Help a Blogger, Save a Dog

i found out recently that a good friend of mine and fellow blogger has an issue with his dog.

look, i’m a dog guy. you all know Brody. he’s my son and i’d do anything for him. well, if you read the post LNYC placed, you’ll learn his dog needs surgery and my boy is asking for help to cover it.

look, i’m a proud man; but when it comes to Brody i’d do whatever it takes to take care of him. yeah, i make decent money, but a $5k surgery would fuck me up. but i’d STILL do anything i could to cover my son.

even ask for help.

so i will be sending him $300. and i’m asking my readers to help him out too. i’ve been around these parts for a few years and i’ve never asked for anything from my readers. well, that changes today.

the link i provided will send you to my boys account to donate. and i’m begging you guys to help. and just to show how serious i am about this; i WILL NOT post again until he tells me he’s able to cover the surgery. and i have 3 tasty posts waiting in the draft section. they MAY or MAY NOT see the light of day.

that all depends on you.

i sincerely hope i can depend on you guys to drop a small donation to my friend: $5, 10, $20, whatever. and if you do donate, please leave a comment that you did so i can thank you. dude is even giving away a free download of his e-book for god measure (i told him to unlink it).

stay up.

12 Comments on “Help a Blogger, Save a Dog”

  1. DJ Lynn says:

    Hey Danny, there are some foundations that may be able to help cover the costs..check with local humane society.. Hope it helps… If I can scrape up a few bucks I toss it in the pile…

  2. laidnyc says:

    I appreciate the thoughts. As you all know, Danny is a great guy.

    If anyone has a problem with the PayPal link let me know, they are rough on new accounts, I had to verify my bank account to get payments to go through.

    I’m also serious about whoring myself out. If anyone needs any labor in exchange for a donation let me know.

    Danny is really going above and beyond here. I hope one day my beagle can give him a big sloppy kiss.

  3. MissMarie says:

    Done 🙂

  4. beadamnman says:

    I’m also a sucker for dogs. My hound is 9 and healthy, knock on wood.
    My finances are too tight for a straight donation so I “hired” LAIDNYC to help me with my e-book.

    A man with his tallents, in need of cash, is a boon to any man with cash.

    Don’t just sit there while Danny goes quiet. A 3 year old beagle could go blind.

  5. beadamnman says:

    I’m also a sucker for dogs. My hound is 9 and healthy. Knock on wood.
    My finances are too tight to allow for a straight donation, so I hired LAIDNYC to help me with my e-book.

    When a man with his tallents is in need of cash, it’s a boon to any man with cash.

    Get Danny posting and help mans best friend. A dog would do it for you.

  6. MMA says:

    Sent a modest donation; it was what I could do.

  7. K says:

    Your dog is not your child. You can say you love your dog, or your dog is important to you, or whatever, but the way that modern white adults think that these captive nonhuman creatures are their children is bizarre and not normal.


    i didn’t know shotguns cost 5 grand these days

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