don’t know if you saw it, but there’s a story in the news where a man in LA punched a gas station cashier when he couldn’t pay for a swisher sweet. now, the guys a fucking reprehensible fuck nugget as far as i’m concerned.

well, i was tooling around at work and some women were discussing the story. well, guess what they found most offensive-

the fact that there were 3 men behind dude, and NONE of them stepped in to help the woman was a topic of concern for these woman. here’s the story

it basically goes like this: dude is short .41 cents for a fucking swisher sweet. the clerk tells him to leave the store. dude tries to snatch the cigar. girl avoids his snatch and dude blasts her.

what a fucking lowlife.

but the conversation with the women i know stemmed from the 3 guys in line that “did nothing” to help her. how could they stand there as this woman gets blasted in the face? they were livid, and something tells me more than one feminist site will shame these guys as well.

my argument was this: 1- it all happened too quick and by the time the dude’s realized he’d done it, the guy was walking away. 2- since he had walked off there was no reason for them to to do shit. woman needed to call the cops (since feminists have made the gov’t the official protectors of women) and the dude’s would have likely stayed behind to give a witness statement. 3- the only reason to get involved would have been if the guy had jumped the counter and started laying into her (which didn’t happen). 4- the guys could have caught a case had the gotten involved and hit dude as dude could have sued for assault (and probably win- it IS cali).

the women still professed disgust for the the men in the video and i told them since she isn’t my blood, GF, or friend, i’d have stayed out of it to. and that it happened and passed too quick for them to do anything.

then i pointed out that men’s natural aggressiveness and protectiveness has been neutered and discouraged by feminism over the last 50 years and they shouldn’t be surprised the guys did nothing. i touched briefly on Nietzsche and his philosophy of “the strong survive” and how he would conclude that if you were walking down some stairs and an old person were in your way, you should knock him down to get past him. it’s not a matter of right or wrong; but a matter of “the strong survive”. the women were appalled. one even said “we’re not a society of savages.” i told her to tell that to the cashier. then i told her-

chivalry is dead.

and women killed it.

stay up.

21 Comments on “Savages”

  1. earl says:

    “4- the guys could have caught a case had the gotten involved and hit dude as dude could have sued for assault (and probably win- it IS cali).”

    Yup…that’s what I’m thinking.

    The only reason to fight somebody is the battles you are directly involved in. If the dude threw a punch at me…then I can go self-defense route.

  2. TempestTcup says:

    We ARE a society of savages. Ever seen any news coming out of Chicago?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Fuck Chicago. And I have guns and military training. I am def a savage.

      But I’d never pop a girl in the face. Esp over .41 cents. What a piece of shit.

      Guess who has a surprise for you in Vegas? Lol.

    • stevie tellatruth says:

      Uh, lets take it easy on my hometown, yall lol

      I know things look crazy in the news coming from Chi-town, BUT…man, 20 years ago the murder rate was wayyyy worse. The reason you see so much attention now is bcuz of the ties to Obama and the whole gun control thing.

      Don’t believe ALL the hype.

  3. Copyleft says:

    “You said you didn’t want or need men to protect you. You got it. Enjoy.”

  4. Legion says:


  5. Chivalry died, it's beyond time to bury it. says:

    That’s the thing that many women seem not to understand. Men don’t need to be angry over misandry for women to find themselves in a cold, hard world. All men have to do is stop giving a shit about women. Men would be very happy with equality, it’s women who won’t be.

  6. Boom goes the dannymite.

  7. MissMarie says:

    Haha, news out of Chicago… My county was just on Chicago news and is now famous country-wide for our esteemed officers forcibly stripping an attractive woman arrested and leaving her un-clothed for hours. Class, we has it………..

  8. joe sixpack says:

    Yep. Chix wanna be able throw dudes in jail over any little made up charge now. Dudes are responding in the proper way, fucking ignoring them.

  9. andrew says:

    Giving chase will result in catching a case. Even in Texas.

  10. Twenty says:

    “we’re not a society of savages”

    50-some million aborted children say otherwise. You wanted death culture, well, baby, you got it.

  11. Zorro says:

    Women will take equality no sooner than they will be willing to register for the fucking draft and have their hilarious little sociology 101 dream diploma cancelled so they can die face down in paddy mud in a Far Easter country they couldn’t find on a goddamned map.

    There. I said it.

    PS: Anybody who belts a girl for 41 cents needs to meet my 7-iron. I will go Kevin Costner on his face until the fucking FBI crime lab gets a migraine.

  12. Athor Pel says:

    I hope your coworkers got the message beyond the visceral emotional reaction. Namely, women can’t have men assume responsibility for a situation when they do not have the authority to go with it.

  13. […] is dead; women killed it. Related: The evolution of the white […]

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