This Weeks Brophy

this week The Fucking Writer takes the Brophy with this comment on the “Power Trip” post:

“I wouldn’t even classify that father as a ‘herb.’ You could tell he is used to getting run over by his daughter — and probably wife (why is he accompanying his daughter to the hospital) — the entire time she was alive. By the time she became a teenager, it was a lost cause. I’d like to say he could put his foot down at this stage, but it would be useless. She’d revolt on him and he’d apologize until the sun came up the next day and then the daughter would complain to the wife and it would start all over again. A well-skilled man would be to be non-reactive, just like you were. Another man in your position might have caught himself in a bit of hot water judging on how she acted and if he wasn’t in the right frame of mind. Keep strong.”

congrats Sir, well played.

tonight though i have an honorable mention. it was togh judging between these 2, so i figured i’d give it props anyway. i’m a firm believer in a ruling class, especially when i rule. this one goes to Maigo with this excellent point:

“I’m from the UK and the gym I go to is run by a couple of world champion powerlifters who train up and comers. Now the woman who runs it has taken a 14yr old girl under her wing and due to her technique this tiny girl is winning competitions all over the place.
Anyway she was in the gym the other day training with a fellow powerlifter who is a man around his early 30′s. The entire time they were there she was pushing hard for ‘banter’ and flirty bickering but I was amazed how much of it was sexual. On a number of occasions she commented loudly about how he wanted to sniff the seat of the machines after she’d sat on them. He made a joke about her looking like a 10 year old and later after he nudged past her she says ‘Why do you keep touching me, you can’t keep your hands off me. Have you always wanted a 10 year old?’ with a big smile on her face.
It seems modern girls are increasingly masculine and coarse to the point where their humour and flirting is beyond what most lads would come out with in mixed company.

Also I should note that she only started going to that gym because her dad is a long time regular and knows all these other people well although he wasn’t there on this day.”

congrats on this weeks Brophy The Fucking Writer. stay up.

congrats on this weeks Brophy The Fucking Writer. stay up.

stay up.

5 Comments on “This Weeks Brophy”

  1. mothersmurfer says:

    It’s because if we slap them for their bad behavior we get handcuffed and jailed for child abuse. That’s the problem. They’re not being punished for their bad behavior.

  2. El Bastardo says:

    IN times past, this sort of thing from a teenage girl to an older man may have been common. A man in pre-classical eras may have actually taken several of these girls at that age and married them off. Having them pop out kids very young.

    I think the big problem is that we have so criminalized sexuality that we could not recognize innocent banter from actual sexual banter. Many of us here can, but the fact that so many would have goaded her on as cute simultaneously chastising the older man for her behavior is tantamount to a society completely insane.

    A thirty year old man “learning” a seventeen year old, maybe even a 16 year old is not criminalized in other countries like it is here. That is why teenage females get away with putting their older lover in prison only to get new dick every night in college. While her male peer is told he wanted it (victim blaming according to feminists when the teen is female), and he has to pay child support to his “rapist.” Usually a teacher.

    I am not sure what the future will look like?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      well put. and notice how female “predators” are diproportianately punished. this would have won this weeks Brophy Sir. where were you when i needed you. lol. thanks for commenting.

  3. As soon as I pressed ‘Post Comment,’ I knew I’d win The Brophy. Call it arrogant: I don’t care. It just felt right leaving my fingers. Fathers let their daughters get away with too much these days, because most are herbs. I loved nothing more than seeing that guy shoot up his daughter’s laptop on YouTube because she disrespected he and his wife. Time to bring it back to when daughters feared what their fathers would think, rather than walk all over them. Stay up (as Danny likes to say) and read my blog, which I’m trying to update more.

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