Eat, Drink, and Make Merry

i’ll be busy setting up my house to scare the fuck out of the neighborhood kids. so, in my absence enjoy these little gems.

and my all time fave

Trick ‘R Treat

stay up.

[edit- tonight went swimmingly as i scared the piss out of crap out of the neighborhood kids. i never fuck with the little ones, but the teens are fair game. once that mask is on, i never break character. i never utter a word. it’s the kids that try and act cool that get trucked. one 9 year old called me a punk as she passed. i looked right at her, let the hidden shank (a picking comb painted silver) fall into my hand and i pounded the wall with the side of my fist. ALL the kids screamed. lol. and the “punk” kid ran off. So-So was giggling most of the night as she handed out the candy.]


ITLR: Help a Brother Out

i’d been waiting to post this email until after “The Sailor” post as it’s a PERFECT segue-way into the advice i gave at the end of it. i don’t get tons of email, but when i do i try and make it a point to help out. in this case, i called the guy and spoke with him. he gave me his permission to post this.

“Danny, first I just want to say thanks for sharing your experiences and advice on your blog; it’s the shit.

I am a 23 year old male recently graduated from college, solid job, small apartment…pretty much your average shy guy. However, I was introduced to the manopshere over a year ago and I took the red pill so to speak. Needless to say I have become obsessed.

Over the past year:

– I have read and re-read numerous blogs, acquired and read all the materials: Bang, Day Bang, Pick-up Bible, etc, and I have watched hours of pick-up videos on Youtube.

– I have worked my ass off in the gym getting muscular and ripped. (not to brag but to make a point…I am a very good looking man, numerous women have called me hot to my face).

-I have tried to make my mission my life: focused on getting a job, then working hard at that job, researching and studying ways to make more money, and researching ways to be more sociable.

-I have studied the art of body language and have exercised the principles well. Although its more of a fake front than anything.

-Overall I have just focused on self improvement and becoming a better man.

With all of the advice surrounding the manosphere: get a good body, focus on your mission, build confidence, be an asshole, acquire money, do 100 approaches, do only approaches with IOIs, IT GETS FUCKING FUSTRATING.

Then when I stumble upon your blog, its like a giant slap in the face (forgive me for my ranting). But you are not that attractive and you are in your late 30’s (although I am aware of the SMV age bracket and I AGREE with it. A fat fucking 34 year old co-worker gets a shit ton of young hot poon, it boggles my mind). I know it is your attitude and the way you carry yourself. HOW THE FUCK DO I BE LIKE YOU. All I think about is getting laid with girls: high school girls, college girls, cougars. I want to be a sex machine.

As you can see the frustration with guys like me who kill themselves working out, trying to get girls to notice them, ( I do get a lot of stares and I hold eye-contact until they look away-BUT I AM GOING TO TRY YOUR STICK OUT TOUNGE TECHNIQUE- however that usually as far as it gets). But then see guys like you and my co-worker getting all the young hot girls….It’s like a dagger in the heart. No offense.

WHAT CAN I DO TO BE MORE LIKE YOU…YOUR ATTITUDE. ….I am going crazy. I just want to get laid with a lot of women.

Thanks for listening,

A frustrated young man”

the reason i decided to post this is i KNOW it resonates with a lot of young men, wether they care to admit to it or not. i get emails like this once in a while and tbh, it’s keeps me blogging. i feel for this kid; i know his frustration, i’ve been there. a lot of us have been there. i know writing something like this can be very difficult for guys.

one thing that stood out was where he said this, “WHAT CAN I DO TO BE MORE LIKE YOU…”

this made me feel kind of uneasy. i’ve always been that type that never wanted to wear jordan’s jersey, i wanted people wearing MY jersey. so while i up to certain persons, i only want to be ME. i don’t want my life to mirror anyone else’s. so i told guy to focus on his strong points (and keep those frosty), but concentrate on his weaker parts to bang out those kinks in the armor.

and as far as women, he’s in the days where (unless he has MAJOR game), he’s going to take his lumps in the SMP. by the time he crosses into into his 30’s, his outlook will change and he’s be the one qualifying women.

besides, we can’t all be . lol.

stay up.

