Power Trip

the other night at work, i had a young girl as a patient for a chest x-ray. she was 15. when you have a patient of the opposite sex that’s a juvenile, it’s always a good call to have the parent come into the room. i set up the room and called the girls name for the exam. she jumped up and walked towards me.

dad stayed sitting.

i called the father and told him to come into the room with me. we got to the room and i had dad stand behind the lead shielded console. i was trying to position the girl for the exam (and a chest x-ray is the most common x-ray out there), and as i aligned her shoulder to the receptor (i was standing behind her- to her right) and she arched her butt out slightly towards me.


and very inappropriate. i’ve done HUNDREDS of these exams, and NEVER had a woman do this. i jumped back immediately and told her to place her entire body against the receptor. this girl had a HUGE smile on her face during the process. i took her first picture and found out she was wearing a bra. i walked over and told her she had to remover her bra, and before could explain that i and dad would leave the room she immediately starts to lift her shirt to get to her bra.


i stopped her and told her me and her father would leave the room and when she was done call out and let us know. i escorted dad out of the room, and told him why we had to leave the room. he nodded in agreement. she told us she was done and as we walked back into the room, i showed dad wy i had to redo the exam; the underwire and clasps were clearly visible. this is called “artifact error”.

i told the girl to go back to placing her chest against the board and she was giggling and over doing the “yes SIIIR’s”. i was VERY uncomfortable. i know when a woman is flirting and this girl was going WAAAAAY overboard. even worse was that she was doing it in front of her father, who appeared oblivious.

i finished the exam and escorted them back to the ER. it was the first time in a long time that i had felt that uncomfortable.

we talk about the hyper-sexualization of today’s young woman but having a woman that young flirt with me was unsettling. i’m well aware of the “older man” and “young woman” thing. but c’mon……15!!!!! it bothered me so much that i talked to 3-4 women i know for an explanation to understand with this shit. all of them said the same thing.

it’s a power trip. they flirt to see how far they can take it. what can they get away with, and because…….they can.

these are women- younger than me, my age, and older. and they ALL said the same thing. and NONE of them know each other. this is why i can’t have a kid, this girl would be my daughter: cute and WELL aware of her sexuality. i’ve been cursed by SEVERAL women i know (friends and family) with this curse.

what’s worse was that dad was completely oblivious. and girl didn’t seem to care, which show’s me some disconnect here. seem’s like the kid was SCREAMING for male attention. and that’s sad. i’m so glad i don’t have kids. and this just helped me to solidify that decision.

i hope what happened the other night never happens again.

stay up.

[edit- i texted LNYC about this and laughed when i read his latest post. told you, guy’s killing it.]

45 Comments on “Power Trip”

  1. joe sixpack says:

    It is not a fathers job to police a 15 Y/O daughter’s sexuality. In fact it is dangerous to put a dad in charge of a daughters sexuality. Some men’s disgust mechanism for a relative’s body does not work properly. The boner still pops for them and bad things happen. I’m glad I don’t have girls.

    Nope. This is a mom’s job all the way. You just cannot have a man doing that

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      I’m saying it was strange that she would act that way in FRONT of her daughter.

    • Johnny Caustic says:

      It is absolutely a father’s job to police inappropriate behavior like that, especially in front of him.

      Civilization depends on Dad’s discipline. Few mothers are any good at discipline…the child gives them that scared-but-adorable look and Mom folds her cards.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        I think both parent’s should be responsible. It’s just a dad’s role is different is that he needs to be there to provide an example at to acceptable treatment of women.

        Without dad she’s still craving male attention and getting it via sex. Most of the girl I was banging in HS rarely saw their dad’s.

    • earl says:

      There is so much wrong with these statements.

    • dave1941 says:

      “Some men’s disgust mechanism for a relative’s body does not work properly.”

      I used to worry about that, but now I have a cute, very affectionate 8-yo daughter, and the boner *never* pops. I intend to police her sexuality very carefully, steer her away from all feminist fallacies, marry her off by age 18 to a 30+ guy with a low notch count, and then enjoy the eternal blissful smile on his face.

      Enjoy your boner Danny; it’s totally natural to be aroused by a 15-yo girl. You are of course right to keep a parent in the room, because if she says you did something, you’re going straight to prison.

  2. joe sixpack says:

    Very strange Danny. Very inappropriate. If I were in your shoes, I would have been pissed off too.

  3. I was embarrassed reading this, I can only imagine how awkward you felt. It is a father’s job to police a daughter’s behavior, if I had done that my father would have gone CRAZY and made sure I never even considered doing this again! 15years old is late to change the behavior – good morals and behavior need to be instilled from young so there’s never ever a thought to act like that.

  4. I wouldn’t even classify that father as a ‘herb.’ You could tell he is used to getting run over by his daughter — and probably wife (why is he accompanying his daughter to the hospital) — the entire time she was alive. By the time she became a teenager, it was a lost cause. I’d like to say he could put his foot down at this stage, but it would be useless. She’d revolt on him and he’d apologize until the sun came up the next day and then the daughter would complain to the wife and it would start all over again. A well-skilled man would be to be non-reactive, just like you were. Another man in your position might have caught himself in a bit of hot water judging on how she acted and if he wasn’t in the right frame of mind. Keep strong.

  5. RojoC says:

    So when shit like this happens, what’s the best course of action to put an end to it?

  6. earl says:

    Predators posing as house pets.

    Smart thinking having a parent or a witness in there. You get girls alone in any type of room with you and that’s when they unleash the sexuality. (and some girls are so freaky they’d do it in public)

    These days the corrupt law has no sense of humor when it comes to this garbage.

