yet unspoken, but made her feel obligated towards me.

i laughed and told her, “if i were sick or injured, would you take care of me and look after me?” she immediately answered, “OF COURSE.” i told her that it was a two-way street. i protect and look after her, she takes care of me. that this had been instilled in our family for a LOOOONG time.

she made no protest or argument, she was silent. i’m proud that feminism hasn’t polluted my family. i was raised that i take care of the women in my family, and the women were raised that they look after and comfort the men in the family. and guess what……

it fucking works.

my family is the greatest blessing i could ever ask for. i’m proud to be a part of them. the females in my family: aunts, cousins, nieces, etc- all accept femininity and adore their family men. and the men in my family all appreciate, adore, and love our women.

in october i’m going back to NO for the LeBlanc and Gutierrez family reunions. i haven’t been to a reunion in YEARS because i’ve been in the navy. but at Paw-Paw’s funeral i ran into A LOT of family that i haven’t seen since i was about 7. one cousin, who used to babysit me as a kid cried when i excitedly recalled her and told her things i remembered of out past. she was STUNNED that i remembered her, and mom told my I was like the son she never had. oh-

and trust me, i’ll post about it with pics.

can’t wait.

and props to getting mentioned in a jizzabell article. congrats Brother, you know you’ve made the blogging blogging big times. *slow clap*

stay up.

6 Comments on “Gender Roles”

  1. daredodie says:

    I have 16 cousins, 14 of which are men and almost all of them have no problem letting my female cousins and my sisters know that they are willing to go to jail to protect us (more so from emotional pain from guys) its nice to have them there. And in return I always make sure they are fed nicely when they visit.

  2. Matt says:

    It must be nice having a family, I’m completely alone and isolated. I rather envy you. When I die, not only will no one care, odds are that no one will notice. When I get sick, I have to be able to take care of myself, which includes driving myself to the hospital (yes, I’ve had to do just that). It’s sad that families have become the exception instead of the rule.

  3. Stingray says:

    but made her feel obligated towards me.

    There’s this sense of guilt knowing we can’t take care of our men like they take care of us. Knowing that we can’t fight our way through possible threats and knowing what we may have to do if our men are not around to help us feels shameful. While we know that we would walk through fire and nurse our men and never leave their bedside, it never feels like our side of the obligation is met.

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