Halloween Sluts

quick post for you guys since i JUST remembered tomorrow night is halloween. what i love most about halloween night is that most women’s slut shield go down for a few hours. then you give them free reign to dress as slutty as possible, with the addition of booze, and you have a perfect storm for gettin’ some. but there’s a question you must ask yourself.

what do i wear?

i’ve always knocked it out the park with my box-o-wine costume. it’s perfect. have a gander. a while back i ran a post that was a scaled down version of a short story i wrote. it feature the costume and the last time i really went out sarging.

jen, and the photo-wrecker. she was the mad hatter from "alice in wonderland"

jen, and the photo-wrecker. she was the mad hatter from “alice in wonderland”

it literally takes an hour or two to make. you’ll need-

1 box large enough to fit your torso into.
1 piece white poster board (look in the school supply section)
1 black sharpie
1 box of wine (remove the spigot and save it)
1 large purple-ish marker

cut a hole at the top large enough for your head. then cut 2 holes along the side for your arms, about 2 inches below the top. these side holes need to be a bit larger than you might think. cut the poster board large enough to fit on the front part of the box. jump online and look up the “franzia” logo. pencil in the logo then go over with the black sharpie. color in the wine.

now don’t get consumed on it being perfect. just do as best as you can.

now, the true beauty of this costume- about 3-4 inches from the bottom of the box, cut a small hole and stick the wine spigot into it. secure inside the box with duct/packaging tape. but before you cut the hole secure the poster board with the logo on the front, secure with clear tape (heavy duty packaging tape works best). place the spigot and secure it.

you will have COUNTLESS women opening you, asking for some wine, and placing her hand in the vicinity of your junk. you doubt me, take the pepsi challenge and tell me i’m wrong. this costume is money for ANY type of costume party. minimal game and having the balls to escalate can help you seal the deal.

but the costume does the heavy lifting, it’s BRINGS WOMEN TO YOU!!!!!! good luck, and happy hunting.

stay up.

ITLR: The Sailor

i’m slowly creeping towards my retirement. the other day i was watching master and commander and i kept remembering how Paw-paw loved the movie. then i let him borrow and read this .EPIC seafaring book. i try and read it once a year.

there’s no denying, i’m a Sailor. how i got here is a different story. i was 19 years old, i didn’t like college, and really didn’t know what i wanted to do with myself. i had a great job at a refinery in texas, had a gf, life was wine. but i suddenly realized i was going to be like the guys i worked with. in less than 5 years, i’d probably get girl pregnant, get married, buy a small house in that small texas town and keep on at the refinery.

scared the shit out of me.

one of my good friends had a brother in the navy and he was stationed in spain. then it hit me: i wanted to live in europe (not take a trip there), see the world; or at least a good part of it. just after my 20th birthday i was off to boot camp in great lakes, il. then HM training in san diego, then off to my first command in charleston, sc.

it was finally time to go to europe. i REALLY wanted spain, but ended up having to go to sicily. i enjoyed it. i ran all over europe over the next 3 years. partied my fucking face off tbh. soon, i was back in NO, preparing to get out of the navy. i was getting ready to go to nursing school, i had a second job that i was going to work when i got out, i had a GF.

i felt lost.

i realized i didn’t really WANT to go to nursing school. i had already broken up with girl, i dropped out of college, cancelled my orders and requested a ship in japan. i spent 3 years at sea. it was during that time that my youth died, and i truly became a man. i was about 27-28 when i got there. 3 years at sea killed what boyishness was in me. i LOVED being underway. you work long hours and at times the work is back breaking.

the video below is from the weather decks of the blue ridge, somewhere in the southern pacific. i used to LOVE going out on the sponsor at night. there’s something about being at sea and staring at the vast ocean. it’s so peaceful, yet you feel so miniscule. 3 of the best years of my life were spent on that ship. i worked hard, and played harder when we hit port.

no point into going into any more of “my life” shit. that’s not what this is about. i ended up where i did as a odd parallel to what the Sphere preaches. i most CERTAINLY wouldn’t recommend a young man do 20 years in the military (i already posted about that), as feminism has KILLED it. but it has suited me alright. and it certainly wasn’t the conventional “graduate high school, do college, get a nice job, get married” format.

fuck that.

after 20 years in the navy, this old bastard will give you a tiny piece of advice.