  7. Ashley says:

    Teenagers can be extremely immature. This is not something I’d ever have the nerve to attempt, even in my brattiest of days. But I know of girls and guys similar to this and they just don’t care. My guess is she was just trying to make you uncomfortable on purpose, for her own entertainment. It’s good that you remained professional. Very strange behavior though. Smh.

  8. Mister E says:

    That dad needed to do some reading in the manosphere. I can just see the wad of tickets she was purchasing for a ride on the carousel.

  9. Maigo says:

    I’m from the UK and the gym I go to is run by a couple of world champion powerlifters who train up and comers. Now the woman who runs it has taken a 14yr old girl under her wing and due to her technique this tiny girl is winning competitions all over the place.
    Anyway she was in the gym the other day training with a fellow powerlifter who is a man around his early 30’s. The entire time they were there she was pushing hard for ‘banter’ and flirty bickering but I was amazed how much of it was sexual. On a number of occasions she commented loudly about how he wanted to sniff the seat of the machines after she’d sat on them. He made a joke about her looking like a 10 year old and later after he nudged past her she says ‘Why do you keep touching me, you can’t keep your hands off me. Have you always wanted a 10 year old?’ with a big smile on her face.

    It seems modern girls are increasingly masculine and coarse to the point where their humour and flirting is beyond what most lads would come out with in mixed company.

    Also I should note that she only started going to that gym because her dad is a long time regular and knows all these other people well although he wasn’t there on this day.

  10. Socialkenny says:

    I feel you Dan. I would’ve been crazy uncomfortable too. I mean, just to come in contact with girls of that who may give me a certain look makes me get the shivers. Well, I’m a MILF-hunter, so no prob’ for me :)! But in your case, this was somewhat unavoidable.

  11. TempestTcup says:

    Her parents need to get her on birth control immediately. Holy cow.

    And without further ado, I give you Francis Begbie’s “Amusing Encounter With a Coquettish Teenage Lassie”


    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Seriously. Girl wasn’t kidding, and never wNt to deal with that again.

      You fucking women.

    • TempestTcup says:

      Well, not excusing her behavior or anything, but when you discover a new toy (burgeoning sexuality), you have to take it out of the box and play with it occasionally.

      Wow, that sounded a lot dirtier than I meant for it to, but I’ll let it stand 😀

    • TempestTcup says:

      Well, she shouldn’t have done it to you in a situation where it could get you in serious trouble. She probably thought of it as a safe (for her) way to play with it because unlike her classmates you couldn’t follow through, and she probably didn’t think of the possible consequences to you.

      Women tend to only think of themselves; isn’t that the manosphere mantra, lol?

    • earl says:

      Birth control is the reason why women let loose their sexuality without boundaries.

      If women and men would remember that pregnancy is one of the side effects to sex…they would take it more seriously.

    • TempestTcup says:


      I totally agree, but this chick is 15 and already out of control. Her parents have completely failed her. Sexuality run amok.

    • poester99 says:

      TTcup’s take is a sane and reasonable one in the land of insane paranoia.

      This is what happens when innocence is completely crushed out of the equation.

      I blame the un-holy alliance of traditionalist fundamentalist white knights and feminists for creating so much real and perceived risk for you in a situation where there should be none.

      You, a tech and her father are present, and you still have to be afraid of this ignorant girl /young women, “playing with her new toy”.

  12. Stingray says:

    About the only thing you could have done to turn her off of your was to become an absolute simpering beta. Not a very good idea at work though. The more you resisted her, the harder she needed to try. If you had put her in her place (not that you could have at work) she just would have been more intrigued and wanted to play even more. Only, now it wouldn’t have been a game for her. Fawning over her is about the only way to make it stop and how could you do that with Dad around?

  13. Stingray says:

    Also, the danger being in setting off her *creep* vibe is law enforcement. Women know this stuff and it puts you in a no win situation, ESPECIALLY at work.

    So . . . hmmmmm. Embarrassment. That is probably the very safest route to go in getting something like this to end. Embarrass the hell out of her.

  14. laidnyc says:

    “it bothered me so much that i talked to 3-4 women i know for an explanation to understand with this shit. all of them said the same thing.

    it’s a power trip. they flirt to see how far they can take it. what can they get away with, and because…….they can.

    these are women- younger than me, my age, and older. and they ALL said the same thing. and NONE of them know each other.”

    that is great perspective and it rings very true.

    Unrestrained hypergamy and bad fathering are really one in the same. That this girl would do that right in front of her father shows what a marshmellow sap frame he has. Or he is just oblivious to his daughter’s well-being.

  15. MissMarie says:

    How uncomfortable for you! I would never have had the cajones to do such a thing, especially in front of my dad! Heck, I still don’t even curse in front of my dad. What a sad state of affairs…

  16. zhai2nan2 says:

    I don’t know if my cookie settings will sabotage my own comments, but I’ll give it a shot.

    The girl was only on a power trip because she lived in a police state that was prepared to send armed men to punish any man she might accuse of rape.

    Let’s see her live in a Mad Max (or Mad Maxine) world.

    Her behavior would change, one way or another.

    The ideal way to deal with a subject like that would depend on the nature of force available. She knows darn well that she can make a false rape accusation and ruin one or more male lives.

    How long until this Western madness implodes?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      i’ve said on more than one ocassion that when the huns crash the gate the women are fucked. the police state won’t be there to help them, and most men either won’t want to help them, or won’t be able to.

  17. Sadly, without proper guidance from her father, this behavior will just escalate. It’s too bad that more men that notice this behavior don’t pull these girls aside and let them know that their gig is up. I think I was more horrified about the father …. if he always turns the blind eye, he will fail her.

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