Betas will be Beta

last night i was at my local having a pint. well, there’s a ton of new staff for a new location opening up in a few days so my bartender was training a new bartender. her name was danielle. shit, that’s easy for me to remember. i was about 2/3 done when danielle came up and was talking with me. it was casual, non-flirty, bar banter. she’s married and though she’s cool, even if she weren’t married she wouldn’t be on my radar.

well, i had 2 dudes with a woman (mid 40’ish) sitting to my left. i was about 5 minutes into my conversation with danielle (the woman with the 2 guys had gone out to smoke) and danielle made a mention (i don’t recall exactly, but said “25”. as soon as she said it both guys to my left jumped in with commenting how they’d assume she were 21 or 22.

the douche chills washed over me like a fucking tsunami.

they proceeded to supplicate and kiss this woman’s ass like they employed to do so. danielle, much to the credit of her profession simply thanked them and was accommodating to everything they were throwing at her. i’ve seen this a million times. and once you’ve fully ingested the red-pill it becomes glaringly apparent when you see it.

men (as a general rule) should limit the compliments they dole out. when someone is TRULY worthy of a compliment- fine. but a man should NEVER just jump at the chance to compliment (especially a woman) for something mundane. ask yourself-

would these guys have been so quick to hand out said compliments if it were a guy behind the bar that made that comment?

probably not.

so before you jump at the chance to dish out a compliment (especially if it’s a woman) consider carefully if said person truly deserves a compliment.

and just to show what a ZILCH i am at life; i was googling to see who sings “when i’m gone” at work (sorry, had it stuck in my head after hearing it on the way to work) and i ran across this gem at the top of the search.

we all know how i geek out over the girl, so when i found this i watched it 50-60 times once or twice. being able to do this is the most inane, ridiculous, and utterly useless thing ever. if i could do it, i’d kill myself. yet, the fact that she can do it, makes me adore her more. i guess my logic is if a girl will go so far as to teach herself to do this, you KNOW she can suck a mean dick. and she has ZERO qualms with handling business when you need it. MUH’ GURL!!!!

stay up.

19 Comments on “Betas will be Beta”

  1. The Lucky Lothario says:

    That cup thing did the rounds of the orchestra scene back when I was still in school and we learnt that shit in droves to annoy the teachers by getting a whole coach doing it on the fold-down trays.

    Just letting you know, Danny, that I can suck a MEAN dick! 😉

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      well alright. the only viral “cup thing” i remember involved 2 girls and a cup, i only made it 2 minutes in before i punched out.

    • Like a G-6 says:


      I was able to watch the whole thing (2 girls 1 cup), but only out of morbid curiosity and because little if anything visual affects me. If I could have smelled the shit I probably wouldn’t have lasted 30 seconds…

    • stormy says:

      My choir class did the cup thing back in middle school. It was fun. You could all sit in a circle and then pass the cup to the next person. We would do it. We even incorporated it into a concert.

      Anna Kendrick did this in the movie “Pitch Perfect.” It is a great movie about collegiate a capella. Everyone should watch it.

  2. Girlfriend knows her way around a cup and then some. 🙂

  3. Richard Cranium says:

    Man you want to see some real beta ass-kissing just follow some model/porn star/hottie on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook and every time they post a pic they come out in droves.

  4. earl says:

    Here’s my little spin on compliments and how to use them effectively. (tear apart if need be)

    The two dudes example of complimenting on age was a kiss up. What right did they have to assume she was a younger age? I don’t even bother with assumptions with women anymore…good or bad. I keep things real.

    Today, I complimented a cashier on her nice scarf for two reasons.
    1) because it was a looking nice scarf to me
    2) because the woman behind it looked nice too.

    The point is…she only knows I complimented her on her scarf because it was physically present and that is what I said…and I’ll let her hamster wonder if #2 was also my intention.

  5. MissMarie says:

    She is just absolutely adorable

  6. RojoC says:

    That link is fantastic, btw. Just plain fantastic. I am talking about the Yoga pants, of course.

  7. Reminds me of a South Park episode. I enjoy using this reference among the skeptical as a funny pop culture reminder that gushing/pedestalizing/ass kissing is a known thing. Some people will write off game but they won’t write off South Park.

    Gushing makes sense within the context of a scarcity mentality. It also makes sense why that would be a massive DLV.

  8. A Man for All Seasons says:

    She didn’t actaully learn this as a random weird skill. She did this song in a movie about a cappela singing groups in college. I was a high school choir geek, so I like this kind of thing, even though I’m 49 now. I actually like the High School Musical movies, and the Sister Act movies, although obviously with a grain of salt. However, I can’t stand all the satire movies like A Mighty Wind.

    Here’s the link to her performance in the movie.

  9. Dannyfrom504 says:

    Sorry, this makes me smile. I’m simple, I know.

    and i’m well aware it’s for a movie. doesn’t matter; still adore her.

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