fuck the rules.

life will offer it’s opportunities to you. marriage is no longer a very safe bet for men. i’m not here to rag on dudes to avoid it, i’m just pointing out, it’s not what it used to be, and you could face dire consequences if it goes sour. i had a talk with a reader yesterday (more on that to come) and he, like many young men, put WAAAAAAY too much effort into women, and not nearly enough in himself. focus on YOU. put a roof over your head, food on your table, find something that you’re passionate about and chase it.

that’s what kept me in the navy so long: i love the travel opportunity. the last 5-6 years haven’t been the best as i’ve started to have to deal with the more “political” side of the navy, and i hate it. fortunately, i only have to deal with that for 5 more months. but if there’s one thing i can attest to, is that it’s possible to find peace and happiness without taking the route the lame main stream will pound into your head.

and if you’re ever in southern louisiana, shoot me an email.

stay up.

Further into Minimalism: Gov’t Flu

by now you know about the 5th wheel, about me parking on my cousins property, going to welding school once i get settled, hell i’l even be living semi-off grid. at the very least, i’ll have the set-up to go off grid if i need. as i watch things unfold around me, and as Cappy noted in his book regarding the 2012 election, i fully expect shit to get worse. i touch on it a bit with this post.

it seems we have a majority of the population that wants shit handed to them. i’m not here to cite statistics and blast on any political side (i think both are useless), no. i’m a man. men don’t bitch and moan, we find solutions. mine is simple.


after 20 years of traipsing the globe i’ve been fortunate to see TRUE poverty, and let me tell you something: the poor in the US are doing MUCH better then in china, or eastern europe. i’ve decided to starve the beast. no point in me breaking my back to give almost a third of it away to someone who doesn’t feel the need to contribute shit. that’s made it a career of being a parasite.

i can live comfortable, mostly off the land, don’t need public services, i prefer isolation, i’ve grown tired of consumerism, and i’d MUCH rather carve out my own path than have an administration corral me into what they think i should be. no, that’s not the Cajun way.

the great thing about the gulf coast is that there can be a complete breakdown of society….and not much will change in neck of the woods. i was watching a special on natgeo about what would happen if there were an attack on the US power grids. it was called “American blackout.”

well, the “suffering” the people had to deal with was laughable to me. money can be worth shit and won’t be missed in my neck of the woods. and since i’ll be getting into welding, i’ll be able to easily find work under the table. in Cajun country, we horse trade. secondly, i have a MUCH needed skill.

combat medic. i can perform damn near any minor surgical procedure. granted, the mortality rates for simple sickness will fall abck to the early 1900’s, but that’s to be expected. oh, about welding scho AND, since i have “PTSD”, it’s been advised i not work in patient care. so…..welding school will be FREE!!!!!!!

matter of fact….i know a few HM’s that have been invited into “prepper communities” to serve as the local Dr. plus, being tactically trained is a HUGE bonus.

i’m 5 months away from hacking it out on my own. i’m still buying my 5-6 acres in Cajun country as my little slice of the swamp, but i’ll be protecting the back end of my cousin’s property. i’ll sleep late, hunt, fish, shoot the gun/bow, drink beer, tend to a micro farm, tend to some chickens and goats. hell, MAYBE i’ll even work a little (under the table of course). because, well…..

i’ll be free to do whatever the hell i want. self sufficiency FTW.

stay up.

Are you Dating Her?

it’s now fall. the weather is getting cooler and that means one thing: NEW COLOGNE.

during the cooler months, i prefer a more musky scent. last year i was rocking vera wang for men. great scent and the wimminz were always complimenting me on it. summer months i prefer a more citrusy-crisp scent. this last summer i was sporting dolce gabana light blue “life stromboli”. it didn’t disappoint.

so i had narrowed my selection down to 2 scents. i sprayed them on a test strip and hope my girl was working. i headed to her section and YISH she was there. she was helping a customer and once she made eye contact i said, “STACY, STACY, I NEED YOU NOOOOOOOOW!!!!!” she smiled and asked me what i needed. i held out the 2 strips and told her to choose. now….

stacy likes to smell things.

