ITLR: It’s time for the Hockey

i watch but 2 sports: football and the hockey. not HOCKEY, but “the hockey”

march of 2007 i left the US for NAS rota,spain. i was there for just under 3 years. when you’re stationed overseas you have a wonderful thing called AFN (armed forces network), and for tv entertainment purposes, it’s sucks wet donkey balls. see, they can’t show commercials so they play all kinds of public service announcements- and they are LAME as hell.

well during the day i was at home; well we’re about 6 hours behind US time. so all the sports that are normally played at night came on in the afternoon in spain. it was during this time i go into the hockey. it’s brutal, fast paced, graceful, i LOVED it. i watched it over the next 2 seasons.

soon i was back in the US and i continued following the hockey. now being from new orleans, i didn’t follow a particular team. then, one evening, i saw this HBO special.

it was then, that i decided the flyers were my team. it was hard not to get into the story. now, man sports rule #17- if you don’t live in a city with a major league team of a sport you follow, you may pick any team you wish. but….once you choose said team, you MUST stand by that team. every guy i know know’s where i’m from and when i claim flyers fandom, they don’t question it.

my love of hockey started in 2000. i was stationed in new orleans and we had a minor league team, the . you could cop tickets for $10, and minor league hockey is BRUTAL. i was going to UNO and there was a girl in my psych class that i was cool with. she asked me after class once what i had planned and when i told her i was going to see the brass, she mentioned never having seen hockey live. seeing as she was cute as all hell, i invited her to come with.

well, as we left the game she was a total chatterbox giddy with excitement. the pace, brutality, the energy; she was a mess. but, as it turns out, she was also pretty horny. by the time we made it to my car we were making out, and once we were in the car she was, uuuuuuh….taking care of an oral fixation. not that i was complaining.

but it was interesting to see a woman i had never had ANY previous physical involvement with turn to mush after a hockey game. and as any male hockey fan will tell you, female hockey fans are some good eggs. these are women that definately don’t want mommy and daddy to know just how filthy they are. and when it comes down to throwing down……..DAMMIT are they great.

my boy is a former goalie for a major college team and his wife played college level hockey, and let me tell you; the SECOND i walk into their house she’s handing me a beer and asking me if i’m hungry so she can make me a plate (she’s from minnesota btw). one of my HN’s in the ER is 6’0 200lbs and was the goon of his squad at U of minnesota. if you’re a star player on the opposing team, his job was to run you into the boards every chance he got. and he LOVED it.

and YES, i just did a complete post dedicated to the hockey. eat me. lol.

me on christmas morning , in my Saints pj's, holding the only falcon i can stomach.

me on christmas morning , in my Saints pj’s, holding the only falcon i can stomach.

i was such a cute kid, where did it all go wrong?

i was such a cute kid, where did it all go wrong?

stay up.

14 Comments on “ITLR: It’s time for the Hockey”

  1. november2014 says:

    I love it as well!

  2. MissMarie says:

    I thought it was time for the football??? My team’s winning!!!

    Also, d’awwww, cute pj’s!

  3. MissMarie says:

    Oh I s’pose 😛

  4. […] it was then, that i decided the flyers were my team. it was hard not to get into the story. now, man sports rule #17- if you don’t live in a city with a major …read more […]

  5. mothersmurfer says:

    The North Stars left Minnesota when I was overseas. Fuck ’em.

    Also, I FUCKING LOVED my Millenium Falcon!!!1!!eleventy!! I was pissed that it wasn’t to actual scale. But, it was my biggest, favorite-ist toy. I still have all my figures WITH all weapons. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. 😛

  6. aneroidocean says:

    I’m really not much of a sports fan (I’d vastly prefer to be playing a sport), but of the two hockey games I went to, there were some damn hot girls there. I was stunned.

  7. CLG says:

    Jim Watson coached my brother. Dave the Hammer and Joe Watson coached me at various times coming up as a Squirt, Pewee and Bantam. and I was a Goalie for most of it. grew up skating at Mike Richter’s youth club in a city with Ron Hextall and Bernie Parent. Broad Street Bullies is a badge of honor and orange and black is in my blood. you should check out the famous fight in 1974 against the St Louis Blues players. they attacked the fans on fan appreciation night at the Spectrum. all the fans were given mini wooden hockey sticks before the game. players lost.

  8. T says:

    Bro you copped the duck-dynasty otter box too? Shit’s fly, can’t blame you.

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