Life Lessons from DK

DK’s “plastic surgery disasters” is one of my favorite punk albums, i wasn’t able to fully digest it as a 15 yo skate punk, now many of the song’s are much clearer. although i don’t agree with all of jello’s political leanings, DK does make some solid points on ‘MURICAH and our culture in general.

-on college.

-on individuality.

-on the workplace. i’m sure Cappy would approve.

-on government dependance.

i think Uncle Mitch would appreciate this one.

and a live version……just for you Uncle Mitch

you can listen and draw your own conclusion with this one. but i have to say: jello AND the melvins is EPIC.

and just as a guilty pleasure. this song was me and my boy Matt’s “ten code” song. a 10 code varies from place to place; but for this post i’m alluding to the meaning of lights and sirens in the ambulance heading to an accident. when we had a call, we’d pop this into the tape player heading to the scene. YES. tape.player.

no…..i really did do EMS work for a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time. lol. a pic of me in my early years of EMS.

the blogger as a 21 yo Sailor/Corpseman.

the blogger as a 21 yo Sailor/Corpseman.

stay up

10 Comments on “Life Lessons from DK”

  1. Maeve says:

    Talk about a blast from the past!

  2. TempestTcup says:

    I have a healthy amount of DK in my daily rotation! Being a teen in the late 70s/early 80s, punk is the music I grew up listening to. I’d say that a good 1/4 of my favorites of the music on my work computer are punk. It’s such a great, fast beat, high energy music.

  3. Thanks for the shoutout brother, I grew up surfing and skating to the DK’s. I still have everything they ever put out on my backup drive.

  4. The Navy Corpsman says:

    You forgot Kill the Poor and Holiday in Cambodia.

    Richard Hell and the Voidoids. I Belong to the Blank Generation.

    Anything by The Damned, Black Flag, or The Sex Pistols

    The Navy Corpsman

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      those 2 tracks are on “convenience”. and i was specifically referencing “plastic surgery”.

      but i agree the other songs/bands are staples of early 80’s punk.

  5. The Navy Corpsman says:

    Almost forgot the Ramones.

    Politics were a lot of the reason for punk, but by no means was it the ONLY reason.

    Regardless, those were the days of my youth, rebelling against anything anyone had to rebel against.

    Now, I find myself the oppressor, and it just seems like payback is a serious bitch.

    The Navy Corpsman (who still does not like Reagan)

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