Anna Kendrick

posted this a day early, so i’ll go ahead and run it now.

ok, i have no problem admitting i have a huge hard-on for Anna Kendrick. well she recently did an interview with GQ on “how to date” her.

and she just solidified my adoration of her. dear God the mess i’d make on her tummy. any chick (especially a hollywood b lister, c maybe), that’s down with hitting up a del taco on a date is a down to earth and an all around more gooder good egg.

and if sex is off the table, “try drinking.” what a good girl.

stay up.

2 Comments on “Anna Kendrick”

  1. […] all know how i geek out over the girl, so when i found this i watched it 50-60 times once or twice. being able to do this […]

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