Model punches a feminist protester

2-fer tonight because it’s always easy when someone else does the heavy lifting.

i can’t tell you how happy this story made me. hopefully, you get as much joy out of it as i do.

stay up.

7 Comments on “Model punches a feminist protester”

  1. joe sixpack says:

    Why the fuck do all the websites block out the tits? It censoring the women’s message

  2. Emma the Emo says:

    Lol! Those skinny models are sure more powerful than they look.

  3. […] 2-fer tonight because it’s always easy when someone else does the heavy lifting.  […]

  4. BC says:

    Not seeing any punch in the video. In fact not much reaction at all except to jerk her arm back down after she completes her turn at the end of the runway. Definitely no punch or strike of any kind, not even by accident.

    Seems to me that little miss selfie-posting model’s brave retelling is more than a bit of self-aggrandizement + playing the victim attention whoring crying the protester ruined HER walk.

  5. Mister E says:

    Punching a femwhore in the schnoz on a runway in front of thousands of people while looking stylish as hell…..priceless.

    My view of these runway models is looking up.

  6. Zorro says:

    Not trying to pick sides here, but I lived overseas and have known lots of Brit women. Britain is as fucked up with feminism as the US (some say even more), but I will give their women what they are due: Piss off an American woman, she calls the cops and cries to the gov’t. Fuck with an English chick, and you’re wearing raw sirloin on your seriously black eye.

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