This weeks Brophy

This week, CLG takes the prize with this response to “ITLR: Help a Brother Out”:

“i always think 9′s are really 7′s pretending to be hot. every girl has her flaws. this one does to. dont spend too much time on focusing on them, because it will turn you off what im sure is an incredible piece of ass. but just spend like a couple minutes- especially in her presence- (so as not to start dreaming of her shitting rainbows with pots of gold if she isn’t around) when she is busy ordering or looking at a menu or something, and start picking out some flaws… her smile is crooked, or she has a disproportionately big forehead, etc… and then realize she is hoping to hell you wont notice these things.

if she goes shit test on you, neg her imperfections (hard, but not vicious). every girl spends hours in the mirror, and frankly they usually know where their weaknesses are… when someone else pulls back the curtains that mascara and a push-up cant hide… well now she’s at your level.

finally, and this is something to be careful with cause it can come across as omega if you do it wrong, you can always go groucho marx. “look, let’s be honest: I think you are really ridiculously hot, but i mean, you are on a date with me… so you wanna tell me right now if you have a gang-banging boyfriend you are trying to make jealous whose body I’m going to have to dump in the (body of water near you) at 2 am when he attacks us? cause I didn’t bring any trash bags with me.” or something like that. basically, accuse her of having a flaw, even if you cant place one, that would take her down to your level, call her on it while admitting the looks disparity, and challenge her to reaffirm and defend her interest in you. play it wrong, and say hi to your right hand. but play it right and you can say hi to her left.”

solid advice, and thusly worthy of this weeks Brophy. it was VERY hard to pull a favorite this week as there were MANY good comments, especially in the aforementioned post. i really appreciate all the participation. you guys rock a fat ass.

congrats CLG.

congrats on this weeks Brophy CLG. stay up.

congrats on this weeks Brophy CLG. stay up.

stay up.

7 Comments on “This weeks Brophy”

  1. CLG says:

    Thanks Danny, It’s always good to help a brother out and I hope Red finds some success.
    Winning a Brophy is only second to my dreams of getting on the nickelodeon show GUTS and winning the Aggro Crag. So you know that’s huge.

  2. For every hot girl you see who you want to bang, some guy somewhere is tired of her shit.

  3. That’s why I kicked mine out. Only so shit you can put up with.

  4. RojoC says:

    Thanks for that post again gentlemen.

    0 for 2. Well, one of them turned out to be lesbian (of the lipstick variety) and the other one, the “9” never replied to my initial text. I’m just like whatever–time to have a beer.

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