ITLR: Women on ESPN

sorry, but i have to get this out.


i just CANNOT take a woman commenting on football or hockey seriously. i’ve dated women that were WELL versed in sports. and even they knew to stay out of it when the boy’s were talking sports. just like i keep out of it when her and her gf’s talked shoes, purses, make-up.

my common point for not taking women seriously about football or hockey is typically to ask, “when was the last GOOD hit you took playing football.”

most have no response.

i know VERY well the last good hit i took. i was in X-ray school. i was tearing after the guy with the ball and my boy Rillo set a pick, dropped his weight (all 180lbs of it) and let me run into his shoulder. i went vertical to horizontal in seconds. rung my bell like a mother fucker. he helped me up and apologized.

“dude, nah. It was a clean hit. asshole.” We both laughed and got back into the game.

look, i LOVE a woman that can sit down and get into a game; hell, even being able to tolerate/appreciate my love of the game. that shit’s cool. but sorry, when i see a woman commentating on a sports show, i can’t take her seriously, and i know she’s there for PC reasons.

fuck off ESPN.

ok, i’m done now. sorry.

stay up.

One Comment on “ITLR: Women on ESPN”

  1. solemnsentinel says:

    Last big hit I took was November of 05, Texas highschool playoffs, elite 8 at the old Texas Stadium. Got my ass cleaned by a 350lb samoan pulling guard. Sky ground sky ground. Oh shit where am I ?
    Haha good times.

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