Miley Cyrus proves Red Pill Philosophy

first off. LaidNYC’s kid is doing well, so i decided to post. THANK YOU to everyone who lent a hand. i’ll go back to the last post and address the comments. like i said, i have the BEST readers, hands down. thank you guys for helping a friend of mine.

as i sit at work, i troll celebrity sites. mostly the ones that trash celebrities with total cruelty. well, i learned about a certain situation reading said sites. basically it’s like this.

now; miley grates me to no end. she’s a perfect example of your typical entitled, attention whoring, narcissistic, embarrassment to females.

but the fact that her ex moved on IMMEDIATELY to a 23yo mexican hottie proves abundance mentality can NEVER be trumped for men in regards to relationships. NOW this has another funny spin (well, funny to me) to it.

so a couple splits up. dude (famous so it’s easier for him) moves on to a less of an attention whore hottie, and Miley ends up crying on stage in her first performance post-break up. in a pretty calculated move miley does the obvious and jumps on to the closest dick available as it’s rumored she’s dating her producer (i’d link it, but couldn’t find the article i’d read about it. but google “miley cyrus dating producer”. i don’t want to spam you guys). they always have to one-up a guy that gives them the cold shoulder and sends them packing, because, ya know, it’ ALWAYS has to be about her.

so guys; remember a man with abundance mentality moves on with ZERO hesitation. he KNOWS there will always be another woman. while an entitled, narcissistic, attention whore will take whatever dick she can and/or is closest and most readily available post rejection. and typically, that guy will be an herb (that she’ll ditch after a brief period of ego stroking) or a wolf who’ll just prey on her venerability.

and just the other night THIS was posted on one of the sites. is anyone surprised?

stay up.

[ed- apparently miley faked a pregnancy to try to get liam to stay. sad.]

16 Comments on “Miley Cyrus proves Red Pill Philosophy”

  1. Richard Cranium says:

    Huge upgrade for the dude she’s not a dime but much better she gets a -1 for the smoking though. I know that old saying “if she smokes she pokes” is mostly true but it’s a deal-breaker in my world. Only reason Miley was voted “hottest” is because she’s in the tabloids a lot now and has a great publicist plus all her fans are 14 year old girls. Now it’s gonna be endless “stories” about how she’s coping after the devastating breakup and how could he do that to her ad nauseum while he’ll just go on about his business being ball deep in the new one.

    Ask any real guy what he honestly thinks of her hideous haircut and lack of femininity and I guarantee they’d disagree. I saw 50 chicks way hotter just walking around the mall yesterday. I just hope it doesn’t start an epidemic of girls adopting her new look. My old singer already did (skinny Mexican girl) and it looks terrible but no one has the balls to be honest with her.

  2. MissMarie says:

    I’m embarrassed for her. Lord knows she doesn’t have the sense to embarrassed of herself. She could’ve been adorable role model, but she chose awkward attempt at sex symbol… It wouldn’t even be so bad if she had actually had the maturity to understand how to be sexy, she just blundered around like a little girl playing dress-up. Not cool. At all.

  3. redpillwifey says:

    Girl needs to do some squats. For real.

  4. Emma the Emo says:

    Why do Disney girls and child stars have these weird changes in behavior so often? I don’t know much about Miley, but I’m getting the impression people are less outraged and more feeling sorry for her now. But what was it she did, that was entitled and narcisstic? Was it her performance?

  5. earl says:

    If there is a male that likes to chew up and spit out women…it’s the entertainment industry.

  6. […] first off. LaidNYC’s kid is doing well, so i decided to post. THANK YOU to everyone who lent a hand. i’ll go back to the last post and address the comments. like i said, i have the BEST readers, hands down.  […]

  7. BB753 says:

    Now she´s banging a rapper…. Can´t fall lower than that. Take a gander at this “producer”. A low -class Black. Next, he´ll be pimping her to all his fellow rappers.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      i don’t know if he’s a rapper. but i do know he’s her producer. she even claimed she wanted to get into “rapping”. makes sense, her dad is a country music one hit wonder with a mullet more famous than he is.

  8. Mister E says:

    Stars…oh how they should be…to be seen up in the heavenly lofts, twinkling in the clear of night, shining with majesty for the true talent that they poses. But alas, there are those who in their hour of vain that make everyone’s eyes to turn towards them and say “Look at me”. Those are not stars but rather meteorites that come crashing through the atmosphere in a blinding flash of light only to disintegrate before the eyes of everyone that lay a gaze upon them and slam into the earth, never to be again.

    Oh if only her dad had taken the time to teach her to be a real lady, think of the possibilities she could have had. Now her “career”, and I use that term loosely, is a train wreck waiting to happen, not to mention her life in general. I’ll bet her father will have an achy breaky heart soon enough, if not already.

    Choices, it all boils down to choices. The choices we make as parents concerning our kids, the choices we make for ourselves.

  9. En-sigma says:

    In her newest, she states

    “I didn’t mean to start a war, I just wanted you to let me in – and instead of using force, I guess I should’ve let you win.”

    Well, dopey, you are the one who is crying, sounds like he DID win. And judging by the return he is getting on minimum investment with the Spanish bird, he is STILL winning.

    YOU came in like a wrecking ball, and he WRECKED (ek, ek, eked) you? I am not a construction site foreman, but I am sure that the wrecking ball don’t normally get wrecked.

    10 -15k makeup artist can give most women a couple point jump, but that don’t make them the hottest.

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