Teasing is more fun than the #1

there comes a time when game becomes just that: a game.

i’ve always said- if it’s not fun, why do it? i’ve gotten to a point now where messing with a girl, teasing her, making her laugh and smile, is more rewarding than the +1. and i know TONS of guys who are good with women that feel the same way.

don’t get me wrong, i LOVE sleeping with a woman. i do. any man that claimed otherwise would be insane, or….you know….gay. to me, watching a woman do the dance, smiling at my teasing her, going along with what she understands PERFECTLY is sooo rewarding. it’s something deeply encoded in all women’s DNA: attraction.

women like what they like. they are attracted to what they are attracted to. and it’s not your looks, your money, or the car you drive. watching a woman who’s obviously attracted and flirting with you is priceless and does wonders for a man’s self-esteem.

so quit putting so much emphasis on the +1 and enjoy making her smile.

on another front…..


it’s officially fall, football is on the telly, hockey starts soon, and it’s starting to cool off outside. this means i can now rock my all time favorite scented candle: yankee candle’s “harvest wecome”. bestest more gooderest candle ever. and i’m not ashamed to admit it.

it smells FABOOSH!!!!

it smells FABOOSH!!!!

i can’t wait to start rocking cooler gear, and looking at boys in swea……i mean girls in ugg boots and scarves. yeah, that’s what i meant. anyone seen my chewing tobacco? wait, where did this body spray come from. that’s not MIIIIINE, srslee.

and now a word from our sponsor.

stay up.

7 Comments on “Teasing is more fun than the #1”

  1. ASF says:

    True bro. Not sure if it’s *more* fun, but after a certain point, it’s right up there. Just knowing that you got her…that she’s hooked, is a great feeling.

  2. Anonynerd says:

    Candle too close to ammo.

  3. […] it’s officially fall, football is on the telly, hockey starts soon, and it’s starting to cool off outside. this means i can …read more […]

  4. Tin Man says:

    Danny, really enjoying the blog. Gotta question though, why do you use the euphemism “sleeping with”? Do you really enjoy sleeping with women? I’ve always found it must nicer to sleep alone – but I do love having sex with women – and morning sex is the best. And if that means I have to actually allow them to sleep in my bed, it’s a price I’ll pay….later…

  5. Matt says:

    Yankee Candle? Is it made with real Yankees?

    Have you thought about making your own candles? You could drain of cans of tuna fish and make pussy scented candles….

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