ITLR: Power Trip II, They start so Young

the other day i wrote a post entitled “Power Trip” and it recieved a couple of views. it touched on an encounter i had with a VERY inappropriate 15 year old girl. it got me to thinking about how women have just become so hypersexualized and they aren’t being taught/policed by their parents.

then it hit me.

back when i was 16, i had a friend up the street and she went to an all girls catholic school. one summer, i was visiting my mom in NO (after my junior year of HS) and said girl brought 2 other girls by my house. i was kind of crushing on the blonde, while the other was a very cool, down-to-earth girl.

well, me and down-to-earth girl ended up becoming FWB and we hooked up a few times during the summer. a few times i came home on leave when i first joined the navy and we went at it as well (she’s married now). now this girl gave an epic BJ. one of the few girls i can remember that could finish me off in less than 5 minutes. it was like her mortal combat “FINISH HIM” move. and she KNEW when she did it i was done.

needless to say, this girl LOVED giving head. i attributed it her liking being in control. but i digress. one morning after a night time romp i asked her about her “gift”. well, come to find out when she was 13 her and her bestie asked besties sister how to blow a guy.


well, she had a guy friend on her block that she “practiced” on (lucky little bastard). she finally lost her virginity just before turning 15. i got to her before she turned 18, and she was DAMN good by then. she didn’t have a high partner count either when i started banging her.

but the fact that she sought out to learn how to blow a guy at 13, demonstrates that the “Power Trip” girl i mentioned a few days ago isn’t anything new. i graduated HS in 1992. so before it was even 1990, my girl was blowing guys. AND i lost my virginity to a 13 year old girl when i was 14. and SHE initiated it.

hide yer daughter. your “good little” girl could very well be some other guys “good little girl” too.

OOOOOH, the girl i used to work with stopped by work to drop these little gems off JUST FOR ME!!!!! and i ain’t sharin’ BITCHES.

that's right. she brought me pumpkin cupcakes. word.

that’s right. she brought me pumpkin cupcakes. word.

stay up.

15 Comments on “ITLR: Power Trip II, They start so Young”

  1. Mister E says:

    Don’t you just love those Catholic girls? They have some serious talent. I grew up Catholic. When I was in college, I had a roommate that was dating a Catholic girl. She had a sexual appetite that bordered on insane. I had just gotten engaged and one day when she was over at the house, (her boyfriend was one of my housemates) she offered her and her friends to help “sow my royal oats” before I got married. My jaw almost dropped to the floor. I was about 30 at the time (trying to use up my GI Bill) and they were all 18, or so she claimed. I turned her down because her boyfriend was right there when she offered, and I really didn’t feel like explaining to my fiancee how I ended up in jail for statutory rape with an underage girl if one of the group turned out to be younger than what they claimed.

  2. earl says:

    Hide you daughter from other girls should be the advice.

    When the hens get together…you never know what they’ll cluck about.

  3. Richard Cranium says:

    I dunno if it’s just more out in the open now or just more accepted for chicks to slut around at a young age. I’m 46 now but when I was 20 I met a chick that told me she was 16. A bit of a stretch but she was smokin’ and she approached me.

    Found out she got kicked out of school for giving a guy a BJ in the hallway and also found out that she was really 13!?! and the BJ incident happened when she was 12! Of course I immediately called it off (she sure as hell didn’t look or act 13 can’t pin it on me). She later worked at a hot dog cart in a bikini (was a thing here in South Florida a few years ago) was on Stern a couple of times and ended up doing some porn later on too.

  4. Ashley says:

    This post makes me so glad I had a childhood. I really am not into policing or judging women’s sex lives, partner count, or anything, but when we are talking about girls who are not really women yet, the still in high school crowd, it’s just my tendency to feel sorry for how fast they rush into sex. I guess there is no “age limit” on when a good time to start is, but those years between the time I started really becoming interested in guys, around 13 and the time I actually started being sexually active are pretty valuable to me, and it seems like a lot of girls don’t even have that time in between.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      I appreciate your perspective. Once I lost my virginity, my life to poll a whole new meaning. I was on a mission. And I wasn’t banging sluts. They were the girls you saw and knew and admired. By the time I started high school I had over 10 notches.

      The silver lining is my sister avoided the carousel because she HATED the girls I was banging. She didn’t want to be like them.

  5. […] the other day i wrote a post entitled “Power Trip” and it recieved a couple of views. it touched on an encounter i had with a VERY inappropriate 15 year old girl.  […]

  6. William says:

    I’m 25 and when I was in junior high everyone knew about the freshman girls who’d be on the staircase between classes giving oral sex.

    Also remember a girl who was maybe 10 that got caught giving oral sex in a garage, come to find out it wasn’t the first time she was caught with a boy.
    She was living with adoptive parents at the time, so I don’t think there was much of a relationship there.

  7. finndistan says:

    This so much hits on a post i have in the drafts.

    Girls giving two guys the eye, hair twirling and all, guys early thirty, girls twenty-twentyone.

    Guy’s excuse : “They are so naive, and immature”

    The only way your normal guy will have the same experience as your average twenty something is if he lives to three hundred or so.

    Yea yea, exaggerating, and?

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