let’s switch gears from last night’s post.

i had a girl over the other night and she nosed through my MP3 and found my joanna newsome. my little cousin put me on to her a while back. said woman is kind of a geek and got all giddy when she learned i had her stuff. turns out she’s a MAJOR JN fan. i told her how i liked to put her on as i was heading off to sleep. it’s very soothing and helps me to sink into slumber.

she was in awe. very few people know who JN is, especially guys. she asked me what my favorite song was and i told her it was “sawdust and diamonds”. she giggled and we went back to watching TV.

i had had a few beers in me and i guess i was nodding off. she got up and sat on the sofa with her legs draped along side of me. she placed my head on her thigh and began rubbing my head. i was in SERIOUS trouble. then, out of no where, in the midst of my fading conciousness she starts singing sawdust and diamonds.

next thing i know i was being led to bed. then i realized i was in bed sleeping and girl was there, and of course brody was some where cuddled next to her. i wasn’t expecting her to stay over, but DAMMIT am i glad she did. never had a woman sing me to sleep, so she definately stands out among the other woman in my life.

unfortunately, i’m leaving in 6 months and she’s not coming with me, so i just have to enjoy the little moments like this when they come along. i asked her why she sang for me and she said, “because i knew you’d appreciate it, and that you’ve probably never had a women do that for you before.”

girl +3.

live version-

stay up.

3 Comments on “Lullaby”

  1. MissMarie says:

    Being able to do something like that for a man feels amazing, truly. I snuggled with Farmer and then undid his shirt buttons an gave him a helluva a back/neck massage. Same concept. Feels good to give a unique experience to a worthy man. I wish I had a voice for singing…

  2. Frank says:

    That’s always nice I had a drunk girl sing to me a Cumbia song it was the nicest thing and She’s still in my thoughts

    As gay as that sounds hahaha

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