This Weeks Brophy

this week, our winner is Bud- with this comment/story.

“Danny these women never seem to outgrow their hypergamy.

True story:

A chick I had dated for 9 months said this weekend we weren’t working anymore and she just wanted to be friends, etc. (for various reasons, I told her I had no desire to be her friend and have cut off all contact and will never contact her again, she takes away the sex and her body, I take away my time and attention.)

What’s funny is, she will never do better than me.

She’s 37, has aged noticeably in the 9 months since I dated her, yet luckily for her she still has a near perfectly shaped body as she keeps in shape (runs marathons and does Insanity work out — although she’s also a bad insomniac so I give her about 90 more days until complete burn out).

Anyway, I am 38, can pass for being in my 20’s (her friends thought she was robbing the cradle when they met me) and make close to $300k per year (and growing) with my own business, no debt, and a lifestyle that lets me live anywhere, travel, etc.

I had actually agreed to move to the same city as her after she had to move for her job (I thought it’d be fun and would have made more $$ in my business, and figured we could keep the relationship going, I still had a lot of fun with her, and it was what she wanted anyway) but that seems to have led to the downfall. I am thinking maybe it looked like supplicating, and her hypergamy kicked in with that too. A woman’s hamster can be a treacherous thing to them.

Anyway, my guess is, she thinks she has options now, and is already on and, no doubt, getting inundated with needy, clingy guys with lots of baggage and that don’t fit her check list of criteria (which she won’t discover until dating them, she has priced herself out of the dating market in many ways)… all inflating her ego beyond belief from all the attention. Her hypergamy salivating at the thought of finding some hot, confident, super successful, non-needy dude with no baggage on (lol).

Even knowing what I do about hypergamy, I will never understand why chicks sabotage themselves like this.

Age is gonna hit her hard in a few years, while I’ll be going with chicks 10 years younger than her.

Admittedly I went kinda blue pill out of complacency a few times in the past couple months (I had my slips, but nothing major.) But it’s astonishing how quickly that hypergamy kicks in. It’s actually kind of fascinating to think about.

Clearly I dodged a bullet with this one.

I can just see her about 5 years from now, at the tender age of 42, alone, feeding her cats, or miserably settling with some weak guy who she mocks, abuses and despises, wondering what the hell happened.

Nothing you can do about these kinds of chicks.

They just have to learn the hard way.”

congrats Bud.

congrats on this weeks Brophy- Bud. stay up.

congrats on this weeks Brophy- Bud. stay up.

and….last night i spoke with LaidNYC and i can honestly say- guy’s the real deal. yes i realize some of the women may be put off by his site, but you have to remember- his site is geared towards teaching game to men. it’s nothing more misogynistic as most female MSM website are misandrist. and let me tell you this-

don’t judge him based on his site, he’s very cool, very down to earth, and i’m glad i got to talk to him. do yourself a favor guys and head over to his place and check out his posts they’re well written and dude’s wise beyond his years when it comes to game.

stay up.

2 Comments on “This Weeks Brophy”

  1. laidnyc says:

    Good chatting with Danny he’s a solid dude with a great outlook on life. Really refreshing. Thanks for the shout brother.

  2. Zek says:

    How does one make $300k/year and live anywhere? Other than by being Richard Branson?

    Not. Fair.

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