Hypergamy slams into the Wall

i had just gotten to Sicily. i was still finding out overseas game and how american women turn into hyper entitiled space cadets. i met a girl, she worked in immunizations. she was cool and i tried hooking up with her and she flat out told me she didn’t think of me that way.


i found out later she was a slut. one of my boys talked to me about how on duty she’d usually have guys over at the station and they’d stay overnight. one of my female friends confirmed it. eventually i left italy, and through the magic of facebook we crossed paths.

when i was negotiating for orders in spain, i put in for guam. well, the girl above was ALSO in guam. i told her i put in for orders there she immediately started to allude to her showing me around, and how she couldn’t wait to see me again, even alluding to a possible relationship.


i told her, “look, we’re cool and i appreciate the offer. but i was stationed in yoko for 3 years; my ship stopped in guam 4-5 times a year. secondly, i NEVER get involved with navy women. and let’s be honest. i liked you “like that” in 1998 which was a LOOOOOOOOONG time ago.” i almost threw in the fact that she was too old for me to date, but i figured why kick her when she’s down.

the rejection was enough.

men face rejection often. tbh, when dealing with women, handling rejection needs to be mastered before anything else. WOMEN however are used to picking and choosing the man. when the roles reverse they don’t like it one bit. rejection damn near CRUSHES a woman. especially one that rode the carousel most of her military career. all this happened way before i had the site. then i nuked my facebook and haven’t heard from her again.

and i’m not complaining.

stay up.

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