everytime i get a new candle she wants to smell it. whatever. now, what you need to know is stacy is quite pretty, she has a bf, and i flirt with her all day long. on this particular day, she was helping a dude- early 20’s or so. once i started talking to her, i immediately told her i hated her top since it didn’t show off her AMAZING rack. also, stacy has MAAAAAD ass. like, the ass that when she stands in profile, once her leg ends, there’s a perfect “pop” of a bubble. it’s fucking insane how nice it is. oh……THIS is Stacy

told you she's a cutie.

told you she’s a cutie.

and i remind her of it every time she wears paint-on pants. if she’s working and bending over, i’ll announce, “STOP!!!! don’t move sweetie.” she’ll look over at me, smile and just shake her head and reply, “hi Danny.”

guys, i can’t stress enough how important it is to make it a point to learn how to have flirty, lightly sexual banter with women. ESPECIALLY one’s that are committed. this is the best way to master/understand/learn outcome independence. as long as it’s known you’ll never “cross the line”, most women will happily flirt with you in the manner i do with my female friends. most of them will readily admit that they LOVE it.

so, i was leaving the exchange, and i someone asked me, “dude, are you dating her.” i looked over and it was the dude Stacy was helping earlier. apparently, he hung around and watched me talk with her. i asked him what made him think that and he mentioned it seemed like we were a couple.


one of the best thing about being “friends” with a woman and interacting with them the way i do, it’s a pure DHV signal. he thought we were a couple, and i promise women wonder what’s your angle. you generate serious tingles with nothing more that chatting with a friend. AND these female friends will usually wing like a champ. i have one friend that goes so far as to WARN girls that i’ll just break their heart.

she might as well hand me the pussy on a silver platter.

so, guys, never shy away from being “friends” with a woman. especially one that’s taken. you can up your game without fear of rejection. and female “friend” game translates to “day game” quite easily. practice, apply, and succeed. happy hunting.

stay up.

Killers, Kittens and Puppies

i wanted to write about this before as i always thought it was funny and interesting, but didn’t because…..well, i just don’t see how anyone would relate. then, this morning, i got a text from my nephew. he’s in mechanized infantry and just got back from afghanistan. he’s a tough kid. i preached red-pill to him since he was 8.

he’s a life taker and heart breaker.

well, i work with some pretty hardcore guys. one of my best friends is in the suck right now and a few of my junior HM’s that work in the ER are some certified bad-asses. sweet guys, but they’ll kill you. that ot they’ll kill to protect you. i’d take a bullet for them, and them for me.

it’s not even a matter of question.

well. one night, i was working with my pal that’s currently in the suck (watch yer 6 Lamont) and i hit a channel with puppies. the show was (as i later learned) “Too Cute”. next thing i know, we’ve gone through probably 2 commercials and neither of us had budged. we were staring stone faced at the show, almost like we were high.

i can’t explain it. i swear to God.

then my buddy from the ER showed up to bring us a patient. he’s 6’2, 200 lbs, and played clollege hockey back in Minnesota. kid’s a psycho, and i love him. he finally looked over at what we were watching- and he too was soon watching blankly entertained.

well, this morning, i got a text from my nephew where he tells me how he introduced his army pals to the show.

can't make this up. lol.

can’t make this up. lol.

i had girl over about a month or so ago, and dog movies came up. i mentioned old yeller and my dog skip, and how i turn into a mushy pussy at the end of said movies. once she found out i had old yeller DVR’d, she BEGGED to watch it.

now, this women is used to seeing the stony side of me. the semper alpha Danny. by the time we got to the end, she was balling and i was weepy (as i ALWAYS get with old yeller). she ended up resting her head on my lap and telling me how sad it was. i told her if i EVER had to kill Brody, it would destroy me. her knowing Brody made the point even more reasonable.

i’ve always been amazed at how women respond to men showing their “softer side”. i guess it explains the women moistening themselves when they see a man holding a baby. i guess when a woman knows you kill scary monsters, then sees your more gentle side, it could be a bit puzzling yet exciting for her. she get’s to see behind the curtain for a second, and boy does that make them juicy. lol.

here’s some evidence…..

even Brody loves the show.

he's transfixed. lol.

he’s transfixed. lol.

Brophy. sorry, that bit wore thin. no more Brophy. enjoy puppies and kittens instead.

stay up.